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Guest chapter 119 . 3/22
Awwwww thank you so much for this chapter I love them as a couple so much. I think we needed this light hearted chapter really. I'm really glad they found Vivi and the chocaboos are gunna be a great addition to the team. So I kinda wanna see Steiner and Beatrix on a chocaboo too lol. My favorite part is when Zidane was admitteing the trees power all the while Dagger is like see I told you so... lol. Well any way this is a short review but thanks for the quick update. We all love this story and look forward to the next one coming real soon. Your number 1 fan :)
Atariel Tsukai chapter 119 . 3/19

I loved that Zidane and Dagger were in the entire chapter! I'm glad that they survived the fall. The little bit of romance was precious! I thought it was hilarious how Zidane kept denying that the Iifa Tree was magical, at least until they found Vivi. I also loved how Dagger kept looking at him when he was finally starting to admit that the tree was magical, just for him to try and ignore her until she called him out on it. I also really loved the addition of the Chocobos and how excited both Dagger and Vivi were about seeing and riding them. I would definitely have the same reactions. The way to communicate with Chocobos is really interesting, too! Can't wait to see what else comes of that!
Guest chapter 119 . 3/17
This was a very cute chapter please keep up the great work I can't wait for the next one!
Spiritual-Sister chapter 1 . 2/25
For those who do not already know, we're living in the last days; the times Jesus Christ warned about.

All the issues going on is on a worldwide scale and its one of many proofs that these are the end times.

If you know deep down in your heart this is true & you feel something is not right in the world... I highly encourage you to seek our father in heaven while he may be found and to come out of this world while there is still time. Like 1 John 2:17 indicates in the written word aka the bible:

"The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever."

Many people are too caught up and is focused on the wrong things in life thanks to all the distractions going on when they need to realize destruction & judgment is not too far away. Fleeing to other countries or protesting on the streets is not going to make things better or save you; it's the love of Christ and your faith.

As long as your seeking Jesus Christ, you're gonna be okay. But if you're loving this life or is just so attached to this world... you're going to lose it. That is why I encourage you all to draw close to the father in heaven. You draw close to him and he will draw close to you. Do what you can to repent (turn away or stop doing it) of your sins. We all say & do things and stumble since we're imperfect creatures but if you sincerely go to the father in prayer and ask for forgiveness, he will forgive you; you just gotta mean what you say and repent.

Nobody comes to the father but through the son. You deny the son and you deny the father. But if you accept the son then you have the father. It's by Jesus' blood we're redeemed back to the father in heaven so you want to seek him in all your ways.

The father in heaven knows the hearts & minds of all of us so he knows who you are deep down and what you've been through. He cares about you. When you open up your heart and allow the father & son in your life, they're gonna take you where you need to go but you gotta be willing to seek them for yourself. Nobody can build your relationship with Jesus Christ. It's up to you to read the bible for yourself & seek the truth; reading the word of god feeds the spirit, gives you knowledge and helps clears up the lies & deceptions of the world.

Time is so very, very short since things are just escalating day-to-day. Don't allow the spirit of fear to overcome you. Just draw close to the father in prayer, let go of this dying world, repent and follow Jesus. Following Jesus Christ keeps one out of sin but it also separates you from this world and that's the direction you want to go; toward the son of the most high, our savior and redeemer.

Take care and remember it's the love of Christ and your faith. Don't allow anyone or anything to hinder you. Forgive and let go since we all fall short.
Atariel Tsukai chapter 118 . 2/19
It's been so long that I had to read almost half of the part with Steiner and Eiko before I remembered what was going on! It's crazy that the two of them made it away from where the Eidolon was summoned. Hoping that some of the others show up soon!

I love that Blank told Amarant, but that he also wants Amarant to be the one to tell Ruby! His reasoning makes a lot of sense, especially since he knows Ruby so well and how she would react if he were the one to tell her instead. I also really liked Amarant's reaction to finding out!

Ahhh! Freya leaving Beatrix makes me nervous! I'm sure she has a plan, but Beatrix is so worried about the resistance member who has been left behind. Also, she barely in good enough shape to keep going with help.

