Reviews for Training Wings
Lynnda chapter 3 . 7/22/2009
I laughed when the exotic female that would not give Rob a second look went to "Earth University of Liberal Arts". Gilly was right. He would get bored.

I hope Rob was right about his logic cube melting, otherwise Umbra might get ahold of it. Of course, if he took it to a science fair, it isn't exactly top secret. Uh oh, does Rob have Umbra's attention now? I dont' think so, since he is able to pull off a secret identity later, but you never know. Y'know?

It was very heartwarming to see Rob and Ben fighting Shadow together.

Good to see Rhondu (Rondu?) progressing in the ranks. Can't wait to meet his daughter for the first time. I very much enjoyed seeing Rhondu. He may have given Ben an extra try at the academy, but I think he was more impressed with Rob. And well he should be. Rhondu has many powers! AND (from 'a mind of a child') he knows that there is something unusual about Rob.

I very much loved the growing determination in Rob. I know he wasn't done with puberty yet when this story ended, but there was very much the sense of him becoming a man at the end. Not completely finished, but most definitely on the path. (More so that a love of those I have dated, but that is another rant.)

Love it! Eagerly awaiting more.
Lynnda chapter 2 . 7/22/2009
It is a very beautiful touch that Rob started out on the path that eventually led to him having the skills to be the Orbots Commander, because he wanted to do something to help his brother.

The description of Ben's reaction is vivid, well done.

The kids amusement at their father was cool ""That's the whole point, Dad," Ben said, highly amused." - aWEsoMe!

When Rob said "I'll never be a field agent like you two because I'm too clumsy," I just wanted to hug him! Poor kid, his whole life behind older brothers, imagining that he isn't good enough, isn't going to catch up. Poor baby. (Not that I need much prodding to want to hug him, but still!) This also makes me want to see the utterly dumbfounded look on one of his siblings face when (if) they find out that he is the Orbots Commander. I have often imagined that his little sister could be particularly freaked out to realized...that is her brother she has been... thinking about. Shudder. Of course the fact that his little sister somehow hacked into his invention to add her own program to it makes me positively intrigued about what she is up to now.

'radical design inspired by a dream' - more coolness hearkening back to your very first story in this series.

And in another brilliant stroke of explaining everything about Rob Simmons, we now know how a geeky engineer got so well built and athletic. Cool3!

Rob's first crisis situation, well where he can actually fight! Think fast space ranger!

Thank you for sharing.
Lynnda chapter 1 . 7/22/2009
Awesome story. I love recognizing the less mature aspects of the Rob Simmons we all know and love.

His brilliance, determination, and drive are apparent. As is a certain fascination with exotic looking females, with just a touch of clumsy when actually around them.

Truly wonderful! Not only are you creating a very logical, well thought out back ground for Rob, you also have personalities for his whole family.

I sit here in awe.
Draka Dracula chapter 3 . 6/14/2009
So the future Orbots' Commander grows even more, hurrying toward the day when he takes command of his super-robotic team.

Admiral? I thought Rondu was a Commander? Or has he not yet made it to the top?

The only thing I found wrong was the spelling of Rondu's name. The name on the modal sheet is RONDU, not RHONDU. Other than that, it's very well done.

How close are you to writing about your version of how Rob met Dia, and how he builds the Orbots and becomes the Orbots' Commander? I'd love to read your take on those events.

Looking forward to your next Mighty Orbots' fic.
Draka Dracula chapter 2 . 6/14/2009
And it gets better and better! :D

Can Rob save the day? You BET he can! ;D

Next chapter...
Draka Dracula chapter 1 . 6/14/2009
This is going well. How old is Rob in this? About 14 or so, I'd say.

Rob is so very sweet. and brilliant. He'll work things out. He always does.

More reviews in the other chapters.