Reviews for Captain's Code
filliis chapter 16 . 8/22
Maybe we're the best, but if that's so then you share our title.
I could express myself a few different ways:
One: This story was amazing.
Two: I'm feeling like this story is the damn sunset, shining everywhere and just beautiful to watch.
Three: I love it.
I want to tell you something that you have to understand, you reading? You are an amazing, brilliant and fantastic person for writing this. If you write anything else I would love to read and appreciate it cuz what I've read so far is just awesome.
Thank you for the effort and time and creativeness and everything else you've put into this story, it's marvellous!
filliis chapter 15 . 8/22
Aw, so sweet.
So, you can write the comfort part to, just superb. I'm gonna go on reading this now so thanks for writing it.
filliis chapter 14 . 8/22
Well, one of the three was Bones, but the others? Spock maybe, or Scotty? And then Uhura, I think? Ugh, being semi-conscious is irritating. But, you have a great way of writing it! Thank you!
filliis chapter 13 . 8/22
Oh hill yes! Crew to the rescue!
And three more chapters, I'll read them as soon as I've written my one thing, cuz now there's just one thing I need to say before indulging myself in the next chapter. That thing being I like the way you depict Jim and Uhuras relationship. I can't pinpoint that one thing that makes it good, cuz it's the whole way they interact that makes it feel so real.
Be back soon and thank you for that which you can probably guess by now!
filliis chapter 12 . 8/22
You're sorry! Cliffhangers are awesome, at least in the way of adding adrenaline... but seriously, I like cliffhangers as long as you don't have to sit on them forever. And since I'll be pressing the "next" button very soon I just love the moment.
I honestly don't know how long it was since my last review, time speeds up when you do something interesting. Now I can't wait any longer, next chapter here I come!
And thank you for writing this!
filliis chapter 11 . 8/22
Oh, the end is getting nearer...
A stated before, I like parallel storylines. Now that we're getting closer to the conclusion I want a good ending, still five more to go though so I have no idea what turn this is going to take. So just keeping on reading.
So long (for like ten minutes)! And thanks for writing!
filliis chapter 10 . 8/22
I did like it this time too!
If I squint really hard I think I can see why you think you could have done it better, but I don't know how to make it that. And this is not poorly written, far from. I enjoyed it and in the end isn't that what matters, appreciation.
So, I thank you and appreciate you for your writing!
filliis chapter 9 . 8/22
Not confusing, just really good.
It's nice to see it from anothers perspective and you've succeeded in creating a little parallel story, which are a favourite of mine.
Thanks for the words and the sense they make together!
filliis chapter 8 . 8/22
Yep, don't we love a beaten and half broken Jim.
That sounds so horrible written like that, ugh, but it's true. So Jim it's the man with a plan, kinda? There are still like half the story to go and this could take many different directions from here, I wonder what'll happen... I'll just keep reading then.
Be back soon and for thy writing I thank thi.
filliis chapter 7 . 8/22
Oh, so sad right now... but it's still brilliant.
I really like your characterisation, they feel so real and true to the movies. But this is so much sadness and I hope it gets better... after some more hurt!Jim that is!
See you next chapter and thank you for the writing!
filliis chapter 6 . 8/22
It was so much more than "alright", brilliant really!
Adding to my last review, Frank mastermindfreakisly creepy and LaylaBinxamazing, cuz Hurt!Jim always makes my day.
Thank you for your time an effort writing this! (it's BRILLIANT!)
filliis chapter 5 . 8/22
Bloody hill I liked it!
Gaah, this ending was also great, and yeah, Frank as the villain is freaky. And a cliffhanger, I've always loved those... or not, but they do add to the thrill and when the following chapter is already posted, it's just horribly exiting!
And thank you for writing this!
filliis chapter 4 . 8/21
I did like this one too!
Oh, the suspense, great ending there! And that depiction of anxiety, in the beginning, and the middle, in the entire chapter really, was pretty great!
Thank you for writing this!
filliis chapter 3 . 8/21
I did like it! So, Dun,Dun,Duun... The villain is Frank, creepy. I haven't read any fics were he is the evil mastermind, mostly he's just the puppet, so this will be interesting...
And thank you for writing this!
Rosycat chapter 15 . 8/6
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