Reviews for Deserving Of The Truth
I want to be Jesse's girl chapter 1 . 6/18/2009
Ah Jax, so how was it venturing into the world of Bradley Ackerman or more popularly known as Dopey by us Mediator fan(atics) – well the last part is applicable to me. He is wiser than he looks but then supposedly Brad was hot well according to Kelly Prescott and all – and considering that she was supposedly a mega hot babe and one of Paul’s slut well she probably would be all about the looks wouldn’t she? Although technically Brad never did get a crack at Kel but just Debbie, an accomplishment he wasn’t too proud of but then Mancuso’s IQ wasn’t really up there although Brad can’t necessarily complain what with his nickname and everything – (and although I don’t mind him and everything it has to be said – the nickname really does suit him).

Okay Mediator stuff aside I should really assess the chapter shouldn’t I? Brad is “Deserving [of] the truth” indeed and I found the whole protective side of him sweet – like this line “I got rid of the step a long time ago.” And this was just a given but love the addition “Not that I'll tell her that.” I love that you did this coz it portrayed Brad in a different light - you gave him more depth – i.e. more emotions and all, more than can be said for his normal rude, obnoxious self. And he noticed Slater now did he? Well it makes sense though he technically stayed out of Suze’s business except for the juicy bits that he could use as blackmails but that’s what bros do – believe me I know – first hand experience

Seemingly he noticed more: Meducci, the weird “two” way convos – honestly though I never (and still don’t) think Brad to be “sensitive” to spirits or whatever (that’s my opinion anyway. I think it was more a case of him just eavesdropping and hearing Suze call Jesse’s name and obviously end up with the conclusion that she was sneaking in a guy coz well someone else might have been using the phone or whatever and he might have heard it repeatedly – I mean walls are not sound proof and their rooms would have been near enough to each other so yeah…okay way to go assessing the series too much once again

Yeah the whole Jesse thing should have caught his attention – the hot tube bit. And lol I have to admit I kinda laughed when he said “A guy like him draws attention. Has girls' jaw dropping” – it’s just funny you know. I mean imagining him saying that. Yeah but lol guys don’t usually admit it to anyone other than themselves so makes sense. Plus Brad is a hidden sort of character we never really get to see the ‘real’ him behind the façade of wrestling and well beyond the whole popular jock (loser) image.

But I have to say you captured it interestingly – and his wanting the best for Suze I mean all bros want that for their sis although they might not necessarily say it. Lol, I cannot stress enough how much I love your Jesse’s. God he is beyond amazing and so help me coz I don’t think there’s a guy who will measure up to him sadly (and you have increased the standards from the series – coz your Jesses are OMG sexy – and yes drop dead gorgeous literally – although very unfortunately fictional and not MINE ar).

But yeah his protectiveness and the growl – oh lalal I love it. Lol the initial awkwardness between the two siblings – and it is something that would befit the situation especially considering that they don’t have the closest relationship in the world. But the whole get to the point thing yeah so Brad-ley…heheh couldn’t resist adding the end bit.

And the whole “I’m a mediator” lol – she just wanted to see his reaction to the word – hahaha yeah so Suze – I’m telling you hun your getting better and better at the sarcasm characteristic that Suze possesses. And the whole story format of Suze – and the nicknames lol….heheh especially when he realized that he was Dopey. See what I mean totally Suze and brilliant version too – I wish I would have thought of something that awesome but alas most of us just possess an average talent unlike your supreme creativity – ah I wish I could buy some or better get it for free….sigh

Lol – the whole proud of you – so Brad you know not to say it quite in words – rather just saying that he couldn’t cope with it. And then the whole "It'd be cool if I was being visited by the restless spirits of Kurt Cobain, James Dean or Marilyn Monroe.” heheh. Ohh by the way stupid question most probably but Marilyn Monroe isn’t dead is he? Oh well I guess this fic is future base so makes sense. Although I have to say I would be very scared if the ghosts of these dudes were following me around what with the drugs and craziness and all. But then Brad is not me – well actually Suze said that...whatever, ignore me

Hahahah…I love the cute moments between Jesse and Suze although totally jealous girl here. "You know you'll always be my rockstar." – oh you go girl – I love how you do that link the previous beloved chapter of MIT to the new ones, etc. And see it’s soo amazing that although it been ages since we read that chapter it’s still stuck in our heads that that thought just came fluidly you know what I mean….

I don’t quite know what I see Brad doing/being – I can’t say that I see him with a nice chicka but perhaps I don’t know. But he’s an interesting character and thanks for writing this. It did bring me to recognize him as more than just Dopey if you get what I’m saying.

And the last part hehehe – he figured out that Suze send a ghost after him. Lol yeah hilarious. And the concern for Suze and Nicky even Jesse asking if Stu was out there – well ain’t that sweet. See he’s not always blackmailing wrestler crazy bro.

Honestly I commend you for doing this – It made me see Brad in a new light although there are some things that I see a little differently but then that’s the great thing about fanfic you get to put up your POV on the character and all – and unfortunately there is not much on Brad out there and if there is it’s simply him being a dickhead and there is more to him than just that. Great job hope to see more on Brad in the future.
fattoad chapter 1 . 6/16/2009
Nice to read something from Brad's POV. :)

Was good xD