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Tamsin chapter 11 . 1/8/2015
Wow. I don't know what to say. That was really... really good!
Dambusta3 chapter 11 . 12/12/2014
well that was a rough journey, i have to say you had me REALLY worried that you was going to turn it into another L&E slash thing (and i hate those :() and at the same time there this seriously strange girl that seems made for Edward which i didn't know how to feel about, in the end you pulled of something good, it showed maturity and and in depth characters and i'm glad i read it :)
Pitchnight Badger chapter 11 . 10/25/2014

This was amazing in so many more ways than one,
1. FINALLY an OC that works with the cannon, straight up.
2. Not too many overly complicated reasons, Veronica's dad made the doll for her, business trip, simple.
3. Displaying love in the mind of your average 10/9 year old. Finally no sexual innuendos, or secret fantasies, just premature children trying to sort out their feelings
4. NO MUSHY GUSHY OOC ENDING! No Gretchen passionally kissing Edward, nothing overly romantic, just a determined 'I won't lose' and a punch, totes Gretchen! Love that so much.
5. The closure Veronica put out as Edward Doll being her best friend. A well needed ending to show that she's alright
6. Clam. Finally someone used his amazing potential. (I always knew he knew more than he was letting on)
7. The comical aspect of it all OMG! The 'Wedding' scene, the 'Mail' scene, even the subtle joke about one of the campers being engaged to that princess! All of it fit in exactly where needed!
8. The whole 'girl rules' about crushes how your not supposed to tell right away, ect. All of it was perfect! It just worked soooo well!
9. Nurse Lesile...just...just yes on so many levels.
11. Edward and Slinkmans talk. One meaning gay, the other meaning vegan... Omg that was the best!

all in all 10/10, best CL fix EVERRRRR!
Pitchnight Badger chapter 4 . 10/24/2014
Pitchnight Badger chapter 1 . 10/24/2014
OMG THIS IS PERFECT! The whole "wedding" scene really captured Lupus's personality! Omg I cried it was go perfect! The comical aspect of it all was incredibly brilliant!
Fairyhaven13 chapter 11 . 9/11/2013
This is one of the most amazing, well-written fanfics I've ever read. I LOVE it. At first, I avoided reading it because of the slash warning. But now that I know it was all a misunderstanding, it's funny. And Edward's absolutely ADORABLE in his own annoyingly macho way. XD And it actually made me interested in the Gretchen/Edward pairing. I never cared for it before. So, basically, you're awesome.
bobtheacorn chapter 11 . 5/22/2012
I've never read any Camp Lazlo fanfiction before - quite frankly I've been afraid to look for it - but this is a prime example of why I wanted to in the first place and I'm REALLY glad this fell into my lap. It's so delightfully SILLY. I love the big deal they all make out of everything - Slinkman suspecting that it could be a Bean Scout Edward is in love with (and though I was for some reason NOT expecting it to be brought up like that, it tickles the hell out of me regardless), Gretchen acting as if her world's completely uprooted because of the Veronica "shrine". Edward. Edward is perfect. It's all so blown out of proportion, and yet it is still profoundly serious business.

It occasionally breaks the fourth wall, pointing out things WE should know, but the characters don't, and that delights me. And it doesn't lose any of that exaggerated, cartoon-y quality that makes me love Camp Lazlo in the first place. The writing is clear, intelligent and funny; it all flows together perfectly, it makes sense, it's relevant, and it unfolds gorgeously. The characters are SO in-character, you somehow managed to make me love every single one of them all over again, including Denmother Doe, who is as terrifyingly annoying as ever, and Scoutmaster Lumpus, a moose who genuinely gets on my nerves. He's like a giant, angry five-year-old, and it's unsettling, but it's those random, stupid things like "fig nipping" that make me smile and open up to him a little bit.

One of my favorite lines in the entire fanfiction is probably: "His "love" was a happy and wonderful thing, and so it confused him that uppercase "Love" should make someone so miserable." I adore Lazlo and his compulsive NEED for everyone to be happy. I love Clam and his insightfulness and his direct way of saying things, when he deigns to say anything at all. Nurse Leslie giving the most helpful, clever advice I've ever heard. "Ripping out our pulmonary artery and seeing where it runs off to."

The description of Edward's symptoms when Veronica just won't shut up is PERFECT: "Why did his face feel so hot, his insides so jumbled, his lungs so tingly?"

The way chapter 10 lays out is one of my favorites. All the individual sections have that word or small thing in common that makes the jump from characters/scenes so fluid.

And now I think I'm getting ramble-y. The point is, I laughed a lot ("Squirrelando Bloom"). I LOVED THIS. And you did an AMAZING job. This perked up an entire week for me, and I'll definitely be coming back to read it again. Thank you for writing it! C:
Ninjagirly chapter 11 . 11/2/2010

(clears throat)


I love the way you kept true to the characters (a thing I struggle with myself. XP) and how you ended it! What a shocker! Yep, I can't say I was expecting that!

So anyways~! Tell me when make anymore stories (cause I never check my emails usually, so what's the point in an Author Alert?) please!
wolfgrl1492 chapter 11 . 9/9/2010
That was a wonderful story. And interesting ending too. Well done.
mitzie-chan219 chapter 1 . 9/7/2010
FluffyBiscuits chapter 11 . 8/30/2010
This fic was great. I'm glad you could stick it through till the end.
mickazikwiks chapter 11 . 8/27/2010
Dawwwwww! Edward gets a doll!
FluffyBiscuits chapter 10 . 8/22/2010
This was good and unexpected. A friend was all Veronica really wanted. Edward didn't actually end up with anyone either. Gretchen still has a chance to get with Edward. Lazlo/Edward might happen. It's really up in the air. Do I detect Raj/Patsy happening?
CrystalSlashlover chapter 10 . 8/19/2010
Okay, first of all: YAY YOU UPDATED!

Secondly: Did NOT expect Edward to stick with his Veronica doll. But I liked this chapter despite te fact he's not in an acutal relationship with another person instead of a material object

Thirdly: Slinkman and his assured assumptions of Edward and Lazlo being together X3

Fourthly: Awww, Raj is getting along with Patsy! ...Is it wrong that I sense a shipping aura?

Fifthly: ...Um... I got nothin'. Thank you for updating!
Kanji of love chapter 10 . 8/18/2010

That was a excellent sort-of-ending. I was a bit confused about which Veronica he was actually talking to, but... it all worked out for everyone. I don't know if you'll write an epilogue, but if you don't, thanks for the great story! And the Lazlo/Edward! It brightens up my day ;)
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