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brigrove chapter 4 . 6/19/2009
You may have had fun with this chapter but it is totally ruining the story for me.

This ridiculous and confusing array of clones makes this story harder and harder to follow. I could just about swallow two Hermiones, but the two babies doing things which adult wizards can't - create clones? And now a clone of Draco and Draco a puppy? And how did the do that anyway? I thought all three were back at the Grangers - as I say, it's impossible to follow.

It's becoming less and less believable and getting further and further from the story you promised us.

Please get back on track.
dogbertcarroll chapter 4 . 6/19/2009
Wow! Just wow!

Apparently Fate and Lady Luck have decided to work together to make up for Harry's horrible life. I'm beginning to wonder if he'll survive their generosity. Still, a much better way to go than the original timeline. LOL!

I see someone agrees with my theory on opposite sexed clones! I still say Cissy is one, She does have blond hair, so like her husband's, and looks nothing like the rest of the Black family.

Cruel to the poor boy, regardless of the moron he was doomed to grow up into. I think the new version of him is going to become a natural dog animagus and his female clone is probably going to have a familiar bond to him so strong that he'll see and hear everything she does and vice versa.

Of course the family will just assume it's an early magical talent blooming, showing the strength of their line. I have this vision of them taking turns being the dog in the future so they can get a break from being a Malfoy.

I imagine it'd be hard to actually be a pompus git when you spend half your time pretending to be the family dog. They may be able to fake being a pompus git tho'.
Dumbledork chapter 4 . 6/19/2009
Damn, you're a bastard. Poor, poor Draco. I love it. Sometimes I wonder if you're not a clone of Perfect Lionheart. You have a similar devious, depraved and sick mind.
Ellyanah chapter 4 . 6/19/2009
Brilliant, hilarious, and original.
Baughn chapter 4 . 6/19/2009
Don't worry, I had fun too. :D

Though I thought for a while there you were planning to use the suggestion in my last review. It certainly looked that way.

That said.. don't you think this kind of punishment for Draco is a little.. much? Wouldn't it make more sense to rescue him?

It's not *his* fault he's had Lucius for a father. It's not Lucius' fault he had whoever his father had either, but it's a bit late to save him; it's not too late for Draco.
James Axelrad chapter 4 . 6/19/2009
SomeGuyFawkes chapter 3 . 6/19/2009
Fun chapter. Thanks for the update.
pstibbons chapter 3 . 6/18/2009
best lines:

The Granger twins' foray into the realm of magical publishing had paid off better than either of them could have hoped for. In the first place they'd simply recycled muggle dating tips and fashion advice gleaned from magazines laying around the dental practice, reworded for a wizarding audience.

Around this time their new baby brother arrived, the poor sap laden with the unfortunate name of Romeo, which their mother felt romantic and their father did not object to strongly enough, dooming the child to years of teasing at public schools. He could have gone by his middle name, save that was equally unfortunate: Romeo Millhouse.

The poor boy was going to hate public school.

(They can call him Bob. Or Rommikins.)

They could be eleven again just as easily as sixteen.

So that left her free to pursue her once lost but not forgotten muggle education goals in the meantime. The hurt of abandoning those fond plans still lingered, but now she could pick up where she'd left off, and there was so much out there still to learn!

One where I hope to acquire the useful life skills of picking locks and pockets, forgery, flouting the law, and smuggling - tools that are all sure to serve me well in the upcoming war. C'mon, every spy has to know that sort of thing! .. They don't print Practical Guides to Overthrowing Your Government!"

Ann could only view this with horror. To her this was losing her sister, someone whom she had only just realized really mattered to her. Having been flung through time together she was the only person who understood her, her only friend.

She certainly wasn't going to hook up with Ron again.


...we need basically the ability to thumb our nose at the magical government and get away with it - there's just too much that's rotten there to work with it! Even the Underage Magic Restriction alone has almost gotten Harry killed!"

"We need to do something to prevent you from becoming a common criminal."