I wish there had been more of Zidane and Dagger in this chapter, but I definitely understand the struggle that comes with writing fanfics. Heck, I should get back to writing You're Not Alone! I am super stressed out about the two of them falling in the Iifa Tree, though! It would have been worse if they got separated, though. Also, I do love the information you included on how they have changed in the past several years. Possibly my favorite tidbit was how Zidane no longer rushes to figure out what Garnet is thinking and just gives her time to voice her opinions and such.
Ravenblack00 chapter 118 . 2/13
Hello I love as always

I think it'd be nice to see wat happened with some of the characters before the story

Like Amarant looking for ruby before he started working at the prison

Or like like wat u mentioned about Beatrix and Steiner

Anyway as I've said before I love ur work and I look forward to ur next chapter
Guest chapter 118 . 2/12
Well 1st off YAY! You have updated and I'm glad all is well. I love the idea of all the back stories, I will definitely read them if you write them. Of course I wanna read about Zidane and Dagger but also reading about Blank and his adjustment into the gang would be super fun to read. Also the love triangle with Steiner his brother and Beatrix would be awesome as well. Any way on with the review of the story. I like how you broke everyone up and they all didn't just end up outside the city easily. I loved the Blank and Amarent part he finally learned Ruby is his sister... and his reaction was so sweet, it's nice to see that side of him. Can't wait till ruby finds out. I liked the Freya and Beatrix part where they were discovered and Freya was like give me 5 min to find a way out and Beatrix was like ... really lmao. Beatrix is bad ass so she can handle it. And also Dager and Zidane WTH they were the 1st ones to the Ifia tree and now they fell off into a hole what's gunna happen with them now... those two and there craziness lol.
Well last but not least where is Vivi! I hope that Beatrix and Freya can save him from the soldiers or if
They really do even have them... I just hope he's ok and he isn't captured.
Anyways I'm so happy you have updated and
Keep up the awesome work that your doing don't ever give up on it , I will read it's the end. I totally get that you ran into some road blocks I think that all great writers do so keep it up and thank you for this story ;)

Your number 1 fan
Guest chapter 118 . 2/10
Awesome chapter and I can't wait to read the next one ! For ur next story I really like the Zidane and Dagger but I think the Blank story would be interesting maybe u could do a one shot collection for this story and have that be a part of it?
Ravenblack00 chapter 117 . 2/8
I hope ur doing okay IRL

Me and a lot of other people look forward to ur next work

Good luck and stay well
Guest chapter 117 . 1/13
Hey just checking in I hope everything is going ok in real real life for you... can't wait to read the next update!
Guest chapter 117 . 12/14/2016
Please update soon this story is really good and a quick question but are Zorn and Thorn going to be in this story?
Atariel Tsukai chapter 117 . 11/20/2016
I can't believe it's taken me so long to read this chapter! I never got a notification for the email, then when I finally found it on my email app, I kept falling asleep every night before I had the chance to get more than a few paragraphs in!

I honestly struggled a bit reading this chapter. I cannot remember what happened in the last chapter than led up to them leaving! Maybe that'll change the more parts I read (I type up my reviews by section, so I don't forget any comments in my review)!

I like that Steiner's way to know that Beatrix is pissed is the fact that she called him Adelbert. I also love that Vivi and Zidane are both the two that seem ready to go! I wish that Zidane would talk to Dagger so she's not mad at him, so hopefully that will get resolved.

OH YEAHHH THE TRAINING RUN THAT ZIDANE TALKED EVERYONE INTO, lol. I wish it could have all gone as planned, though I guess it wasn't really planned, haha. And I know that if it had, the story would be kinda boring, lol. Anyways, I love that Garnet used Leviathan to get rid of Zidane's attackers, since Quina's distraction didn't really work. The poor town, though!

NOOO! Beatrix and Blank got swept away! They need to be okay! I can only imagine how upset Garnet and Zidane will be if anything happens to the two of them!

I'm glad Steiner came up with a rendezvous point last minute! Hopefully Eiko got to spread it to as many of the others as she could before the tidal wave!
Guest chapter 117 . 11/20/2016
Nooo never give up on this story I will read it till the end. You are doing such great work thank you for this story... ok well on with the review, I just wanna say that 1st part cracked me up I can totally see Steiner shoot laser beams at the back of Beatrix head after that last chapter. And Beatrix feeling self conscious about it for somereason that was funny to me lol! I knew something bad was gunna happen at the end of that chapter. I really hope no one gets captured even though dagger summoned levethion and washed everyone out. Poor Zidane he just wanted to get out and do something and help train. Maybe now after this scare they will get back on track to get that elite group training together again. Please keep up with the story and not wait so long till the next update, but ur doing great until next time!

Your number 1 fan
Moonlight Aqua chapter 117 . 11/18/2016
Wow, you are still going at it after all this years! I'll have to re-read it from the beginning to catch up! Good job! Keep it up!
Guest chapter 117 . 11/13/2016
This was a good chapter but I was just a little confused during Daggers summon to the ending it felt like everything hit the fan. Please update soon I really love this story
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