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Guest chapter 42 . 1/6
I know you haven't been here in a while, but I'd kick myself if I didn't leave a review saying how much I've enjoyed this fic which I just discovered a couple days ago and have barely been able to tear myself away from. I looked forward to every new chapter and it was exciting, emotional, nerve-wrecking... The characters were very in-character and the storyline was unique and interesting. Thanks for this fantastic contribution to the fan service!
Crimson chapter 42 . 2/8/2016
Just spent the last few days reading this. Not bad in prose, but...

Well, maybe this is just me, but the story seems biased towards the P4 cast. Look at the list of people who died, and you'll notice that it's entirely the P3 cast. Not to mention that Aigis, after being the protagonist of The Answer, dies offscreen.

Not to mention that the base story in this really didn't need the P4 cast. Cut them out, and all you've lost is interactions between the two groups.

I liked the story and all, but the P4 cast felt more like guest stars than anything, and their 100% survival rate compared to SEES's loss of multiple characters off screen just rubbed me the wrong way.
Guest chapter 42 . 1/11/2016
Even though I doubt anyone will read this, I feel that the story deserves one. Excellent portrayals of SEES and the IT.
Fireminer chapter 42 . 8/3/2015
Hmm... I admit it, the plot line of this story is not its strongest point. However, you still managed an enjoyable story. Great job!
SCO chapter 42 . 6/2/2015
S.E.E.S. cant get a break

That's what you get for starring in a tragedy.
SCO chapter 2 . 6/1/2015
Outstanding start, i can see this is going to be good.
phresine chapter 42 . 7/27/2013
Let's see if I can word this coherently, but - oh, wow. Excellent work. Really hammered in what I felt about the differences between P3 and P4 (that the Investigation Group are just so much more coherent as a group, but in P3 there was so much... more at stake. And so much less resolved).

(And oh, that bit towards the end where Souji meets up with Junpei's group, and Junpei's attitude RE: 'leader' and Souji's reply, and. Just. Perfect.)
Rainjam chapter 42 . 1/20/2013


So I sat down and read through all this in one sitting..and enjoyed every second of it. It's great. Super, super great. Your handle of characterisation is top notch and..and the suspense! The interactions! The build up to the final grim and so, so good.

It's tragic end.. I've never felt this sad for the P3 cast since the finishing P3 itself. But there's hope, at

Would favourite fifty times over if I could. Would read again, too. Actually.. I will. Shortly.
Jozern chapter 42 . 12/15/2012
An excellent story with great characterization. Only minus would be that Souji felt like a side caharcter but in a way it was an interesting perspective for him.
Extra Gone chapter 7 . 7/22/2012
Souji and Yosuke expert burglars

Kanji and Naoto are off to solve the further mystery!

Mitsuru's up to something. Never trust the bloody electric socket.
Extra Gone chapter 6 . 7/11/2012
Oh wow... Fuuka and Rise are somewhere else. Creepy.

Naoto's sure able to do her research then again she wouldn't be a detective if she wasn't able to. And Jin, huh? Although I'm interested in Kanji's ability to summon his Persona outside the TV world.

On the run! Time to go into the TV, Kanji and Naoto!

Well, there goes Chie.
Extra Gone chapter 5 . 7/11/2012
Junpei's a player, man! Looks like home life's going well for him, but sadly, Aigis has struggles with food. Aigis' thoughts about the food needing a soul made me chuckle and smile... classic Aigis.

Koromaru's dead... aw, RIP you epic dog you.

Naoto, man, gotta give her some good eggs, Kanji.

Something's wrong, I think Akihiko's in a deeper mess then you'd initially think. Enough to get one of his old S.E.E.S. buddies into the mix.
Extra Gone chapter 4 . 7/11/2012
Even Naoto's as confused as the readers! Although gotta love Kanji's bluntness... and his nosebleeding. He ought to start stitching up noseplugs one of these days.

Poor Ken. Dead at 17 (I think). I liked the kid, and Fuuka's missing, hmm? Considering she sent that latter in the first chapter...

So Mitsuru has gone back to her trusted friend Yukari, with Akihiko on escape from the police.

The bros are at it again... and Teddie's gone. Uh oh.
Extra Gone chapter 3 . 7/11/2012
Kanji, still in love with Naoto after all these years. You never change! Not even going to see a movie with an old friend can distract you, and in the end, you ended up in a fight... I'm curious to how he was able to use Rokuten Maoh outside the Midnight Channel though...

The characterization is solid as well, I'll be reading
bananarama chapter 42 . 6/14/2012
I don't even know what to say, really, because I don't think I can put words to my awe of this fanfic. Calling it a "fanfic" seems insulting, because this is on the level of a published novel. Above it, actually. Your grasp on storytelling, pacing, character development, and the importance of little details is astounding.

This is probably the best thing I've ever read or seen on the internet. My heartstrings were pulled from start to finish.

What I love about it most is that you made the ending so /open./ There was no wrapping up of loose ends into a neat little bow, only hints to the future. Just incredible.

Even though I have no idea who you are (and vice versa), I am so proud of you and you should be of yourself for what you have written.

This fic deserves a 9999 character review, but I just don't know what else to say, other then thank you for writing this.
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