Reviews for Personal Effects
Amethyst Asheryn chapter 1 . 12/20/2009
Succinct, sad, and present tense third person too, which I am a sucker for and which always seems to work best with this type of story. I love the fact that Chekov can't access Sulu's files-that he receives no great revelations or insight like you might expect. It makes things all the more melancholy ... Like, if you'll excuse the cheesiness here, it makes Sulu seem even farther away-more unfathomable-than he is already now that he's dead.

"... until time erodes his face from their minds and he is gone from them, too, just a name in the captain’s log from long ago, _, killed on duty."-Wow. This was such a powerful part-mainly because of the underscores replacing his name. I'm sure it could have been just as powerful if you had said it another way, but "_" is so much more striking.

"... or the way he used to talk, the soft, rich lull of his voice that sometimes made Chekov forget that his speech was comprised of words, not just wonderful sounds." I love this line. The cadence, for one thing ... But also the imagery.

"not will he ever stop longing for the courage to have approached his helmspartner as a man."-I think that's supposed to be "nor," not "not."

"The room will be emptied and the desk will forget. Chekov will not."-Intense last line. Wow.

Though I'm not a great fan of the actual Sulu/Chekov pairing, you crafted it amazingly well. It wasn't in your face, but it was definitely there, and that's another thing I really loved about this.

Thanks for writing!

Soot chapter 1 . 7/27/2009
poor chekov. That was very sweet and upsetting. thank you for writing!

now i've got to go and get a tissue. got tears in my eyes. seriously - i have.

great stuff!