Reviews for What Awaits
krabbe-fiske chapter 1 . 11/1/2009
I guess this story answers my questions about the last one. Sorry I forgot the title, but the one where Law gets offed by Dova. So, how did Dova die in this? I may have overlooked his death mention. I figure he got shot as well at some point. It's interesting the whole 'ghost' deal. I wonder if they are gonna hang around a bar and cause a commotion.

I'd suggest an 'M' rating for another idea ... Now, we know Law has a penchant for beating up Milo. I bet he gets off on the whole deal. How bout one time he, after roughing up Milo, starts to get eerily too close to him? Perhaps rub against him suggestively but never quite unleash any pent up desire. I just see Law as someone who thrives on the thrill of being dominant of a lesser, submissive target. It makes him feel .. I dunno, powerful. He's not the brains of the operation, he's the muscle and he's well aware of that and flaunts it like nobodies business.

Wonderful continuation. I guessing these mostly work together all these tales. Anxiously awaiting another story.