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Songstryss chapter 28 . 10/18/2012
I was originially skeptical, I don't tend to read things that are quite this long and broken, but I'm very glad I hung around. This was very well thought out, the connections to the digital world and how everything flowed together seamlessly with the canon really impressed. It was hard to understand sometimes, but English as a second language is not easy, and it was used better than some people I deal with IRL! Some of the more complicated parts were understandable and blew my mind. Not sure I can view the death of Izzy's biological parents any other way now, this created such a good and interesting story surrounding it. I appreciate stories about Izzy that aren't pure mush, I feel like his character has a lot of depth that wasn't explored to his full potential, so thank you very much for this. Thank you thank you!
NibelungVilesti chapter 6 . 4/30/2011
Wow, all I can say is, I'm glad I read teh reviews first :D Morimiho's the only reason I ever got past chapter 1. But... he's right, your writing picks up MASSIVELY afterwards. Much better flow, more mature.. I LOVE IT :D.

I know it didn't sound like it, but I really do like this story so far. Hope it stays brilliant. I would have reviewed later but... afraid I might forget.

Have you ever considered rewriting your first two chapters? Some readers are being cheated out of this story I think.
MoriMiho1012 chapter 15 . 3/13/2011
Crying tears of emotion!


I'm still shaking with excitement, really!

It had a level of epicness (is this even a word?) capable of blowing minds up!

It's hard to put the words together and describe this. It was so good, so well-done, that I literally can't find the right words!


I'm going to try to point the parts I liked the most:

1. The label "No shaking throne". A true tribute to Bleach but, is in some way, completely original and different!

2. Koushiro's evolution: all the chapters spent working his personality were worthy for us to see his incredible evolution in this chapter. Izzy grew from a insecure and fearful character to a HERO! The process of acceptance of his failures and his determination to change... everything was so perfect that made me yell!

No more wrong decisions!


No more weakness!


No more resignation!


No more fear! This time...this time...

The gate and the walls collapsed. They were destroyed. Hot steam came from that direction. Izzy was standing, looking to the Heart, with a furious and determined look.


Just how awesome was this part? *O*

3. Relationship between Koushiro and Sabine: I have to tell you, K, you are a master of romance! These characters relationship evolved slowly and beautifully. They learned to trust each other, they understand each other deeply, and they accept each other and risk themselves for the other. THIS IS LOVE!

A mature and pure kind of love, not one of those ridiculous fluff stuff you find normally. Koushiro and Sabine have a bond comparable only to the one Ichigo & Rukia have. They wouldn't lose their time with pathetic scenes of jealousy or teenage stuff. You show clearly that their love is too deep and true for that. Those two are soul mates destined to be together. *_*

I've written more than enough, sorry for this giant text. Understand that it is not every day that I have the chance to read something so good.
MoriMiho1012 chapter 14 . 3/13/2011
Yay, really good job!

The little flash-back showing how Tai and Izzy first met was cute. I'm glad to see that Tai is already sorry for what he had done to Koushiro.

How the Digidetined hadn't realized already that Unschuld is lying to them? I mean, really, her explanations are kind of lame (no offense).

It was nice to see the different members of the group worried about each other. I bet Taichi is going to have an important thing to do soon.

The Heart trying to steal Weisheit's code was intriguing, more and more about his connection with Unschuld is being revealed.

Sabine is a true genius! Her idea to rescue Koushiro made me exclaim WOW! Really intelligent solution!

But now she's in a serious disadvantage, but, hey, Izzy heard her voice!

Chapter 15 is going to be good! :D
MoriMiho1012 chapter 13 . 3/13/2011
The chapter was very good. I liked the way you worked with Koushiro's personality, it was so deep.

I always knew he was a complex character and it's not everyday that he's worked with this level of attention and care.

Really, you made such a high quality job that I nearly cried. His interactions with the Heart remind me a bit of Ichigo and Tensa Zangetsu from Bleach, which I love.

Loking forward for the next chapter. :D
MoriMiho1012 chapter 12 . 3/12/2011
Sorry for making you chapter was too freicking long! But it was nice.

Traum died! I'm going to miss that maniac.

Everybody worried about Izzy was so sad and, yet, so beautiful. T_T

I liked Leben appearing to save the day. XD

The truth about Sabine's mom's death finally revealed! Her mother was a heroine.

