Reviews for Of Ends and Means
Koarse Krimson chapter 1 . 6/18/2009
Wow, some nice stuff here.

(Story one)

A like the mood this story set, had some pretty deep meaning to it.

Nice use of words, and nice descriptions as well. (The vessels made me cringe, just thinking about those brains and various organs in the containers, ew ew.)

(Story two)

First off, that quote by Stalin is one of my all time favorites, it's so true its scary.

The generals made me laugh, they like to curse a lot. Dickel was a fitting name for that general as well.

Nice wording again, and the fact you spelt the number was a nice touch as well.

(Story Three)

It was nice to see Luft get a spotlight, and you did a good job on that.

When I first saw 'contusion' I thought it was a typo, but remembered then it was a real word, silly me.

I like how each story ends; quick and making you think more about what'll happen next. (Well it made me think anyways.)

Good job, love to see more.