"I assure you, I have every intention of becoming an *exceptional* criminal!"

The school yearbooks are used as mugshots by the local police!

Jane blinked. Perhaps she hadn't thought this through as well as she might've? The difference in perspective as Ann presented the same data was coming as a bit of a shock. Jane already knew those things, but hearing Ann present them they sounded so much worse than when she'd been working it out in her own private thoughts.

(This technique of giving gungho!Hermione a more moderate companion is working very well)

"I can't believe that worked," Jane described, pulling off the Yoda ears she'd gotten from the back of a muggle costume shop and slipping out of her tea cozy. At eleven months she was close to the appropriate size for a House elf, too.

...they didn't have any clothes that would suit Narcissa Malfoy. They didn't even have for themselves other than diapers and baby outfits..."Okay, change of plans," Jane declared

Although they really should have suspected something when the lady, compelled to drink polyjuice charged to make her look like Narcissa Malfoy, drank from her own supply.

(I liked the switcheroo - how did the lady find out? I wasn't surprised to see Lucius there though - I figured someone would have told him that Narcissa had turned up with two girls)

"After all, the worth of a girl child is reduced by the value of the dowry I'm to come up with to make use of the arranged marriage contracts which are the only value they have to me."

Twenty minutes later they got out of there, a diaper bag full of carefully selected shrunken books floating along behind them.

(And they havent even reached the Terrible Twos yet... image of Ma Baby Baker come to mind)

"You know you spoil mom's scolding pose by being less than a year old. You're too cute to pull it off."

Ann dropped her hands from off her nonexistent hips.

Both Hermiones had assumed that the original Malfoy volumes would have been too easy for that family to find magically. So they'd taken them in to a muggle copy shop and had replications made.

The originals they'd sold for ready cash down Knockturn Alley.

(again, good details.)

Ann scowled, but for an entirely different reason than one would think. She'd been through those same medical books as her sister had, so she didn't need a lecture. Actually, for the first time she began to see what others saw when they called her bossy.

(Thanks for the explanations on what kind of school St T wwas)
pstibbons chapter 2 . 6/18/2009
best lines:

So, while Ann spent her time on mastering her accidental magic in the form of useful utility spells to summon crackers (which could then be drooled upon to make into a mush soft enough to actually eat), clean (both herself and her surroundings of things like cracker mush or diaper residue when the nanny didn't do too good a job of cleaning up after her and left her in danger of getting a rash), or repair objects (like when she accidentally summoned something too heavy and it fell and broke), Jane spend her time creating shields, stunners, curses, jinxes and so forth - which had the salutary side effect of giving her sister Ann a great deal of practice with her repair charms, cleaning up all of the evidence of Jane shooting off combat magic.

(I like the two different personalities - funny how a few minutes changes perceptions and priorities so much)

Their hands were nimble and dexterous, putting on socks as easily as pulling them off (one when they got cold, the other when they got bored)

Her father even had a picture of the diaper clad infant standing unsteadily, with a hand on her crib wall, her other hand thrust out imperiously to the shelf and demanding "Book!"

(this demands fanart - pity I can't draw)

So Jane started a campaign of seeking out and stealing the TV remote control, hoping to catch up on news, while Ann began practicing wordless, wandless unlocking charms. No library door was going to stop her! Her source of entertainment and growth would NOT be denied!

The four month-olds had been talking in private conversations increasingly since their first words at two months, and both twins had agreed they'd hated being an only child growing up. So they'd stolen their mother's birth control pills out of her purse a month ago, rendering them nonfunctional...

Still, the younger Hermione didn't understand how her sister could distrust all authority so much...Intellectually, Ann could grasp ... but it did not have the same visceral power to convince her of the utter rottenness of magical government...Jane had seen, really and truly seen in those moments of inspiration how there was nothing good about the authority figures... Ann had come to accept that the current magical authority figures were corrupt, but she still clung to her belief that authority was good in general. Ann just felt the magical ones were exceptions, while her elder sister feared that corrupt authority figures were the rule.

