Reviews for The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes
the seaworthy muffin chapter 10 . 1/19
A gorgeous ending to a majestic story! Thank you so much for sharing this and making my past three days wonderful 333
Honey in the Sunshine chapter 10 . 12/21/2020
I loved it. Every word. Thank you
Anon chapter 10 . 5/6/2020
This is literally amazing and I know some people think the fandom's dead but I'm still here a decade after you wrote this honestly just to say kudos fam, it's really great. So glad you wrote it. Have a great year!
gaylelbf chapter 9 . 3/7/2020
Really loved the knights. Such an entertaining story!
fic-obsessed1234 chapter 10 . 1/27/2020
Holy crap this is amazing! All of your knights are well fleshed out characters in their own right, which is quite the feat considering how many of them are in the story. I adore every one of them. The plot was fascinating! And the merthur was excellent. Brilliant!
doenya chapter 1 . 1/5/2020
I loved your story!
Nettles chapter 1 . 10/25/2019
I’ve returned for a complete re read of this series. Absolutely amazing and delightful, and one of my favourites. I wish BBC and Shine went with your version.
MagicLia16 chapter 10 . 9/25/2019
That was wonderful! 3 ;D
BearsAreNice chapter 10 . 8/25/2019
queen-of-blackmagidor chapter 10 . 7/17/2019
Funny and cute. Love the knights.
Burnehn chapter 10 . 6/25/2019
That was flaming hilarious. The antics bit, my gawd, muffled laughter is a dangerous endeavour let me say, I feel like I strained a rib
Burnehn chapter 4 . 6/21/2019
I did not at all expect this story to be so funny
MistbornHero chapter 10 . 6/16/2019
This is the ending we deserved omg
miss.sexysmartypants chapter 7 . 5/27/2019
I love it!
Q chapter 10 . 11/24/2018
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