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katdemon1895 chapter 12 . 2/27/2012
THANK YOU! you are completely amazing and so glad that you updated this story! i think it's about beat your scooby story as my favorite, love love love that hermione jane is actually the head of the malfoy house now and awesome that those little babies will have a decent shot at life now, completely fantastic way for lily and james to take out so many death eaters, glad that they were somewhere else entirely

gah to dumbledore, his adgenda was never all that squeaky clean and you've brought it to new lows, well done on that, he comes off as exceptionally greedy as well as short sighted- excellent job

curious how th st. trinian girls are going to react to semi slavery now, hermione obviously can't trust them and i wouldn't put it past them not to engineer some deathly trap for her to fall into and then 'save' her from in order to negate the life debt, but then i suppose that most of them are indebted to her more than once and thank goodness for hermione not taking a healer's oath of any sort since i suppose that would negate any hopes of gaining a life debt through healing or else madam pomfrey would probably be the true ruler of the wizarding world

adoring that hermione jane is now the head of the magical house of granger, and it was a very nice touch to change the name line from malfoy to granger as a way to cleanse things

love pineapple! ha! that was clever and quite funny

wizards seem to be leaving the wizengamont alone and james is the head of the house of potter, unless his parents are somehow still alive, so will any of the hermiones meet james during a political meeting? that would definately be interesting and i say any of the hermiones since as triplets i would wadger that they could get away with tina or ann going to the meeting in jane's place since they are all hermione after all and which hermione it is wouldn't matter so much unless it was some meeting where being the oldest actually had some magical bearing, which i can't think that there are many of those

also, now that the malfoys are dead the hermiones don't have to worry about maintaining their clones so i suppose they can reabsord them, and since lucius turned them into kittens and they'd get the memories of cats would those primitive animalistic memories perhaps make it easier to get in touch with one's animal side? i operate under the assumption that you actually choose your animagus form since sirius in the third book mentioned that he and james made sure to the animals that could handle a werewolf while peter apparently drew the short straw to be something small enough to calm the whomping willow down but i would think that there would also be a particul animal you're naturally inclined to and somehow i don't doubt that the hermiones are very well suited to cats of some sort and each hermione could choose what specific cat they'd prefer to change into, unless they still want the potential advantage of being identical in which case they'd probably have to argue about which cat is best, though if not then they could go with their own inclinations

with dealing with dumbledore now that the puppet master's got his piggy bank filled, will he attempt to push for all these new female heads to get married to put the houses back under control of a proper male head? wouldn't it be good for hermione to maybe change house granger's inheritence style and maybe make it matriarchal instead of patriarchal? and is romeo a wizard too? and hermione could probably give a kick start to equal rights for women by quickly getting some laws through to protect female inheritence while dumbledore's distracted with trying to protect the purebloods who don't deserve protecting- i sincerely hope that dumbledore doesn't have any horcruxes in this story, maybe horcruxes also fracture your power so dumbledore didn't want to risk it? or if so then just one! and somehow i wouldn't be surprised if there happened to now be a prophecy describing the hermiones as the ones who would defeat the dark lord of the shadows aka dumbledore, maybe describe them as the daughter of hermes or some other allusion to their mythological names, toss in them being cousins to the fates and dumbledore has no idea that the dark lord is him but now shifts his view to getting control over the young girls who must be easier to control than harry since he can actually find them

since so many of the lines are dead, is there any way to claim their names, and therfore their wealth? maybe through combat or something? hermione can make a bid for say the lestrange vault, if sirius contests then she could back down, but if some pro death eater pureblood does then she could call for combat between the wands that they callupon- the st. trinian girls would mow down any oposition- especially if hermione promises them gold for every battle that they win, specifically battles that she sets them on, and every name that he lays claim to would be absorbed into the house granger and she could pull the same cleansing tactic- changing the name, motto and whatnot of the houses, maybe with a mythological bent, the house of menelaeus and so forth if the names haven't already been taken by other families and the first two can be under the urview of tina and ann and the rest held in trust for the hermiones future children, actual blood children not necessarily adopted since it would probably be better if their heirs were raised in a more stable home than the st. trinian babies will be raised in so they can be raised with actual morals

so many ideas! but no time! looking forward to whenever you next update!
kh chapter 12 . 2/27/2012
yes how i have waited! you always bring the best stories many thanks for writing them!
Red Phoenix Dragon chapter 1 . 2/26/2012
11 A very enjoyable imaginative double time travel story with Hermione and her 5 minute younger self going back to save Harry from the abuse that Dumbledore had everyone dump on him that lead him to suicide instead of killing Voldemort and himself. But the charmed was over powered and the twin Hermione go back to their birth. With their 16 year old magic and brains they quickly over come this and start to cause havoc for Voldemort and Dumbledore.

