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Theresa chapter 21 . 8/9
I love this story! please update soon!
Time Lady Tinkerbell chapter 21 . 7/29
Yay! I'm so excited to see this being updated (which you've probably heard a lot of)! I just adore Hanley and her relationships with the characters in the world of One Piece. I'm also super excited that we're getting closer and closer to their reunion with Ace and I kinda hope that he stays around a bit longer then in canon. Anyways I love this fic and I can't wait to read more! Hopefully that will be soon *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* lol! But, really your an amazing Author and the elements you've added to your fic slip in flawlessly so far. In fact ever since I first read your fic, back when I didn't even have a ffnet account, I can't imagine the straw hats without their Snake. Wishing you the best!
Anmak chapter 21 . 7/14
I love it
cant wait for more update soon plz
EdenMae chapter 21 . 7/9
Love how this story is so entertaining I hope this story gets updated frequently! This is fairly comedic and very intricate with canon which I like it adds more to the original story. I love the establishing relationships and the budding development with Hanley's origin. It's interesting how she finds a small part if her past along the way of her her journey. She is indeed a fascinating character and I can't wait when she meets up with Ace again. So far I leaned upon ace being with Hanley, but Luffy is worming his way up to the good graces lol! I ship Hanley with both Ace and Luffy lol so that's what I feel so SHIP to the extreme! Great story and characters! I can't wait for more please don't give up on this story!
EdenMae chapter 18 . 7/9
Oh shit this is sooo epic I love how a reunion can end up being a desperate battle. I feel for Natsuhiko since he truly has changed and being in one piece made him see things differently and he truly wants to help Hanley. I love how Luffy is getting serious this is exciting! I'm really enjoying this story!
Guest chapter 20 . 7/7
Imagine my surprise when I saw that you've updated, and I had almost given up on this story! I'm so happy that you're still continuing this masterpiece!

Gosh, I can't even begin to describe how much I adore this fic! Hopefully it won't be another three years before the next update, but you update so sporadically, I fear that we might see another update in a year or two.

Please, please, update soon! I can hardly stand the wait!
EdenMae chapter 5 . 7/6
Just started reading this and it's fun to read about her actions as well as her motivations haha! She is very interestingly realistic in a world full of piracy and chaos lol
The Quote Book chapter 21 . 7/4
Hanley is so perfect.
CherFleur chapter 21 . 6/23
This fic is a lot better than most inserts, I have to say! :D The characterization is really awesome, and your writing has even grown within the chapters that you've written. That being said, I would totally be cool with seeing and OT3 kind of outcome in this, lol. Luffy/Hanley/Ace would frankly, be kind of adorable with how well they get on, and I can totally see Luffy as being asexual or something in comparison to the other two. Anyhoo, thanks for writing this, and keep up the good work! Can't wait for you to update next!
mylongodetosleep chapter 21 . 6/22
Wheeeeee! I love this. I love this so much. Seriously! This is fantastic! I love Hanley and this story. I'm so happy that you updated! I can't wait for what happens next!
Devon Laurel chapter 19 . 6/17
Oh god this chapter is so.. ! aHH i need to know so much! who does Fiddler look like? Whats the third snake technique? (also im scared if there was some foreshadowing in there) Why did Fiddler help Sanji? ahhhh so much i love it and hate it i need to know
October Autumn chapter 20 . 6/12
Also,this is to all the people who keep slamming Natsuhiko.
It seems like no one read the part about him being a SLAVE of the bloody WORLD NOBLES for his childhood .
(Anyone who's read the story knows just how deplorable they are,with the very,very rare exception.)

A fate that I wouldn't wish on anybody. He's had just as hard of a past as Hanley has,probably worse than hers.
She could have very easily wound up in his place and it's ONLY due to luck that Shanks found her before something worse could.

Its no wonder he's screwed up ands its a miracle that he can function.
Does this make him kidnapping her right?

No, he should've respected her opinion on the matter and let her make her own decisions.

But the reason why he did it wasn't malicious,he simply wanted to protect his long time friend from danger and he DOES he much more life experience than her.
Seeing as how she's traveling with Luffy,there's no doubt he'll be involved in a crap load of dangerous things.
He took it way too far,I agree, but I sympathize with him.
Eduard Kassel chapter 15 . 6/11
'"'re wrong, Master Thai..."

"Am I, girl?"'

A good opening with her training. And foreshadowing.

I feel were this in the anime/manga she and Sanji would 'share' this arc with their backstories. We would get to know why Hanley was on Shank's boat back in Luffy's flashback, and why she was so reluctant to be a pirate.

And Sanji mistaking her for a Mermaid is a fine way for them to meet. And even earlier her 'can't be bothered about every little thing' attitude toward the Fullbody incident, not even bothering to learn the story behind events.

So yes a very strong start. Oh, and the fact she is not willing to indenture on Luffy's behalf and their exchanged words on the matter, heh they are an musing couple. And they already sound it a bit as Hanley learned to her utter horror.

Oh its too lat to dispose o them Hanley, you know Luffy will just bring them bak from the curb anyway! But at least you have others to share the trauma that living with Luffy is.

Ad Hanley horrifies Usopp with reminscing on her training. As she admits she needs therapy, but she is past caring. Sanity may be liability in this outfit anyway. I wonder if she shares crackers with Luffy during the whole Island Eater incident in the future.