(ah, you've explained the difference between their personalities explicitly. I wondered if you would. Goodo. Sounds like Hermione Sr is overcompensating in her backlash though)

Men like Tom Riddle were just the symptoms.

Even her once-adored teachers at muggle schools hadn't done anything about the bullying. It was never as bad as at Hogwarts, but the muggle world wasn't healthy either.

... having gotten good enough at stunning spells to hit birds, then yank off a couple of feathers, she could then use small, neat and precise cutting hexes to turn into quills, which required almost no pressure to write and thus almost no hand strength to use, and so were much better than crayons for young hands to write with. She even found that soy sauce made a tolerable ink.

(wonderful detail!)

"Hello, just who are you and why do you keep sending us letters? More important, how did you know that prophecy? Albus told us he'd only heard it himself yesterday, yet you've been bombarding us with it for months! Signed - James Potter."

What do you think would happen if we were to say, send a stapler to Arthur Weasley along with a brief written description of its use, and an offer to sell both to him in return for enough gold to buy a potion or two and an owl-order catalog from Flourish and Blotts?"

~Instant sale,~ the words flashed across both their minds

(ah, kids learn manipulation so young these days... sniff!)

"We can also inquire if he'd be willing to pay the same for a rubber duck, along with more instructions for use,"


"You know, you're right. I'd never thought of it, but the Weasley owl ought to be in his prime right now, shouldn't he?"

"Yes, but all that means is that they might have a different owl than Errol. They did tend to buy things second hand in that family."

(did I mention I love your details?)

Still, there was just enough difference between them to make excellent sounding boards for each others ideas

"And besides, Lavender was an expert on her field, and her advice is at least ten years ahead of the rest of the magical world."

The two girls stared at each other before they both broke down into giggles.


Note who cannot, who does not, who slips out of the room (no matter what excuse they make) and who is able to say it. Also note who did not partake of any of your spiked drinks. You may be surprised.

Peter the rat - who I have reason to believe recently took the Mark and became a Death Eater.

(I'll forgive your Snape bashing given the amusing nature of the rest of this fic)

"Think like rabbits: never be far from cover, always have multiple escape routes, be ready to flee at any time on a moment's notice. Remember you have just become your enemy's number one priority. Resources will be directed towards your destruction that you never merited before.

(Wonderful detail in the letter on all those ideas on escape)

"No, I even pranked myself and signed it Prongs so my alias and I would stay unconnected."

And the letter reads like Moody wrote it

It may even be more paranoid than he is. Besides, he never would've recommended muggle traps.

"Honey, I don't see how any Death Eater could have written this. For one, it seems genuine and doesn't ask for our trust, only our caution."

"The thing I can't work out is how this person knew we'd settled on Harry for a boy's name."

Actually, what the old man was concluding was that the faint trace he had followed had been expertly forged to lead him to this dead end.

(good conclusion to have him draw)
Morbious20 chapter 3 . 6/18/2009
Brilliant chapter loving it so far. I must admit though I would think that a boot camp might better prepare them for a war then a correctional facility but it'll be an interesting take on it anyways .
pstibbons chapter 1 . 6/18/2009
Lol. It's a damn good thing you said in your initial a/n that you hated Hermione betrays Harry fics. I only kept reading because you promised mutilation. And hell grrl, you've delivered! I'm going to keep reading :)
Bobboky chapter 3 . 6/18/2009
Jaur chapter 3 . 6/18/2009
This is very promising, keep it going.
erik chapter 3 . 6/18/2009
A very well written and conceived crossover.
Wonderbee31 chapter 3 . 6/18/2009
Very interesting, and it's looking like Jane is going to be considered the bad girl, while Ann's the goody good? Does this mean that Ann may still want to be with Ron in the long run while Jane wants to be with Harry? Can't wait to see what happens as they get on to schooling, what else they might sneak home, and the other wackiness that seems to be following them around.
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