Reviews for Filling In The Blanks
Guest chapter 96 . 3/30
Wow! Let me just say that was one of your best Chapters and well... Quite possibly the saddest. I'm over here just crying my eyes out. The scene between Zidane and Elouise was just so intense and u could just feel the anger and jealousy pouring off of Elouise, when she saw Zidane care for Dagger. You can also feel the heart break of everyone in the resistance when the magical spell didn't work on the dreamers and you knew at that moment that they knew ZidAne was gunna die.
Dagger heart break just about killed me you could feel her heart being torn to shreds when Stiener wouldn't let her rescue Zidane. She wanted to help him so bad to run to him but Stiener wouldn't let her. I liked how u portryed Beatrix here she wanted to stop Dagger but had failed because she knew deep down she would want to save her love Stiener from being captured even if it ment capture and death for her. I'm glad u made Stiener a kind of hero in this chApter even tho I belive Stiener likes Zidnane even tho he would never admit it. But he knows that Zidane wouldn't want dagger to put herself in danger to save him even if he was on the verge of death. BTW I think it would be cool if u said in the next chApter or so if u put in there that Stiener and Zidane had a heart to heart. And that Zidane told Stiener that if things went bad in Alexzandria that Stiener would not let dagger rescue him... I don't know just a suggestion. Maybe it would help with there bonding.
So any way after I read this chapter too I listened to that song Listen to your heart ( slow version of course) and cried my eyes out. I just keep thinking about poor daggers broken heart and the resistance moral now that the main dreamer is gone. So now what's gunna happen next is the question ( PLEASE DONT LET ZIDANE DIE) I think that now they have Zidane they will of course torcher him for information, and then try and get dagger and the resistance to come and rescue him or something... IDK but any way enough with my ramblings please! UpdAte soon or very fast I gotta know what happens next. I loved it as always and keep up the great work... From your favorite number 1 fan... Thank you for all the work u have put into this :)
Guest chapter 96 . 3/30
this chapter was amazing

as always great work

i never thought the dreamers were under a spell

they were locked in a false reality for 5 years and their memories are all messed up i mean if kuja had gotten to zidane and vivi first they'd be fighting the resistance too

anyway great job i look forward to the next chapter
Atariel Tsukai chapter 96 . 3/29
OH MY GOODNESS, NO! I literally have tears rolling down my face now! This chapter was amazing, even if it was terribly sad! I was definitely on edge the entire time like you hoped, but didn't start tearing up until Zidane had been hit with the tranquilizer. It all went downhill from there! I could picture everything going on and liked how you used several characters's views of the same scene. It was a good idea to start with Elouise - I think that was a very strong beginning to the chapter! I was shocked when she tried to make Zidane realize that Dagger had used his emotions for her as a way to get him to work with the resistance against Kuja! Also, ending with Garnet was also a very good idea.

I need to know what's going to happen next! Zidane can't die! Please update soon!
DaggerZidane4ev chapter 95 . 3/23
Omg what the Hell some shit is about to go down... I need to know what's gunna happen next ... Please update fast lol
Guest chapter 95 . 3/20
Wow great chapter. The fight scene was so intense. I liked how u built up to the trap that was set for Zidane and crew when Mae was lying out in the street. And how Zidane was remembering alxsandra through his dream world.
Anyway the fight scene was crazy, I liked how Vivi had to improvise his fighting skills because of his black magic being blocked. And I can imagine Stiener and Beatrix really kicking ass, after a hour worth of fighting u can just feel everyone becoming tired. I loved to the Dagger and Blank scene where they were smashing skulls with there ice hands. And I'm so proud of dagger being able to fight with the best of them, and thinking to her self that if she grew up in the castle then she wouldn't be able to defend her self at.
I thought the retreat was good but I had a feeling that it was too easy and that Kujas men were too easy to defeat. But my heart stopped during that last lil paragraph when they saw Elouise and Dagger screamed for Zidane to get outta there. OMG so the dreamers have awoken this is crazy, I have this sinking feeling that this next chapter is going to be so sad. And that someone may die or become captured.
Well anyways enough with this rambling as always great chapter and now that this chapter is the mark of the end I think you have to hurry with the next cuz I'm dying to know what happens next ... please :) until next time from ur favorite fan :)
Atariel Tsukai chapter 95 . 3/18
OH MY GOSHHH! The last line gave me serious chills! Just UGHHH! I seriously cannot wait until the next chapter, even more so than usual! I have a feeling that it's going to be a sad one!

