Reviews for Beep
EmmaRose58 chapter 1 . 9/19/2009
Haha this is cute! I really liked it, and this is like the first time i've been on the Zoey 101 archive and you're right...these stories are horrible. I mean they have good plots, to me, but the grammar and spelling is just icky. haha. favorites list!
Jaiaelle chapter 1 . 8/31/2009
Erika! Hi! I've been gone for some time...and come back to find that you are incredibly pissed over the lack of effort on part of the writers in the Zoey 101 section. I feel your pain. It's not just here but everywhere. It's hard to find decent fanfiction. But - here is a piece of not just decent fanfiction but WONDERFUL fanfiction. You are at your best when writing dialogue. Especially humorous dialogue. This was great. I thoroughly enjoyed the back and forth between Logan and Lola, as well as the implied Logan/Quinn love. I think it would be fantastic if you made this into a sort of series, with messages between other characters, with growth taking place between the characters, a storyline hidden (or not so hidden, really) within the messages. I seriously loved this! It's going on my favorites and I'm putting it on alert, just in case you ever decide to make it into a series (which would be fantastic, did I mention?).
Tourmaline Shine chapter 1 . 7/4/2009
FINALLY I'm reviewing this! Again, sorry with my lack of reviewing lately! Trying to catch up!

I can tell you had a blast writing this one, because it was a blast to read! This was riotously funny and fun. Lola and Logan have an interesting chemistry, but I'm glad you covered their frenemy chemistry. I loved their banter! If the show had continued, I can see them butting heads, yet coming to an understanding over Quinn. She's Lola's best friend and Logan's girlfriend, they both love her (ha, isn't it funny how at the beginning of the show, most people tried to avoid Quinn and she was almost treated like Stacey at first? Now everybody loves Quinn in some way or another). I think that's awesome, and Quinn's one lucky girl!

OOC? Hell no, they were completely IC! That's what I love about your writing, is that you can capture the characters so well!

"Leave a message and we'll see if I return it. Unless you're Quinn. Or one of my parents - then I sorta care". BEEP - Ha, he's all cocky at first, but when it comes to Quinn and his parents, that's different. I thought that was adorable. ;P

Ha, Logan, Lola's "future boss". Can you imagine?

"Hey! I'm off getting my toes all sparkly. Leave a message and I'll get back to you". BEEP - Cute and completely Lola-ish. Ha, and Lola knows how to get to Logan, by taking jabs at his "perfect face".

Also amused about the "Two Girls One Cup" (or whatever else and "The Cup", lol) video reference. Lol.

Like Ariana, I think it's just awesome that you can receive so much information through VOICEMAIL! I mean, this style is completely fun. And like Mina, I too enjoyed how you incorporated the other characters through these voice messages. The Lola/Logan banter is quite colorful, but to add the other characters two cents worth adds even more pop!

Chase's and Michael's were adorably hilarious, and Lola on Free Croissant day? Lol!

"No Stacey! I don't secretly love you! The brunette genius with the laser is kinda taking that job. And it's staying that way!" BEEP - Ha, loving all this "Squee!" worthy Quogan, but Stacey is still after him? Damn, she needs to find somebody else! Crazy girl, lol.

"I'm out with my lady - and I mean my mom. She's a cool mom, so she counts. I'm expecting a call from my OTHER equally special lady, so make it quick". BEEP - Aw, Logan is such a SWEETHEART!

Ha, LOVED where Lola (further) taunts Logan about Lisa "making him work". Logan is not the only big baby here, lol.

"Hello, it's Lola's best friend, Quinn Pensky. While she isn't here at the moment, I'm using my scientific genius to figure out how to make an actual mood ring in which the stone's colour fluctuates when there's a sudden drop or spike in body temperature and - okay fine. Just leave her a message and have no regard for the scientific process. Cretans." BEEP - Ha, Erika! You have a PERFECT Quinn1 I mean, you've always got these other characters down pat, but once again, Quinn is all yours (if she wasn't Dan Schneider's, at least!). Oh, and I think it's spelled 'cretin' rather than 'Cretan' (which is an inhabitant of the Isle of Crete in Greece). But I had to look it up too, because I had never heard of 'cretin' before until it was mentioned in "Walk-A-Thon".

Lol, and the whole Frisbee Football scenario. That's fun to picture, as is Lola's gloating and Logan's sulking. And MAJOR LOL and "EW!" over the last voicemail recording, belonging to Chase! HAHA!

