Reviews for Love Will Lead You Back
SNHfvr chapter 4 . 3/30/2015
Amazing story! Awesome. So sad too. But happy in the end :-) thank you
Spawn chapter 4 . 10/4/2014
I really enjoyed your story. Good job.
Spawn chapter 4 . 9/28/2014
I thought you did a great job on the story. Thanks for sharing.
alexiana75 chapter 4 . 5/21/2014
wonderfull, warm and amazing
rubyblue100 chapter 1 . 10/23/2013
Oh well I remember this story as it always stuck out in my mind apart from err title and author though...

Then a friendly niudge in right direction and yay have found story.:-)

Poor jazzy though it was an accident and won tt be punished for that but hunting alone...oh dear I can see a spankin in a lil soldiers future...

Eddy stop sulkin because you will only feel guilty for it. The article was got off light boy...

Great story thankyou.x

cjstar01 chapter 2 . 9/30/2013
No jasper no! Why?! Your wife! Your mother! Me!(you don't know me but I'm steal cring too) your shuch a B!
That was a good chap, but I'm realy crying.
rubyblue100 chapter 3 . 7/27/2013
Yay jasper is home at last and hope he learns to forgive himself.
rubyblue100 chapter 2 . 7/27/2013
Oh my gosh jasper has gone and Alice is crying. My heart is sad for them.

Wicked story
rubyblue100 chapter 1 . 7/27/2013
You are a marvelous writer:-)
rubyblue100 chapter 4 . 7/27/2013
That was ace
Expressionless and Scarred chapter 4 . 5/17/2011
Aw, sweet. The end, I mean.
Jingle For Goldfish chapter 4 . 2/8/2011
I love your writing. I read "Loose Cannon" a while ago, and I just read it again. There aren't too many fanfics that I read more than once.

I think you do a tremendous job of portraying all of the characters more or less according to canon while establishing a father-child relationship between Carlisle and each of his kids. I feel like those bonds, while certainly talked about in the books, aren't actually developed very well. One of the only things that kept me reading was the thought that, for all the stupid things Edward did, there must be some come-uppance on its way. That sure never came, so it's satisfying to read your fics, where Edward is less of a "composed gentleman" and more of a "pretentious dillhole."

I'm also very jealous of your ability to write in Carlisle-speak. He's so calm, he relies on the poignancy of his words to communicate his frustration/disappointment/etc., and you do a phenomenal job of capturing that (stupendous vocab). Well done!

I would love to read more father-son fics by you. I'm making my way through the rest of your work, but this story and "Loose Cannon" are exactly the kinds of thing I kept hoping would happen during the series. I love reading these stories.

Long story short: WRITE MORE SOON. :)
BelieveInTheHoundsOfJustice60 chapter 4 . 11/2/2010
I can't begin to describe your story. The only thing that I can think of is EXCELLENT
BringOnTheShackles chapter 4 . 9/9/2010
I loved this, absolutely loved it, you just got all the explanations and needs and emotions down so perfectly, it was wonderful.
gracattack chapter 4 . 7/14/2010

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