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porcelian-doll chapter 1 . 1/30/2010
dear god. dear, dear god.

see, i usually only like angst. usually. depending on the mood i'm in. and after reading this i am in a totally happy mood :) i really really really x10 loved this. fluff now totally makes my day and shaitlyn is like my all time disney otp. mitchie can go die for all i care.

i loved how each part (paragraph? section?) was centered around their age. that way you see them grow and in this case fall in love. the way you wrote them is simply brilliant my dear. i really wish i was as talented as you. favoriting right now :)

xx blake
williamswheelbarrel chapter 1 . 7/17/2009
Can I just say that this was one of the most adorable stories I have ever read. Like seriously, it was just so sweet and heartfelt from the beginning to the end. I especially loved the part in the tree and then jumping and then the Condom part I almost fell over laughing. This was seriously like super great and just really well written :)

Love, Katie :D
pariswindspeed chapter 1 . 7/11/2009
I could not stop laughing about the

whole condom ordeal..but that just

shows how muhc of a teen I am, I

guess. Lol. Ah, really really sweet.

Jump. Mhm, yes really lovely. Well

written. 3.
faerietaleredux chapter 1 . 7/5/2009
"Shane never backed down from a challenge." I believe that. I really do.

"You should really be a motivational speaker, you know that Gellar?” Hilarious. I like how you've made their banter edgier than usual (in terms of what we normally in fiction). It's not dark or bitter, necessarily. But there's something about it. It works really well to show what kind of characters Shane and Caitlyn are.

“I dare you to come save me.” Oh my. What a line. 0_0 Ambiguous and perfect.

“I just got sick of listening.” Wow. What a genuine moment. I remember being in that position. Huh, it still happens sometimes. To everyone, probably. And it is a sick feeling. You've pegged it dead on, cammi.

(Don't tell anyone (_~) but I'm not a huge Caitlyn/Shane 'shipper. I read it sometimes and enjoy it too. But it isn't my thing necessarily. You've made it transcend the camp-rock world though so that it's not just those characters we've seen. They're real figures from a world much more like our own. Fantastic).

“You coming in?” she called, ignoring the gasps of her parents, who were now shrieking her name..." Lol, I love it so much. Rebellious but in a good way.

"Shane had realized that for once, maybe he’d been the one to be a step ahead of her." Still loving it. Go Shane for being ahead of the game, for once. Ok, maybe not ahead. But at least on the same track?

Oh Caity that was just cold. I'm laughing but it was cold.

Cami, you're amazing. You blow me away. It would've killed me if they didn't get a happy ending (and like I said, I don't even 'ship Shane/Caitlyn really)- you never know with these things. Amazingness. I really want you to write something for me now (maybe a Joe/Macy or a Nick/Macy). Is it strange to come out and say it like that? Hopefully not. :)


victoriaseve chapter 1 . 6/27/2009

i loved it!

It was so funny and sweet (:
cr8vgrl chapter 1 . 6/21/2009
Cute! Another great one Cami! :D
ConverseWithMyDress chapter 1 . 6/18/2009
Wow, that was amazing. I really, really enjoyed that. Everything was just brilliant and I loved how you showed their relationship growing as they became older. Fantastic. Well done.
ma531419 chapter 1 . 6/18/2009

I FINALLY got 5 minutes and got around to really reading this! It was so darn cute! I loved the last line, definitely not a mood killer. I think it would've made Shane laugh and pull her in for a hug or another kiss lol.

Great job!

Mollie XOXO
of self chapter 1 . 6/16/2009
I love cheese, in enormous quanities. The pizza kind and the fluff kind :D

Anyhow I really enjoyed this. And there's this line when Shane jumps into the pool,

" He let out his own cheer of some sort of feeling he wished he could bottle and keep forever—something like freedom and magic and eternal summer—before he leapt out head-first into the water with Caitlyn.

Such a wonderful line and you captured that exhilarating feeling so perfectly.

Teehee...I also liked the part where they went to the store and bought the condom. I giggled all through it.

But what I liked most of all was how you characertized the kiss as taking a jump. It's like a leap of faith. You jump and hope that someone will catch you. And making Caitlyn scared of that, gives it very realistic and vulnerable feel.

