Reviews for Vacuous Heart of Blood
Hawkstang chapter 70 . 10/4
Riza is so sweet. Awesome chapter as always;)
Lanny-Sama chapter 70 . 10/4
I greatly enjoy the social downfall of Madelyne, and the realism with which Grumman reacts to hearing about Riza's meddling with his ball. It makes sense that anger would be the first emotion, and I am happy that Grumman had enough self-inflection to see that he was hurting others more than he was doing anyone else good.

I hope the insomnia leaves you alone, and that you can sleep soon and soundly again :) Thank you for the chapter!
Guest chapter 70 . 10/4
Oh my Lanta! This chapter was SO good.

I really love the interaction between Riza and Grumman. Ever since they first met, I got the sense that they have a special connection with each other. Like Riza said, she thinks of Grumman almost like a grandfather. I just love that chemistry. And throughout the whole chapter I couldn't help grinning and smiling. And I really like that Grumman made up with his daughter.

Again, this was an amazing chapter. Thank you so much for the hard work and I eagerly await the next.

P.S: I hope you feel better from the insomnia. Please don't push yourself too hard and take all the time you need to rest.
Nova chapter 70 . 10/4
Fantastic to have this to read during my lunch break. I can't wait to find out what happens further into the story.
Jan chapter 70 . 10/4
Evverything you write is an addition to all things that are most beautiful in this world. I am never really punctual at almost anything, but I make sure to read whatever you update right away and put myself up to the torture of waiting for the next one for a long time.
anya.solovey chapter 70 . 10/4
Wow ! I was waiting for this chapter and it's much more than I expected)) I'm so glad to see that Riza and Grumman aren't fighting) and Riza and Roy reconciled
As always, sorry for my poor english, because there's so much emotions and I can't describe it right :)
Rohan Cedrice chapter 70 . 10/4
Oh myyy im sooooo excited to whatever's happening next... im sooo excited?! Will she be contracting the fever or something? Omyyyyyyyyyyyy... thank you for this chapter
angelgirlsko12 chapter 49 . 9/26
So I started this story about 2 days ago and it has been a dangerous use of my time. Also, vampires aren't typically my thing but the detail and world-building of this fanfic are absolutely amazing.

As for this chapter, AAAH I can't believe I didn't make the connection earlier! I had a feeling Riza's mother had become a vampire but wasn't expecting this at all!
Guest chapter 21 . 9/26
Question: Riza cried in this chapter as a changeling, so why was she surprised when she cried as a Pureblood in the later chapter? Just curious...
betsybugaboo chapter 45 . 9/25
I was soooo scared here. Thanks for not killing Nina and Alexander!
Pandora's Clock chapter 16 . 9/23
I like the method you used for Roy's living situation. I can feel quite a bit of distance between Maes and Roy that I'm not used to seeing but it's good. So far the use of characters in the story is very well done and I like how you integrate the original characters without making them overly cardboard.
Pandora's Clock chapter 15 . 9/23
I love the encounter with Archer. She has very modern views for a fic set in this time period. The contrast between the two viewpoints within the particular setting is interesting.
Taelor chapter 68 . 9/22
I forgot to add this in my chapter 69 review so I'll put it in this one. Your writing was awesome. Thank you for not dumbing down your language in this story. In chapter 69 I especially liked the line: "Right now, his emotions were so amalgamated he couldn't pick out what needed to be suppressed verses what was safe to be relinquished." That line is just beautifully worded to me.
Taelor chapter 69 . 9/22
I don't want to be on the last chapter! I'm going to read this again. Please update as soon as you can. I'm dying to know more about Madeleyne, Roy's past, and that damn book. You're leaving us hanging with that damn book.
ZGMFHawke chapter 69 . 9/20
Lol I always like how you do maes xD.
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