Speaking of sad, I totally freaked out when Blank got hit! And what made it even worse was the fact that I was reading on my phone and my dad call RIGHT WHEN HE GOT HIT! So I was on edge for hours until I just now had the chance to lay down for bed at my best friend's house and finish the chapter!

I am actually very glad that you posted today! I will be on a staycation with my mom for the next 6/7 days, so I probably wouldn't have been able to read it if you had waited until even tomorrow!

This was a really good chapter! Lots of detail, especially during the major fight scene! I could picture everything perfect! Again, you've inspired me to write a fight scene of my own, even if I always seem to struggle when I get to them. -.-U

Speaking of struggling, I was HOPING to have my next chapter of YNA up before my staycation, but that unfortunately did not happen. I accidentally pasted over the first two segments on my phone's notepad. Fortunately I had the first one all typed up on my laptop and that was the harder of the two to finish. Maybe I'll have the chapter done while I'm on staycation and will just have to type it up when I get back! Last little bit of shameless advertisement: I don't know if you saw, but my first chapter of my new fanfic is up! It flowed so nicely and is a little short, so if you have the time for a quick read

Back to your story, though! I laughed a little throughout this chapter! At the beginning, when Amarant was complaining and Blank called him out! Then again when Zidane showed Dagger where he got knocked by an icicle. I feel like I should have been worried like she was, but I just had the cutest image of our Monkey Boy trying hard to look over his shoulder to see just how bad the damage was and that made me laugh. Another small detail that was great was Vivi fighting and almost hitting the guy in the groin with the dagger, then making sure he didn't miss the second time. Last part (that I can remember right now), was Blank pointing out to Dagger how they matched with their iced hands! XD

Speaking of the amazing fight scene, the lat thing I'm going to comment on was a line that stuck out to me. I don't remember it word or word, but it was about Dagger fighting in a way thy she probably would have never learned if she had remained a princess her entire life. I think that describes her fighting style in FitB so well! Also, it kind of makes me feel a tiny bit better about not feeling comfortable writing her fighting with a dagger in YNA. . . XD

Anyways, AMAZING CHAPTER AS USUAL! I definitely understand that life gets in the way, but please update soon! 3
Guest chapter 94 . 3/18
Best chapter yet! Keep it up :)
Guest chapter 94 . 3/2
Very nicely done as always, you writing is great and I can't wait for the next chapter. So on with the review, I really like how Dagger got her queen on and commanded Zidane not to go any where. I bet Beatrix and Stiener were totally proud of her. I feel bad for Zidane tho it probley really took hit on his ego lol. But I am proud of dagger :) So any way I love the fight scene with vivi and kujas men Vivi really took charge even tho he was scared he really did a number of those soldiers. But I think that as the story ends I think vivi will show a even greater power, maybe he should save everyone... Wouldn't that be a twist ;) So I'm happy your gun a be moving quickly through the ice cavern I'm just dying to see what happens in Alexzandria, so any who can't wait till the next chapter. And keep up the amazing work u do THANK YOU!
Atariel Tsukai chapter 94 . 2/25
Whoa! That was a pretty intense chapter! I felt so bad for Zidane because everyone told him that he can't run off on his own again since he'd be running right into Kuja's trap. He's just the kind of guy that will do anything to help someone in danger. And it's even worse because they were told that Mae will only stay safe if Zidane is the one to save her!

That being said, I pretty much squealed when Dagger turned princess mode on and forbade him from going off without her permission! w I don't know why, but that part actually made me really happy, even though it made Zidane miserable!

I also liked that you included an argument between Zidane and Blank. Someone needs to yell at Zidane when he's not thinking straight, even though his intentions are good.

I think that the pace you wrote the Ice Caverns is fine, since Zidane and Blank have been through them once before! I really like the idea of it affecting magic users more so than other people. And the frozen bodies was terrifying!

Very interesting! Keep up the amazing work! I'm hoping to have my next chapter up tomorrow, but we shall see! I am definitely going to finally respond to your review, though!
Guest chapter 94 . 2/25
as always great work

i look forward to the next chapter
Guest chapter 93 . 2/13
Wow that was a great chapter just wow. It's getting closer the fight at alexsandria. that last part of the chapter was a totally edge of ur seat kind of chapter it was great. I liked how Beatrix threaten to kick that woman's ass for threatening Eiko and Vivi. Well I defentlaiy know now that Zidaine is going to be itching to go and kick kujas butt lol. I'm dying to know what is going to happen next. Great job with this chApter. And I hope u know now that u have written such a jaw dropping chapter that ur gunna have to write the next one super fast lol just joking- see ya next chapter :)
Atariel Tsukai chapter 93 . 2/13
I sooo wanted Vivi to tell Eiko that he likes her! Still, the beginning of this chapter was really cute! I'm glad that you did have Eiko admit that she's not in love with Zidane any more because she knows that he loves Dagger. I really hope that either Vivi tells her that he likes her, or that she realizes he does and that she does too! They're both so cute and if Vivi didn't stop at the end of the game, I would totally have them be the second pairing in YNA instead of Blank and Eiko!

