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alexangel14 chapter 5 . 3/30
This is one of the best stories I've read! It's new of a kind for me and refreshing story for SasauSaku _ I'm so glad I found it! _
Bean and Pea chapter 25 . 3/10
Oh. Ok now I feel hopeless. It's been years since you updated this. Oh well..
Bean and Pea chapter 21 . 3/10
Omg what. I mean, yeah. I always knew Sai knew, but HE was the one who ACTUALLY exchanged Sakura and Sasuke eoeisksnskskjsksksksjeks.
Bean and Pea chapter 20 . 3/10
Really, Itachi? :( I was hoping he'd notice the librarian girl somehow. Hmm.
Bean and Pea chapter 18 . 3/10
That endingggggg. I'm grinning like a weirdo and I'm in an Uber car, this driver might think I'm crazy. :))))))
Bean and Pea chapter 17 . 3/10
That was absolutely perfect. The contrast between Naruto in Isekai world and Sasuke in Konoha.
Bean and Pea chapter 15 . 3/10
Bean and Pea chapter 14 . 3/9
Oooh now my mind won't stop playing Sing for Absolution. Damn it!
Bean and Pea chapter 13 . 3/9
I love how they always get caught doing suspicious stuff so the whole marriage thing actually looks real lol.
Bean and Pea chapter 12 . 3/9
Bean and Pea chapter 11 . 3/9

Sasuke. All you do is dramaaaaaaa.
Bean and Pea chapter 8 . 3/9
I'm sorry it took me 8 chapters to review. The story's just so good I couldn't stop to review.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/26
DAMN, It's was amazing story you have. When you'll be updated though, I kinda miss you. Please make your comeback soon and thank you for amazing story. I loved it and good luck. Looking forward for next update.
PrincessAkiraaa chapter 25 . 12/30/2016
Ah omg i hope you finish this:(((((
Tash0726 chapter 25 . 12/7/2016
I am absolutely heart broken that this story hasn't been updated in at least 5 years..this story is amazing! :(
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