Reviews for Vacuous Heart of Blood
Hawkstang chapter 80 . 2h
Awesome work as always.
antimoony chapter 80 . 6/24
aNOTHER UPDATE I'M SO HAPPY you make me so happy with this fanfiction.

I swear. Maybe you won't believe me, and that's fine, but THIS is my favorite fanfic of all, and I like it more than I like the most part of books I've read. And I read a lot. So yeah.

Now things are getting serious. I can't wait to see what happens next. Thank you for the update!
katiewinchester87 chapter 80 . 6/24
AHHHHH the entire time I was reading this I was just thinking

Oh shit's about to go down

Then it went down and my mind exploded

Thanks for updating and I'm so excited for the next chapter :)
InstaBetty chapter 80 . 6/24
UUUGGGGHHHHHH! Why must cliffhangers exist?
sanaetsuki chapter 79 . 6/20
i'm so happy ! an update
sorry if this ends up a comment more than a review but I'll be honest, a little while ago i found this gem of a story after looking through unread email notifications. i read this back in high school (maybe 5?..6 or more years ago?) and i really loved it. i hadn't any idea where i left off in the story so recently i went back to the beginning and started fresh! it's as good as i remember it was back then. you write the characters so well and i always find myself immersed and craving more! I'm usually not a fan of adding original characters but i love the ones you've created! i don't usually comment/review but i thought i really had to for this, rather than admiring quietly. i can confidently say you're probably one of my favourite authors, if not, my most favourite haha~
keep up the WONDERFUL work and i look forward to what else you have to offer :)
Caesurables chapter 79 . 6/17
AAAHHHHHHHHH! this chapter was awesome XD thank goodness the ending wasn't a cliffhanger haha
sarcastic teme chapter 79 . 6/17
katiewinchester87 chapter 79 . 6/16
Great chapter! I've been waiting for this for so long and you did not disappoint. I'm excited for the next one :)
Sarah bear chapter 79 . 6/16
So glad we got some more one on one royai today. Loved the new chapter!
Alex chapter 79 . 6/16
I really enjoyed this chapter I was really happy when I got the message of its update
Guest chapter 79 . 6/16
I was excited and pleasantly surprised when I saw this had updated! :D and Roy finally realized that they needed to communicate better and that he was being so stubborn. I'm so glad haha
I really enjoyed this and look forward to what's to come the plot continues to get more and more interesting...
LopezV97 chapter 75 . 4/25
Omg , Roy and Riza's relationship is becoming tense! Great chapter, Buddy, I love how you summed up Riza's overall emotions in the first portion. It made it easy to catch up ;)
COOLER chapter 78 . 4/16
Jeez miineees. This was a monster to read through but I have enjoyed it very much. I am really excited about hoew this will play out in the end.

Question: Can purebloods blush? It seems in some chapters Riza says she is happy she can't blush. But then in between those instances she has blushed. Not really that big of a deal but it throws me for a loop when I come across it.
little miss jolie chapter 9 . 4/16
katiewinchester87 chapter 78 . 3/24
You should win an award for realistic OCs. I forget that they aren't canon characters but the way that you write them makes them seem like they are.
The background and the plot is so perfect and I'm not usually one for vampire stories but this one absolutely blew my mind.
In my opinion this isn't even a fanfic, to me this is like a novel and every chapter you post makes my day. Thanks for writing for these past 8 years and I'm super excited for chapter 79 :)
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