The ending wasn't a mood killer, it was perfect. I especially liked how it ending on the same terms as the first. Great job and please do write some more of it. :)
souvenirs chapter 1 . 6/15/2009
I've been meaning to leave a review on this story for the past two days but I haven't gotten around to it. So here it is!

I loved it! I'll admit that fluff is so totally not my thing but you managed to keep it from becoming cotton candy. I loved that part about the only dare Shane didn't do. I was convinced that Shane was going to wuss out but when Caitlyn jumped it was probably more meaningful. This was really adorable, and everyone loves a happy ending (:
suburbs chapter 1 . 6/13/2009
I loved it! I liked how you slowly built their relationship and showed it from both sides. And I feel like Shane and Caitlyn need a little sass, even after their first kiss. It is part of what makes them so fun. Fantastic story!
WhenLighteningStrikes chapter 1 . 6/12/2009
Hey there :)

So you are brilliant. End of story.

(Okay, not really)

I'm not really one for fluff (not much), but since you'd written it I was sure it would be very good. But just blew my thoughts out of the water. Your fluff was the total non-sappy/good-feeling-inside kinds which is VERY hard to carry out and I've never yet managed myself!

This was just...amazing. The running theme of "Jump" was extremely profound (the whole I'd jump-if-you-told-me-to is an excellent portrayal of trust) and the whole sequence ran so effortlessly! It's like the transaction from friendship to something more was just natural, no drama and movie-lines and it was utterly adorable. You are an extremely good writer. One of the best CR ones that I've read for sure!


I LOVE that their relationship is founded on dares. That's an amazing insight into their characters. And how they're ready to do anything for each other from the very beginning (under the guise of "dares") and how Caitlyn is ALWAYS ahead!


Oh, God. Heartbreakingly sweet. He came to "save her" at night (and he's throwing pebbles on her window...awesome!)

It's so sweet that he's the first person she thinks of when she needs saving!


"They were fourteen when Shane realized she was beautiful."

Best opening line ever! And the whole jump-in-the-pool scene was really good! They're both crazy but they're a special type of crazy and that's why they fit so well!


Haha! I LOVE this! I like how all you ages paragraphs are very age related! I mean you got it right that at 15 their hormones would be working overtime and that is EXACTLY the sort of "dare" I imagine that a teenage guy would give. I liked how embarrassed Caitlyn was. Under her whole "Yeah Whatever" attitude, she's really innocent. And of course, Shane's teasing was utterly hot!


Aw...she got scared. I love how REAL both Shane and Caitlyn are; confused, scared and just that bit in love and unable to admit!


AWESOME ending (the ending line FTW) and how Shane's finally in-charge for a bit. The whole throw-back to the beginning to the story with the "jump" thing gaining a whole new meaning and the last line made it utterly perfect.

Just adorable. Now get typing another Shaitlyn missy!
pyrolyn-776 chapter 1 . 6/12/2009
Oh. My. Goodness.



I adore you so much, girl. I mean it. I loveloveLOVE you. _

In a non creepy way. ;)

Thank you so much.

Lots of love forever,

LaPaige chapter 1 . 6/11/2009
You did NOT ruin the mood with the last line. I promise. This was incredible. Just when I don't think you can get any better you write something like this that honestly takes my breath away. I've been on this site for over a year but wow ... this is seriously one of the best things I've read :D. You'll just think I'm being sweet but I mean it!

I smiled the whole way through this, and the ending was seriously so amazing. I loved the theme of dares throughout the story, and the way that you liked the ending to the first part ... just perfect.

I love it, and I love you! :)


P.S - Fake should be posted today or tomorrow :D
PurpleAngel87 chapter 1 . 6/11/2009
Cami, this was amazingly awesomely brilliant. Yes I realise most of those aren't actually words, but this was so good, it deserved to have words made up/modified for it.

You are absolutely right - we all need cheese, and the last line, you have nothing to worry about - it was perfect and it fit really well with the rest of the story. And it was so perfectly Shaitlyn.

I normally pick out a couple of lines that really hit me, but this whole story was just perfect and specifically, the last scene was so beautifully written. You have such an amazing talent! This made me smile, laugh and 'aww' out loud.

You are amazing! This is so so good, and well done!

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