It was expected that Sabine wouldn't have a normal reaction after hearing that. I loved this part:

"How stupid I am. How could I just say all that stuff to her like that? I should know better than anyone how it is... how it is to have all the things you believe in, all the reality, destroyed suddenly. I should know better than anyone the despair of not know..."

How could Tai be so mean? :O

Okay, he was concerned about his sister, but yet, those things he told Izzy were too horrible.

Now the Heart brought Izzy to his inner world. This is going to be good!
MoriMiho1012 chapter 11 . 1/11/2011

I know, there has been a while since the last review, but I had some personal problems.

Chapter 11 is great, amazing, EPIC!

Sometimes it was like I was reading a horror story, it trully scared me. Great job!

Auri and Charlie had a touching moment, but this chapter belongs to 4 characters: Koushiro, Heart, Traum and Sabine!

Sabine is a true heroine, she's so deep and interesting, I wish she was an original character of the show. Her interections with Koushiro were perfect, meaningful and beautiful, as I never saw before in Koushiro fanfics.

"You said that everybody was distant. People were strangers to you. I have people who cares about me and that I care about... but nobody ever saw my true self. You were the first one. I got mad at you because I didn't want to accept you were saying the truth about me. And I didn't want to accept you were able to see beyond the 'me' I had built and showed to people almost my entire life. You saw me, Sabine. And now, I'm seeing you and I realize we're not as different as I had thought. Our essences are similar. I feel we're close."

This is a thing I'm sure Koushiro would never tell to any original character. *_*

The fight scenes were gorgeous and scary. The Heart acted like a true villain. Traum was incredible! Congratulations!
MoriMiho1012 chapter 10 . 11/28/2010
OH MY GOSH! THIS CHAPTER WAS PERFECT! I thought chapter 8 was great, but this one was even better! *O*

Izzy losing his mind at the beginning was terrific. His fight with Charles too. More and more about his real personality comes out.

"Izumi, if you're done with your scene, you may be interested in finding where the girls are."

AHUAHAUAHAUAH, I like Grayman (hope Traum doesn't get jealous).

"The first act and the final act can seem different, but they always are in the same stage"

Intriguing, where are Traum and Sabine?

I love the part with Yamato, Sora, Jyou and Koushiro's parents. Some chosen children are finally putting the pieces together. Jyou's father was nice too. *_*

The conversation between Charles and the Heart was tense. Really, what is the Heart plotting?

The best part of the chapter: Koushiro fighting Hikari (OK, I know it wasn't like that, but you understood me XD). Who were the ones they talked about? Why that Hikari didn't want to hurt Koushiro? Is she Unschuld? I WANT TO KNOW!

The moment with Charles and Auri was so sweet, so romantic, so beautiful. Is it normal to fall in love for a couple that doesn't really exist?

BTW, great job with Auri. At first I thought she would be just a funny character, but she was a lot more! Her history, her personality, her dreams... SHE'S AWESOME!

Oh, I can't forget:

Are you going back on your words now? - Koushiro's Naruto moment, AHUAHAUHAUHAH

Now Koushiro is going after Sabine alone, Traum waits for him and the Heart isn't trustful.

Traum is near...the 'fourth'...he's strong. I can't let this opportunity pass. Soon, I'll be out of this place and I never again will see and feel this rain... this rain that I hate so much. Your days as king will end soon, Koushiro.

Bleach moment, LOL. But it was cool. Great Job!
MoriMiho1012 chapter 9 . 11/28/2010
Well, the chapter wasn't as awesome as chapter 8, but it was cool. XD

Charles's history was sad. ;_; I found the thing with his last name very cleaver. At least he has a good reason to be the way he is, a really well-developed character. :)

The Heart was so suspicious! He's a bad guy , isn't he? That talk about being in charge and rainy place... I have to admit that Bleach came to my mind, LOL. But, really, what is he plotting? Why didn't he help Koushiro against Traum if he could?

The interaction between Chrales and Koushiro was very beautiful. I feel these two can become good friends. Good work. *_*
MoriMiho1012 chapter 8 . 11/23/2010

A little bad written, but the plot was amazing!

The little interaction between Traum and Friede was terrific. Let me see, there are six of them. So their order must be:

1. Unschuld.

2. Leben.

3. Glaube.

4. Traum.

5. Friede.

6. Weisheit.

Now that I'm done with talking about the obvious, LOL, I'll talk about the story.

