Reviews for Reflection
CldyAlwys chapter 1 . 6/22/2009
Aw! Poor Bailey, I just want to run and give him a hug.

Well, I'm almost in tears, this was so great! I think you get Bailey's personality real well, it's just like him to analyze every little thing that's happened over the last few years and then feel guilty about it.

I love how Bailey secretly worships the ground Charlie walks on and how dissapointed he was in the beginning when Charlie stumbled with stepping up to the plate and I also loved how Bailey felt guilty about the fact that Charlie might not get the chance to pursue his own life.

This is my favorite line:

"But who will protect me if that time should come? Who will protect me if my hero falls?"

Bailey's always so self sufficient, it's real nice to see how much he really relies and depends on Charlie.

This whole season was really hard for me to watch, because I felt that Charlie geting cancer was drama just for the sake of drama and it really irritated me. It wasn't until I watched season 5, I saw that it was a complete character change for Charlie, for the better, and I think it helped with Bailey and Charlie's relationship as well, at least for a little while.

But I love this fic, and I was so excited to see a new one from you, thanks for sharing.