I really like that this chapter was a lot about them preparing to leave Dali, even though the Tantalus guys were all still goofing off and making bets on whether or not Zidane could beat Blank in a fight. I laughed a little too hard when Zidane called Blank out about trying to make it seem like the others might have been betting for him as well.

Also, it was really sweet that Steiner told Dagger that he though that her hair would look food short or long, lol. I'm glad that she also stopped herself from thinking too much about the last time they had to leave Dali.

Finally, the end of this chapter WAS so tense! I totally forgot about the scene where Kuja talked about kidnapping the mayor's daughter until I realized that Vivi had been calling out to protect Mae! I was on edge when Zidane stopped from joking with Blank and realized that something was wrong. Eiko panicking made me so sad! I'm glad that Garnet was able to help Vivi, but now so much is going to go down after this! Can't wait to see what you have coming next!
Atariel Tsukai chapter 92 . 2/10
WAAAHHH! I can't believe I'm all caught up! D: What am I supposed to do with my life now!? I know that you said that your life had been taken over by college and my own life is constantly run by work and attempting to have a social life, but we both have to work hard to update our stories!

I really loved a lot in this chapter, as always! Hopefully I can remember everything that I liked and include it in this review!

Dagger pulling the rocks from Vivi's meteor spell (I'm assuming) out of Zidane's arm was such a cute little idea. I liked that she was confused about how Zidane managed to get beat up when there were no enemies around. And the way Zidane is so proud of Vivi gets me every time! Too cute!

Steiner taking Dagger to meet the townspeople of Dali was a really nice idea! The fact that it made her feel confident about someday being queen was great! And the fact that she told him that if he overworks himself and doesn't focus on a family with Beatrix when things have calmed down from the war she would have to fire him made me laugh!

However, the entire deal with the golden-armored soldiers stressed me out! It was so intense, though, so of course it was a good part of the chapter! I'm so glad it was just Baku as the guy from the South Gate (totally blanking on his name right now)! The Tantalus boys getting all excited about their boss being back was so precious!

I'm really sorry if I skipped a lot of the chapter (can't think straight between the headache I have and the fact that I feel like I'm on fire . ), but I really liked the last parts of the chapter, too! I can't wait to see where Zidane and Dagger are off to on their own! I also loved that Dagger and Blank had a small conversation with each other before Zidane came in and teased the heck out of Blank about banging Ruby! XD and I laughed so hard when Blank walked right into it and gave himself away! He should know by now that Zidane never REALLY knows the complete story! It was also funny when Zidane and Dagger could not stop laughing for a good time after Blank had already left!

Last but not least, STEINER KISSED BEATRIX! That was just too sweet. 3
Atariel Tsukai chapter 91 . 2/9
OH MY GOSH! YAAAYYY! Vivi went into Trance! That last part of the chapter was amazing! I love how shy he was at first and how Zidane thought that he wasn't casting any spells, just to almost be blasted by one! I'm so happy that we're finally seeing what Vivi is capable of and why he was chosen as a dreamer!

Blank and Ruby almost getting caught was terrifying! BUT I laughed way too hard when they did get caught by Cinna and Marcus. The one-liner "He was on to them" and when Marcus told Blank to keep it in his pants and pointed out that he knew because Blank never leaves his hair belts anywhere had me laughing so hard that it made me cough (I've maybe caught whatever is going around work - my voice keeps coming and going and I've been coughing like crazy). Poor Blank is never going to hear the end of it, especially when Zidane finds out, one way or the other!

I'm also very glad that they all feel that they can trust Sam because of how much emotional pain he is in. I really hope that he's for real about being related to Elouise!

Once last thing, I know that Zidane and everyone else would be willing to sacrifice everything for Dagger, but the fact that Beatrix, Steiner, and Zidane were talking about her possibly being Kuja's target sent chills down my spine! It would be devastating for everyone if anything happened to her!
Dreamur chapter 92 . 2/9
I just want to say that your writing and your story are amazing i have been reading this for about 2 years now and wait eagerly for your updates and new chapters. Please keep up all the hard work your doing with this story your doing an amazing job.
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