Traum wasn't able to notice Tentomon's presence while he was with Unschuld and the ladybug doesn't remember anything after the incident in the mountain. What could Unschuld have done to him? Am I going to see him betraying Koushiro? Hope not. O

Hikari stole the scene in this chapter, I never thought she could be so scary, what's the deal with her? Is she being controlled by someone? Maybe Unschuld? That would make sense. Why did she react like that when Koushiro called Yoshie "mom?" Does she have mom issues or anything? Kind of reminds me of an episode of Lost: every good cowboy has dad issues, LOL.

Some humor involving the association and Koushiro (yeah, boy, that's what you get for saying things aloud without thinking about their double meanings first, LOL), Charles and Auri as a tsundere couple was nice to see too.

Now the important thing: the epic conversation between Koushiro and Sabine. No kidding, I've never seen (in fanfiction or in the TV show) a better conversation involving Koushiro. It was too perfect:

"You, Koushiro, seem to be the kind of person who hides bad feelings to not worry other people. You're not an honest person. You pretend to be something you are not. Why do you do this?"


"You're not used to have people looking at you with attention. If they did, they would already have noticed the 'Koushiro' you show to them is not the real 'Koushiro.' The real one is hidden within you."


"You hide yourself behind a mask. You always act politely to people and seems to want to be useful for them. It's like you're afraid of being left alone if people discovered your true self, so you isolate your true self in an inner prison and don't let anyone get close. You must be a truly unhappy person."


I don't give a damn if this review is getting super-big, I need to talk about all this! Koushiro loosing his self-control due to Traum was superb. His thoughts were so deep and really showed all his insecurity and sadness that not everybody is capable of seeing in the show. His conversation with Yamato was very-well done too. And his concerns after blowing up with the blond boy:

What's wrong with me? I don't do this kind of stuff... I don't yell at people... I don't get mad like I did... I don't cry without control like this... it's as if I'm not myself anymore. I've always been able to control myself. I've always been able to avoid anyone noticing my problems... It's better not to go home yet. If mom and dad see me like this, they would worry about me and make me questions... I don't feel I could just force a smile and say "everything is fine!" this time. I didn't seriously believe in that when I said it earlier... it was a thing I wanted to believe... I just wanted some hope...pathetic.

*O* Incredible how he jumps to "I don't want my parents to worry about me."

The best part was the final (okay, it was the conversation with Sabine, but the final was nice too). TRAUM CAPTURED THE ASSOCIATION AND WANTS TO MAKE KOUSHIRO RESCUE THEM FOR FUN! I just fell in love with that villain, you have no idea, LOL!

Koushiro worried about Sabine was so cute, and Traum throwing in his face everything he had told her. And when Koushiro asks if it had been him who had done that to him, the other replies:

"Don't blame me, I can manipulate minds, but I don't put feelings where they couldn't be. I maybe have played with your self-control a little, but the despair, the hatred, the sadness and everything else were born from your own heart. Aren't you despicable, Koushiro?"


Seriously, I'm totally in love with Traum. He's so damn awesome! *O*

Now, Koushiro has to rescue Charles, while Traum is going to do something bad to Sabine. What a cliffhanger! Terrific job. Sorry for the giant review, but this chapter was worthy! XD
MoriMiho1012 chapter 7 . 11/21/2010
This chapter was a lot better written, congratz! XD

I liked how you started to work with Koushiro's personality in a deeper way. Jyou was interesting as well, just like the other chosen children. What the heck is wrong with Hikari? Why would she lie like that to make the others believe they should give Koushiro to Traum? Fortunately, Yamato and Sora began to sense that there was something wrong in the story. I felt so sorry for Taichi, he's probably the chosen child who's the most worried about Koushiro, but he thinks Weisheit is the villain in the story (which is not surprisingly, due to what happened to Hikari). And we're introduced to another member of the "family," Friede. Glaube questioning Unschuld about her reasons made it clear that she doesn't want the Heart to get power, which means that the Heart lied to Koushiro! I knew he was suspicious! Oh, I can't forget to comment about the association! Sabine Weiss is like a girl L, LOL. I like her (and I suspect Koushiro likes her too). Auri is the granddaughter of Schultz and her father was in charge of the experiment! I KNEW SCHULTZ WAS IMPORTANT! I can't tell anything about Grayman so far. Sabine's story was so sad. Weiss vanished when she was 8, her mother went insane because of Traum and now she's looking for him! O

