Reviews for Clair De Lune
MarieZenalou chapter 1 . 7/18/2011
I think the creators of the game were just too lazy to show her actually preforming. That would be great touch though.


I really liked how you made Mimi's actions so poetic -

Soaring, wheeling, gliding on wings of pearlescent white, far above the multitude of upturned, awestruck faces.

That line is just lovely. I've yet to see someone compare acrobatics to a swan's graceful movement.


But no swan is infallible. Eventually, gravity takes its cursed toll on all creatures, be they man or beast or somewhere in between. Eventually, every bird must return to the earth from whence it came to rest its weary wings. She is no exception.

I swear you must be a descendent of Shakespeare. You could of been the writer to just tell us she leapt up in the air and came down. Instead you take the time to really plan out her movements.


I would quote more but I may end up quoting the entire story. This was amazing, inspiring, and I honestly can't believe a Harvest Moon fanfiction of all things could be this good. I'm glad you picked Mimi as the protagonist. I think she is tragically under-used on this site. You've proven that you can take this character and turn her into something beautiful.
XtraHyper chapter 1 . 6/14/2009
Words cannot describe how beautiful and touching that story was, though I'm sure you could think of some. You are an incredibly talented writer, making the most simple of sentences sound like enchanting songs.