Reviews for Call It Change
Woot100 chapter 1 . 4/23/2015
Okay, I know this fic is literally from 2009. There's no use commenting on it, ain't gonna effect anything, I'm just screaming into thin air, internet-commentary-wise.

...But MAN am I tired of seeing blue-eyed Hinawa and/or Lucas in fics. I like, are you just intensely confused, or are you deliberately and purposely ignoring the fact that neither of these characters could ever conceivably be white people? Because it seems like the latter. It seems a lot like the latter. A suspicious amount like the latter, if I'm going to be perfectly honest with you.

Like, Japanese characters from a Japanese game made in Japan by and for Japanese people. White? Ha! No. I don't care if Lucas is blonde, Kumatora is /Pink-Haired./ Hair-color as an argument in defense of whitewashing is pretty much invalid at this point. (As is... pretty much any argument in defense of whitewashing, really.)

Granted, I'm about 70% sure both the hair and the eyes could be explained by some kind of genetic mutation, one-in-a-thousand chance and all that, but I doubt that's what you had in mind. Hell, I'm pretty sure the game mentions Flint being brown-eyed and one of the Magypsies even says he and Claus have the same eyes, so there's even that. I could even go digging around in the script-dump to find the dialog if you want. That's not a threat, I'm genuinely offering.

And furthermore, have you ever met a white lady named Hinawa or Kumatora? No. No, you haven't. Ever. TL;DR, Stop it.
Inumaru12 chapter 1 . 8/1/2011
:D I really liked it~ I was tearing up so bad at some points...Very awesome job.

Gizomo chapter 1 . 3/11/2010
It's beautiful. Almost brought me to tears like the game did. Keep writing :D
Axelstream chapter 1 . 12/27/2009
Great story. My only qualm with it is that, like the below reviewer said, the perspective change and dialogue (in terms of who's saying it) can get confusing, but there is a certain beauty to the starkness and simplicity (and subsequent depth) of the characters' speech.

What's interesting about this particular dynamic is that there are three years in which these two characters are alone together, and yet we never learn much about their relationship. However, given the small characterization the game gives, you've really expanded this relationship into something poignant. The repetition in the dialogue, and the theme of Lucas not wanting to cry in front of his father, the apples; the little details created something real and powerful. I could feel the tension as I read this piece.

Thanks for this one! Awesome, awesome work. As always, looking forward to more.
dekw chapter 1 . 7/25/2009
Okay, simply put, I liked this. But the fun's in the less simply put explanation. So, less simply put...

I could feel the emotion in this - it caught me off guard the first time through, but the second time it seemed almost tangible or directly comprehensible to me; it struck a chord in me. While this is almost certainly just a coincidence, it's one I can appreciate.

I like how you've captured the characters and their development - Flint's lack of expressive skill fits him quite well, managing to justify the distant gap that I've always seen forming without making it seem cold or abrupt.

I can see Lucas' development, too, and it clicks interestingly with how I felt about the game - Lucas always struck me, in later parts (and he's a silent protagonist so this is completely totally just me) as forlorn (exact descriptive words for what I felt escape me here) but determined.

The perspective changes are... interesting, although they felt slightly erratic or awkward at times to me - that is to say that they worked stylistically, they just... seemed messy, I guess? Eh.

I do like this, though - it flows nicely into the plot of the rest of the game, and runs quite deeply, at least for me.

You have a stylistic finesse that stands out quite nicely - it's a good part of what separates a well-written one-shot from a fragmented part of a story, if you know what I mean.

I suppose I'll also mention that I'm Princess Barbie- err... actually, that works as an identifier and is funny so I will leave it at that.
Otte chapter 1 . 6/13/2009
Oh man this is great. I love the writing style, and the way you subtly go through Lucas' metamorphisis. Flint and Lucas' relationship is sweet, but awkward in a kind of "we can't be like we were before because that's not possible" type of way. You've really caught on to the emotions of that part of the game, and filled in the gaps really well.