BTW, Weiss didn't seem to be such a good father and husband. OMG, Traum was watching the association and now he knows about Sabine! BEST CHAPTER SO FAR!
MoriMiho1012 chapter 6 . 11/21/2010
One or two mistakes in verbal concordance, but nothing serious. Your description wasn't very good in this chapter (which is strange because it had improved a bit in the others). I think it was too much information for only one chapter, you could have split it in two and worked the details better, so it wouldn't seem so "dry", you know? Despite this all, the chapter had good points. Masami Izumi probably had never been so well-worked as the one in this fanfic. Who could have guessed Mr. Izumi could be so deep? And he wasn't always such a good person. Even Yoshie showed more development here (when she fought Masami because he wanted to "bring an innocent child to his messy life" was incredible. There were many beautiful moments, even if the lines seemed a bit forced sometimes. Koushiro's reaction was realistic, and I loved how he talked about being disappointed with his father and how he always thought his parents were the most virtuous people in the world, which made him feel in debt to them. Dr. Weiss is important for this story, isn't he? His wife was sick, he had a baby daughter and kept referring to Koushiro as "Catherine's son," I can feel that there's something behind this. And Dr. Schultz as well. Was his son one of the scientists who were killed? The story gets more dense and I love it. :D
MoriMiho1012 chapter 5 . 11/21/2010
The beginning of the chapter was kind of slow, but it was useful to explain what had happened. Unschuld is the source of the digivices source? So that's why Weisheit was so worried about Koushiro being a chosen child. I wonder why Unschuld never tried to kidnap Koushiro, if she probably knew since the beginning who he was and made him a chosen child. LOL, Traum almost took the boy away, luckily Leben (another one of the six) stopped him. It seems that she's opposing Unschuld somehow, even if she's still in her group. Mysterious. Poor Koushiro, he doesn't know what to do now that his friends believed in the wrong guys, and I see why Traum tortured him with that nightmare now.

And now, Koushiro wants to know more about his real parents (comprehensively), but Mr. Izumi's reaction was pretty odd. How come Catherine's and Shunsui's deaths were his fault if Glaube murdered them? I can't wait to know.
MoriMiho1012 chapter 4 . 11/21/2010
Okay, the battle between Weisheit and Glaube wasn't so epic as I had thought it would be (BTW, why didn't it occur to Glaube to leave the spear behind and just run from the bomb? LOL). But this story has 28 chapters, so it would really be weird for one of them to die so soon. So Unschuld is the lady of light and Glaube convinced the digidestineds that he was the good one, interesting. Unschuld appeared as light, I wonder if it has something to do with Hikari's light. There weren't many explanations about the cylinder, maybe it wasn't as important as I had thought. All right, now the important part of the chapter:

TRAUM! Another one of the six showed up and he's terrific! So he's able to read minds and trap people in realistic nightmares, but I'm sure he can do a lot more than that. He's so sadistic... so far, the most interesting character. I actually felt bad for Koushiro.
MoriMiho1012 chapter 3 . 11/21/2010
This chapter was a LOT better than the other two, yay! XD

Okay, there were repetitions of words again, but it's meaningless compared to what happened in this chapter. THE HEART OF THE DIGITAL WORLD! The Heart that "she" (Unschuld) wanted so badly in chapter 1 to the point of killing Koushiro's parents! The explanation was a bit confused, but I liked it. That Heart really talks a lot, LOL. I have the feeling there's more behind this story than "control the core to control the Digital World" and, for some reason, I don't trust that Heart very much.

The Glaube that showed up in the mountain where Koushiro, Taichi, Hikari and Takeru are is the one who murdered Catherine and Shunsui? And Weisheit is the assailant who saved Koushiro? It means that Persefonemon and Chainmon aren't bad, right? But what was that dark thing in the cylinder? My head is about to explode due to these questions, I feel like watching Lost (before that horrible final). OMG, the fight announced in chapter 1, when Weisheit said he was going to kill Glaube for sure the next time they met is going to happen now? This is going to be EPIC! *O* GREAT JOB!
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