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Pen Against Sword chapter 8 . 7/23/2009
Wonderful job, Mundungus. I have nothing to criticize here, and let me just say that I have spent the past two hours typing, "ROFL" into my chatboxes and then copy-pasting bits of this fic's dialogue as a follow-up, much to the confusion of some of my friends.

This fic was clever, innovative, and intricate. I loved all the techno-stuff, and what a great idea, crafted by you or not :D.

Thanks for writing, Mundungus. Looking forward to your future endeavors.
Mystic Rains chapter 7 . 7/8/2009
I logged in just to tell you how enjoyable your story was. I don't believe it was out of character at all. Surprised Harry wasn't in it more, but meh. I like the way you coiled Hermione and Severus together. The line about "not ruling out the vows" was great.
Celira chapter 8 . 6/29/2009
Holy mother of stars, this is genius, hilarious, and just the kind of light-hearted but well-written and well-thought out jaunt that I needed after a stressful day alleviated by reading lots of heavy dramatic fanfiction. Thanks- I've always loved your writing, which I used to read on Ashwinder.
Auroras Jenkins chapter 8 . 6/24/2009
A very good story, was chocked to see ron as minister of magic, and molly as headmistress. i enjoyed you story very much, it gives a little lesson in how to treat your family.
whitehound chapter 5 . 6/19/2009
A very nice explanation for the blatant pliot device in DH whereby the RoR could suddenly open doors all over the place.

I love Severus's dialogue at the end. But the world won't really be his mollusc of choice unless Hermione can think of a method to overcome the way he was being ostracised before.
monkeemary chapter 8 . 6/18/2009
Thanks, Ms42 - It was delightful. I do love to see a passionate, companionable relationship between two adults who are equals. I had been looking for a canon compliant story (minus Snape's death and the epilog) that featured a slightly older Hermione getting a fresh look at a Snape who no longer had to bow to two masters. This fit the bill perfectly. I enjoyed it very much!
whitehound chapter 3 . 6/18/2009
A long way from "entirely fair": whilst her desire to watch him was udnerstandable it's one she should have resisted unless she knew he wouldn't mind. But I suppose we'll find out that he was watchihg her too!
whitehound chapter 2 . 6/18/2009
I didn't know there *were* any dirty bits in the Bayeaux Tapestry.

Loved the business with Snape and Hermione pretending not to see each other while both talking to Molly, and the idea of this sort of central switching room is interesting. Strictly speaking a traditional castle would have walls eight or more feet thick, not inches - but of course Hogwarts may use magic to reinforce the walls so they don't have to be so heavy.

You've got a typo, btw - "soon be in over her or her head." (And "baseboard" is a Britpick - we say "skirting board".)
whitehound chapter 1 . 6/18/2009
Very original. Coop is a gem, and the portrayal of Milly isn't *that* much of a stretch. She's already a bit of a nightmare in canon - she probably does love her family, but at the same time she's clearly using them as props in her own drama, and the way she turns on Hermione because of a story in the Prophet is chilling.
tarantularex chapter 5 . 6/17/2009
Sorry that it took me five chapters to post my first review. The line, "oysters make me come out in a rash," just made me want to straddle Severus and kiss him.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE love LOVE L-O-V-E this story. I don't know how I missed it during the exchange, so I'm very happy to find it here. I love your original magical ideas. I love your Hermione, I love your Snape, I love Coop, I love Molly. I know, you're thinking that this person really uses the word "love" way too liberally. It's simply not true, it's just the reaction the story has caused in me. Now I shall go search for a hidden door that will lead me to Hogwarts. Preferably into Severus's room.
sci-fied chapter 8 . 6/16/2009
In a word, wow.

Completely original plot and fantastic character/story, I kinda could see Mrs. Weasley going off the deep end for the sake of her family.

Just simply, wow.

silverclaw13 chapter 6 . 6/15/2009
I loved it. In fact, I read this far just in one sitting. The dialogue is light and funny and natural - I laughed out loud at Fleur's 'Vive la France!' during the food fight, and not for the last time. I've always liked Fleur, and I love that you've actually given her some character instead of just a pretty, snooty face.

I'm even fond of this charming, tantrum-prone Severus thing you've got going on here. Intense, dark and broody is all well and good, but sometimes it's nice to have a breath of fresh air, and he's still got enough bite to amuse.

What really got me though, is how you've done Molly. It's what I never knew I always wanted. Plenty of people villainize Dumbledore for being callous and controlling, but Molly almost always gets away with it, because she's only a mother who wants the best for her family. Except she's also hypocritical, and irrational, and judgemental, and oh something about her just makes me uncomfortable.

And you didn't overlook her. You put a magnifying glass to everything that's wrong about her and exaggerated it enough so that I just know that I'm going to feel wonderfully vindicated at the end. I want to see her destroyed (or at the very least for her and her family to see the error of her ways), and she will be.

Hugs and love for ever,

signed, me.
troesnaja chapter 5 . 6/14/2009
I do not like all of your fics. I am not into threesomes, pwp or silliness. I like this newest fic though.
troesnaja chapter 4 . 6/14/2009
Well, of course everyone can havje a different interpretation of spells, i always thought you could notice th e person under ht e fidelius you would jus thtink she was someone else and if you thought about the real identity youw ould get a mental block... Something like that. like it is explained in jewel of the nile at witchfics (well the whole series jewel of the nile last danc ein paris and roman holiday). I wonder how this is explained to the students no teacher... Gods he must feel lonely, i wonder that he hasnt gone mad yet, every person is a social being even if they dont know it themselves. no real interaction is neccessary but at least in the past Severus knew he made an impact.
troesnaja chapter 3 . 6/14/2009
Lol I wonder if Argus and Irma pince would make a pairing... I wonder if Molly will try and hoo kup Hermione and Percy. Ron is an Arse Bill and Fleur can do whatever they want and nobody is their boss Doesnt molly care at all about the students and their education? I always thought she was rather the caring type always wanting th ebest for everyone. Disgusting, a food fight. Oh wellfat least it is creating chaos. Hah who is spying on who now? lol! BEt ol severus gets lonely at times too!
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