Reviews for Rising Powers
Shinen no Hikari chapter 15 . 4/14
Well I'm starting to see how Luna's going to get involved.

According to the books the only barrier into the restricted section was a rope barrier.
Shinen no Hikari chapter 13 . 4/13
funny Neville. Though I'm wondering what you're planning as far as the Slytherin
Shinen no Hikari chapter 10 . 4/13
I don't feel like you're a big fan of Ron, or very forgiving to Malfoy. Both of this situations seemed rather negative in my opinion, especially since based on Ron and Harry's original first encounter he didn't seem to care about how false all of the stories were, he still seemed willing to be his friend, and Hermione didn't show any of her typical sides that would get on his nerves.
Shinen no Hikari chapter 2 . 4/12
Greco, greco-roman, the arabian nights, babylonian, myths would also help too. Even if he read the Bible he could get ideas
Kent Rigel chapter 15 . 4/11
Bump, bump, bump.
Knock, knock, knock.
Beg, beg, beg.
Pretty please, can I have some more?

Even just Luna's sorting which you said you had already pre-written?
Miss Millie chapter 15 . 4/1
I thank you for the up date it such a good story. Why can't Harr make a portal to the edge of the forest to burry the acorn? Or maybe getting one of the teachers like ? RH.
I am such a H&G fan and I am so glad that the year is almost over. A little closer to them getting to met.I am not one for them jumping in to bed with each other, like some. I want them Luna and Ginny to be frinds with each other.
Good luck.
I'll PM you in a month or so again,.
Miss Millie
azulkan2 chapter 15 . 3/17
Great story. looking forward to more.
Micheal myers Halloween lover chapter 15 . 3/1
Update please
Philosophize chapter 15 . 2/28
Tis is a really fun story... I hope you keep writing it!
aalens chapter 9 . 2/28
I very much like your Olivander. He is an interesting and mysterious character that is often underused in fan-fiction, or at least it is underused in those I have read. You have managed to flesh out his character nicely in just a paragraph or two.
One of the other things I particularly liked in this chapter was that you turned the trunk cliché on its head. lol
xvector chapter 15 . 2/19
Great story! But it seems you have discontinued it, and that makes new sad-this level of writing talent is rare, and a story this good even more so...
Twilight-Lloyd chapter 2 . 2/15
Poor Dumbledore, that instrument is gonna explode at this rate.
Twilight-Lloyd chapter 1 . 2/15
Honestly, you caught my interest with the summary. Magic shouldn't have a lot of restrictions, it's Magic!
RebeccaRoy chapter 2 . 2/13
Very cool, like that Harry has found and is using his powers, but realizing some powers are not to be used to hurt others.
purple sky always chapter 15 . 2/8
Has Harry forgotten the sorting hat's warning about playing into Dumbledore's hands?
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