This was just terribly fun to read, and of course it's on my favorites list. Totally loved the Lola/Logan banter, and how despite their differences, they come to an understanding over Quinn because they care about her so much. I liked, no LOVED that. And like Mina, I too never get tired of Logan talking about much he cares for Quinn! Ah, the Quogan love! )

A )

Underneath All Elsewhere chapter 1 . 6/16/2009
I loved this story! Lola and Logan's interactions were always my favorite because they were usually rare and mostly bizarre. The style you chose to write this piece in was extremely unique - I've never read anything like it before. Receiving so much information through voice mails in a story is just... insane! I don't even know how to describe it. Crazy. Interesting. Hilarious. There, maybe that will sum it up.

I will admit that I always thought Lola and Logan would look hot together, but everytime I tried to write a story centering around them, they always turned up way OOC. They just don't match romantically, but I still love both characters individually!

Reading your stories makes me miss the show I only watched occasionally because nothing else was on. You go girl!
Heart of the Lullaby chapter 1 . 6/15/2009
Ahh! Love this, Erika! I'm a fan of Logan/Lola as frenimies (I guess you could call them), so this was quite the treat )

I loved the style of writing. It was fresh and creative. Haha I can so see this Logan/Lola phone tagging battle! So all in all, very funny and enjoyable. Completely loved it 3

Ugh, so agree with you on the Zoey 101 Clean Up Revolution. I'm so sick of this archive being polluted by OOC stories that don't even make sense. And hey, if you're gonna write something OOC and random, then at least use good grammar and try to make it seem at least a little more realistic! Ok, mini rant over -_-

Anyway, great job! Can't wait to be seeing more from you this summer! Hmm...message me about the collab account when you can )

Terri chapter 1 . 6/15/2009
that was HILARIOUS. i love your stories
aceanx chapter 1 . 6/15/2009
Oh my god Erika, this was awesome! I love ALL these answering machine messages and especially, Lola's messages to Logan. Awesome job! Makes me miss Zoey101 a little bit more! Great job! You're so awesome! I forgot that I told you my other penname was Sunset Clouds! Amazing job, once more! Maybe I'll write some Zoey101 to clear up this archive's bad stories...
LaPaige chapter 1 . 6/15/2009
I loved this, honestly :) I love the LoganQuinn mentions - they are my favourite Zoey 101 ship, and I loved the answering message things. They sure change their messages a lot. :)
PnayBabyGurl chapter 1 . 6/15/2009
Haha this was really funny, Erika. I really liked it! Just from the first line you already managed to make me go "Aww!" when Logan said that Quinn was one of the exceptions as to who he would call back. But, of course, nothing compares to Logan saying straight out "I love Quinn" and that he would never hurt her. Brought out a definite "squee!" right there. Hehe I'll never get tired of him talking about how he cares for Quinn, especially so openly!

I really enjoyed reading all the Lola/Logan banter and I don't think they seemed OOC at all!

Okay, I've never seen the real video (just people's reactions to it which are so friggin' hilarious to watch. Haha) but I couldn't help but be reminded of "2 Girls and 1 Cup" when Logan said to Lola "Who the hell took a shit in your grandiose javaccino today?" Seriously, ew, but I couldn't help but find that part funny too. Hehe

I liked how you incorporated the other characters into their voice mail messages. Even though the entire conversation/argument was between Lola and Logan the others were still present (in a way)! Hehe My favorite was definitely the last one where Quinn was speaking for Lola's voice message after the girls beat the guys. Haha Poor Logan but go girls!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that other Quogan part where Logan's voice message said "No Stacy! I don't secretly love you! The brunette genius with the laser is kinda taking the job. And it's staying that way (I totally agree with Logan on this one ;) Hehe)!" Serious "AWW!" and "-SQUEE-" right there! Haha

Wonderful piece, as always, Erika! I'll definitely have to check out those two pieces you mentioned in the AN at the beginning.

psav2005 chapter 1 . 6/14/2009
I can see why you had a blast writing this one, it was hilarous, I loved it, easily one of my favroite pieces that you have written. I loved all their different voice messages, and the fact that they had others do some for them. Just loved it. I want to help with your clean up thing but for the live of me can't break this extended writer's block I'm in, I just can't come up with anything, and that includes sports stuff so you know its bad. Its kinda late and I'm tired so I'll get to Counting tomorrow and let you know my thoughts on it. Again great job with this one.
Rachel J. Lupin chapter 1 . 6/14/2009
I love this, partially because I adore the idea of begrudging Lola-Logan something-like-friendship and mostly because it's terribly amusing and happy making.

Nice work.