The reunion with Krieg did not disappoint, at all. From her initial horror to her savage satisfaction at his plight with zero pity. And heartwarming that despite Sanji feeding Krieg her first reaction was to come to his aid.

Her needling him with the moniker "Glass Jaw" was excellent. Just like the reason he has such an impractically large fleet was to try and outgun Shanks. Never would have worked, but it gives his approach more explanation.

'"Kao Loi!"
Hanley had never felt so intensely satisfied smashing a knee into someone's face. Krieg's hold on his weapon loosened completely, sending it flying off into the ocean.'

I and most readers share her satisfaction.

I could break down the fight but I would miss stuff I am sure and I think its better served by an overall look.

By keeping Kriegs pre main battle feats you do well to establish his arc villain cred. That this will be a tough fight is never in doubt.

And Hanley can't beat him like Luffy did in canon. The spike cape is a good example, Luffy hit so hard that strategy failed. It worked on Hanley and she had to get around it, and suffered a foot injury hindering her for the fight.

The sea is an ally for Hanley unlike other Straw Hats, and its well illustrated by her discarding so much of Krieg's stuff into the sea taking him apart piece by piece.

'"Is that what you really think? Blame the victim? It's our fault when you were stupid enough to believe a word Krieg said? I suppose it's Sanji's fault for being a decent human being and feeding you!" Hanley shrieked.
'"Captain Krieg is a great man-!"
'"You are worse than a fool!"'

This bit stands out to me.

'"I'm going to destroy this ship."
'Everything devolved into chaos, scores of men screaming at Luffy. Hanley slowly 'shook her head.
''Men…save me from them.''


And Hanley refuses aid, something she never would have considered once. I think it began with the Jadeite. But as she thought earlier, if she wants to travel with Luffy she must become strong to survive or accept parting ways. This is that, proving to herself she can do it.

And the triumphant return of the Sake Bottle! Funny how a Yonkou like Shanks reacted to it normally while for Krieg it was more surprise than anything.

And Hanley averts one fatal poisoning with another. Hmm, things change but does the price still need to be paid by someone?

Krieg's death is very appropriate. Both because of his own attempts to use poison, and that his own ends justify the means philosophy prevents any meaningful objection against her winning by poison. The difference is Krieg would use an underhanded tactic to win even at the cost of his own loyal subordinates, while Hanley used it to save her nakama.

'Hanley looked at the still gasping Krieg before she tilted her head back and staring at the sky. It wasn't exactly the victory she had been hoping for, but Master Thai would have said it was enough.
'"And it's good enough for me. You know, Krieg…you're not so scary, anymore."'

A huge moment for her. Her fearful reaction to Krieg in this chapter, and back with Higuma's intro she despaired she wasn't safe on land either. Krieg inducted her into the horrors of people just as the storm did in the cruelty of the world. However powerful or weak he was, Krieg symbolized something for her, and she has overcome that.

And poetically with that growth, she awakens another ability. Another step further from the girl who survived only by luck and the strength of good people.

And Gin lives. With the ripples from Hanley destroying Big Top I wonder if he will show up in Grand Line instead of Buggy? Good speech by him, instead of resignation to his fate here, is free with the potential to realize it.

'"Zeff-san…can you be happy that someone's dead, but not happy that you killed them?"
'"Heh, I suspect a great many people feel that way."'

A good question, and an honest if undefined answer from an old veteran. She may be a killer now, but she is not a monster like Krieg.

'"D'you think he came from Mermaid Island to eat at our restaurant?" A couple of them glanced sideways at Hanley and she sputtered.
'"I'm not a fish!"'

She will love running into someone who knows on sight what her species is.

And a tender moment with her heirloom, soothing hurt feelings.
Lama chapter 21 . 6/11
Aww please update soonn . !
Musical Bear chapter 21 . 6/11
This story is so amazing! It doesn't follow the usual hype of some girl falling in OP with the knowledge of what's to come. Hanley is a well shaped character with a sturdy place in the crew. You've given her a backstory that doesn't take away from the original storyline. Hanley doesn't just get everything handled to her. She's still growing into herself, like all the Strawhats have had to do. She used to be weak-willed and cried easily. Krut Thai being her actual blood-grandfather was a pleasant twist. His training for her was simultaneously had me laughing and wincing in sympathy. Her family history is so interesting, and we get to learn about her species alongside her as the story moves on!

Sometimes I wonder if Ace and Luffy really understood what she was going through all those years ago. She pretty much lost everyone she cared about and lost her entire culture in one swoop. I would have been bawling and being a general brat if I were in her situation. And Natsuhiko was such a DICK.

(also I kindasortadefinitely ship Ace and Hanley-all their interactions had me kicking my feet around in excitement)

I looked up Hanuman and the general meaning. Besides the monkey thing, apparently he could expand at will. He also tried eating the sun as a child, thinking it was a fruit. He was also "innocent with a trusting heart". Makes me wonder if Oda based Luffy off him really. Good naming choice btw.

Is it weird that I fancasted Hanley as Naya Rivera with shorter hair and scales? I can't get rid of the image. All I know about Hanley is that she has brown skin, black hair, and blue scales. Also green eyes, I think.

Gah, thank you sooo much for this story! It's everything I never knew I wanted-OC, interesting backstory, and a well developed character~ Update when you can! :)
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