Reviews for Just Bring Me Flowers
Guest chapter 6 . 5/20
Please continue. This story rocks
Stasia Ravenclaw chapter 6 . 5/19
I'd like to see him with Blaise hehe

Stasia R. Ravenclaw
Sydney chapter 6 . 4/19
I love this story. You could skip to a few years after the child is born and have Draco and Snape find Harry and talk to him. Its just an opinion though. Your great by the way. Good luck with this!
kendradeel chapter 6 . 4/19
I enjoy what you have written of this story so far. I would love for you to continue it if you can. My best suggestion of how to get yourself out of the corner is just to remember where you were heading to begin with and decide if you still want to go there. If you do, what steps will it take? How will the characters grow/change? If you don't, where could you go instead based on the beginning and again, how to get there.

I personally would love to know the reason behind the actions of Draco and Severus. Did they really fall out of love with Harry or are they just really good actors with a reason to treat him so badly? I don't know if you want to tell that in flashbacks or in them trying to explain to Harry as there are many ways their story can be told but I would like it to be told because I will feel like there is something missing in the story, regardless of how it turns out, if I don't know WHY!

I am not a fan of stories where someone is treated terribly to 'protect' them or someone else and the hurt person forgives the perpetrator as soon as they explain so if you decide they had a good reason, I would suggest either making them work very hard for forgiveness OR making it clear that Harry won't forgive them simply because they chose to hurt him, no matter their reason.

But on the other hand, maybe it isn't realistic that he would ever get more of an explanation than he did and the story can just be about him moving on without them.

Bottom line, I know the direction I would like to see this particular story go, but it is your story and you need to know your end game and how you want to get there before you can start writing again.

Best of wishes to you.
Guest chapter 6 . 4/17
no pls, pls pls keep writing this amazing story ;A;
merlinreveal3 chapter 6 . 4/9
Yes, please update this! I love this kind of Potterfic! If they could go back together it would be wonderful though... It was all Lucius' fault, wasn't it?
SilverDragonSlytherin chapter 6 . 4/4
have u continued this cuz it's aweome!
hellokitty1996 chapter 6 . 4/3
please update soon I would love you forever. I was also would like if you was to write a chapter on draco and snape. how the feel about the whole thing and there take on Harry having one of their baby
Light Catastroph chapter 6 . 3/28
Just Bring Me Flowers pls update I love the story than
breezies chapter 6 . 3/21
Just saw this update in my second email. Is this story still going? I'm not a writer but I'd be happy to suggest ideas if it means the story would continue. I've read stories similar to this one and none of them ever finish. I love the story line/plot and would like to read an ending. Let me know if this one's still going?
bloodhound chapter 6 . 3/4
god noo! what in the World is your fic doing in the complete harry potter mpreg archieve when its not even done. broke my Heart, you did :'(.

Love your story though ;)
Guest chapter 6 . 2/27
i love this
sfurri43 chapter 6 . 2/17
i just found this but I really like what i've read so far! i really hope you are able to get some help with ideas )
hypercell chapter 6 . 2/16
What is your new pen name?
Guest chapter 1 . 2/11
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