Reviews for Angel Series 1: Broken Angel
arthemys chapter 41 . 5/19
Wonderful story! I'd hesitated for a very long time reading it, because of the summary that troubled me, but I don't regret it! It's awesome! Thanks!
SerafinaElena chapter 29 . 3/31
This is my favourite fanfiction ever, and I've literally read hundreds! The Angel series is like a familiar, comfortable book series I enjoy revisiting. Despite knowing what happens, the fact that the love between Edward and Bella never wavers is one of the things that makes this my favourite. You're an incredible author, I'd love to see a future series like after the Cullens are in the year 3020 or something!
BethMasenCullen chapter 40 . 3/22
Such a beautiful epilogue!
BethMasenCullen chapter 39 . 3/22
I'm so glad they were able to get Brandon and Tanya handled. I t was a fun way to see Demitri too.
BethMasenCullen chapter 38 . 3/22
Oh wow... crazy stuff!
BethMasenCullen chapter 37 . 3/21
I hate that Tanya is still causing trouble from thousands of miles away. She needs to get a life!
BethMasenCullen chapter 36 . 3/21
They're all so good for each otherI love the way you are writing this!
BethMasenCullen chapter 35 . 3/21
It was sad to see them leave Forks, but I love that Emmett provides so much comic relief lol. And those guys they met at the gas station really were lucky that encounter did not end badly for them...
BethMasenCullen chapter 34 . 3/20
I love when they make crazy bets!
BethMasenCullen chapter 33 . 3/19
I'm sad that Bella has to leave Charlie. I hope there's a way we could see him again...
BethMasenCullen chapter 32 . 3/19
Desperado is such a sad songI'll never think of it the same way again when I hear it...
BethMasenCullen chapter 31 . 3/18
I loved the interlude in the cave!
BethMasenCullen chapter 30 . 3/18
I am loving the honeymoon!
BethMasenCullen chapter 29 . 3/18
What a lovely wedding!
BethMasenCullen chapter 28 . 3/17
Loved the Mission!
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