They send warning letters to James and Lily to veritaserum the OotP and discover 5 death eater spies and that Dumbledore is a pure-blood bigot who was saving the death eaters while getting the good guys murdered. The OotP is reformed without Dumbledore and only good guys and start to thin out the death eaters. Dumbledore creates his own order to fight the OotP.

The twins become triples and get adopted by Lucius and turn Draco into a puppy that Lucius kills while Narcissa is killed by a pet basilisk. Lucius is killed by a letter bomb from the new OotP on the same night 100 other death eaters. So that leaves Dumbledore and his army and Voldemort and who ever is left.

This a well written way out there story with one Hermione going to St Trinians to learn urban warfare and discovering it is a bad girl death camp where no one was meant to graduate. The insight on Dumbledore's lack of action to help Harry but to have him kill himself leads one to hope that this story could be continued. Dumbledore was using the OotP to identify wizards who would oppose his true greater good and kill them off for their wealth.

In the end Dumbledore was jealous that the prophecy said that there was someone greater than him and for his greater good that could not stand. Harry has to die.

Thanks for sharing your story. Please update when you are well again.
Arkanrium chapter 11 . 2/12/2012
Damned if i didn't start this of with a very low level of expectation, but this turned into grade A St. Trinian crack, I did not check your status yet but if you are still on you really need to continue this.

carefully if you can, this much awesomeness might spontaneously combust!
Jonakhensu chapter 11 . 1/30/2012
I would really love to see more of this fic. Granted, I'm the last one to complain about update schedules, but this really is a wonderful story. I just have to wonder how Hermione Jane plans on thwarting the government and I'm assuming save a number of the girls. There's also how Tana will react to her 'father' being dead to consider.

Anyways, I do hope you continue this at some point, preferably soon.
Koshechi chapter 11 . 1/21/2012
It is a pity you haven't continued this, I do enjoy the story - I come back to re-read it relatively often. Thanks for sharing this romp with us, and Have Fun with whatever you're onto now.
Kudou Shinichi chapter 11 . 1/17/2012
The common sense of the characters is best when combined with just the right amount of realism and humor. And you've done an amazing job combining those things. I think a general lozenge, like gilderoy's ability, as well as cloning and usage of time turners are tremendously powerful and should be abused, but you did a good job of balancing powers and such.
mmsbddvr chapter 11 . 1/10/2012
Reminds me of Harry Potter adams xover pure chaos, 9/10.
Banner chapter 11 . 12/19/2011
I have enjoyed the hell out of this story. You have a nicely edged turn of phrase:

", Lucius Malfoy followed standard procedure by leaping up and spreading himself over a wide area."

I hope your muse leads you back here.
4mus3d chapter 11 . 12/13/2011
First off, I'm rereading this for the billionth time wondering and hoping you'll start writing again 'cause this is AWESOME like all of your work is.

I love the fact that you've given "Athena" an army of Amazon warriors. A lot of sources give Hera the credit for the Amazons, but the whole warrior woman idea is really Athena's thing.

Also, with how much effort that went it to the "twins" going back in time. I have to wonder, if the real problem was really a fight against Harry's will to live (or stay dead in this instant). And having fought and won against it, well that might of brought Harry back along with them. And won't he be surprised when he realizes that things are happening the same way as they had before?
Titiyaya chapter 11 . 11/20/2011
You have no idea how much i love this story ! St Trinians/Harry Potter is a crossover i never thought i would see and yet it this story is just brillant.

Update soon please!
kh chapter 11 . 11/19/2011
love yoyr story read it twice now cant wait for what going to happen next
HermioneFan28 chapter 1 . 10/6/2011
if you dont like hemrione stories then why are you writting them and why did you write this I positively HATE 'Hermione betrays Harry' stories, and never willingly read them. So I apologize in advance for the first chapter, but it was actually written in protest to those kind of stories, showing how bankrupt they are. Also, it was an excellent way to get the sort of emotional response necessary to bring about the character change needed.

and for you 411 the hermione stories are the BEST ones more so the hermione and severus ones if you dont like them then LEAVE NOW and dont bother us again with you stupid stories and let us enjoy them NOT yours without you because they the hermione ones (and severus ones with hermione) are all BRILLAINT! goodBYE
Darklooshkin chapter 11 . 9/25/2011
This is awesome. You are awesome. Keep it up, please!
Darklooshkin chapter 7 . 9/25/2011
Goddamn but St. Trinian's is badass. I mean, a Bren gun? In the nineties? Wow... Just wow.
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