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Dreamur chapter 115 . 16h
I really enjoyed these last few chapters and can't wait for the next ones. I've been reading this for years and it is just getting better and better as time goes on keep up the great work I can't wait to see how this ends and the amazing concepts you come up with next
Guest chapter 115 . 7/22
Awwwww that's ok we are all busy with our own lives and unfortunately time gets in the way. But on with the story I just wanna say I'm relived nothing terrible happened while Zidane was on his food gathering mission. Bu t it was adorable how he was all excited. I'm sure with Blank back he will be able to recover very fast now that he had his buddy. I'm looking forward to the next update as always and we won't let u forget lol... We all gotta know what happenes in this crazy war. And I'm ready for them to kick Kuja's ass lol... The flower scene made me cry and Bakus reaction was the worst thank you for this story keep up the great work.

Your number one fan
Atariel Tsukai chapter 115 . 7/17
"Dagger, it's a tree. Unless it comes alive to kill me, I think I'll be fine." That literally had me laughing a little too hard! And pretty much crying at the same time!

Zidane's short-lived excitement for being on a run also made me laugh. Hopefully Dagger isn't too worried, since the Iifa Tree really isn't that far away from Madain Sari.

I feel bad for him having found the wood violets and struggling so much over letting them go in memory of the other Tantalus members!

The bit with Dagger being teased about her love for the red berries was cute! And I love that Eiko called Zidane a freak for not liking them because they're "too sweet". I'd probably do the same thing.

OH MY GOSH - MARCUS AND BAKU WERE ABLE TO BRING BLANK WITH THEM! I love everything about the reunion, how Baku of course teases everyone off the bat, then how he and Marcus step out of Ruby's way so she can practically tackle Blank. And I love how Ruby calls Blank Sugar and he tells her not to. Like Steiner, I am so proud of Zidane letting Ruby have her moment! Oh, and I hope you don't think Mikoto kissing Marcus went unnoticed! I squealed! Then my heart skipped a beat when Blank thought that Zidane was dead. I can only imagine how much he must have gone through just from seeing Dagger crying with no Zidane in sight!

Finally, the last segment had me actually crying tears. I didn't even realize why Zidane wanted them to come down to the water and wouldn't tell them, or even Dagger, why. I was fine until they all realized that Baku had stopped on the way down. That's when the tears started.

That being said, I hope you know you are an amazing writer! I love this story so much and always look forward to reading each new chapter you post. So please stay on top of it, unlike me!
Guest chapter 114 . 6/12
Well 1st off I'm glad that Ruby, Cinna and Zidane got to talk out their problems and have finally cleared the air. It was just to painful to see them hardly speaking. And I was kinda shocked that Dagger agreed to let Zidane out on a supply run. I think he may run in to some problems when the other Resistance memebers knows he is going. And for some reason ( mostly because it's Zidane) he is going to find trouble while he is out there. They are going to get found out or something and it's gunna be another battle. Oh oh oh and the flash back scene with Blank and Zidane was sweet very clever by the way with each group of Tantalous having a flower to make the mouning of a memebers death so that Kujias soldiers don't find out.
Well all stories have to come to a end and to be honest this one ending might be actually sadder for me than the actual game. The story u have written is awesome and I can't wait for your next chapters. this story has honestly helped me get through some rough times and helps to take the pressures off my personal life that sometimes diving into a AU of FF9 can only provide. I'm so happy u haven't given up on this story and I will read it till the end... And probley ur next story too lol
-from ur number 1 fan
Atariel Tsukai chapter 114 . 6/9
Sorry it took so long for me to read and review this! I've been on vacation back home and am about to be on staycation here, so I wanted to make sure to read it today before it would be another week before I had the chance!

Zidane's apology to Cinnamon and Ruby was a really sweet moment. I'm glad the three of them patched the little argument up again. And I like that we found out a little more about how Blank reacted when Zidane was lost and how that led to him distancing himself from Tantalus.

As always, I loved the flashback with little Zidane and Blank! It was such a serious moment, but they lightened it up a bit, especially with Blank knocking Zidane to the ground at the end!

Poor Vivi got volunteered by Zidane to show off his magic! I feel bad for him, but can't wait to see what he can do now! I also am wondering what Zidane was going to say about his race with Eiko, just for her to cut him off.

The final part between Zidane and Dagger was really cute! He WOULD wear himself out by getting too excited about having her permission to go on runa out of Madain Sari. I really hope that nothing bad comes of this!

I'm really sad that this story is coming to an end, but I can't wait to hear more about your new FFIX story and be able to read it!
ravenblack00 chapter 114 . 6/4
i don't review very often, and this is the first time i've used a name but i've been reading since the very begining and can say honestly that this fic has lifted my spirits through some tough times in my life

i've enjoyed every bit of it and look forward to future work

thank you for not quiting
Guest chapter 113 . 5/24
Awwww Cid wanted Dagger to know about her parents all that time, that's the reason I Love Cid. But it's probably better she didn't know and about her heritage, especially in her younger days when anger could have exposed them all in that village. I liked how vivi wanted to go find answers for Zidane but Dagger talked him out of it. But she doesn't use her authority to stop him. Vivi likes to listen to reason and he is so awesome.
I loved the fight between Ruby and Dagger both ladies kick ass. Both are a force to be reckoned with... I wish Dagger could have won I think that she could have beaten Ruby but decided not too and let her win.
Omg I was gunna be soooo mad at Zidane I thought he was gunna listen to reason and behave himself... Then he ran away... But then I cracked up when Zidane was like Uhhh... Hi guys... I bet the look on all the Elites faces was Pricless lol... I could imagine Stiener and Beatrix as fit to be tied... Then he is standing right there that was great nice work.
Well that's ok if u didn't update life comes 1st... But preferably if u could update a little faster this time. Lol. Thank you so much for this wonderful story your doin great. I look forward to the next chapter:)
From ur number 1 fan ;)
Atariel Tsukai chapter 113 . 5/20
I don't know why you say that nothing happened in this chapter - SO MUCH HAPPENED!

I love that not only did Dagger go to Cid to tell him that she knew about her parents, but that he revealed that he had wanted her to know all along. I can only imagine how different it could have been if that had been the case.

I also love that Dagger and Vivi had a small moment together. And that Dagger did not want to use her authority to keep Vivi from going, but instead made him realize how important it was for him to stay safe with the others.

So much intensity in the fight scenes! Especially between Dagger and Ruby! They were definitely a good match and it was interesting to see how they reacted to fighting each other! I wish Dagger had won, but still think that it's cool that Ruby ended up winning!

Finally, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD DO THAT! I was seriously wanting to kill Zidane myself until he showed up with Mikoto, being all adorable and apologetic. I was definitely stressing over the fact that he had "gone off" again!
Guest chapter 112 . 5/3
Omg I am sooooo sorry it has taken me so long to review life has been crazy lol. I wasn't surprised that Dagger had that thought that maybe her mother maybe alive but I'm glad that she had enough sense not to cry or get upset and Beatrix or Stiener for shooting that idea down. It's good all three of them had a special moment.
So I am relived that the cat is out of the bag about what happened to Blank I couldn't take it any more. It was so sad:( Good for Stiener for finally telling him to suck it up lol. I beat he has been waiting to chew him out for some time now.
I'm also happy about the Zidane and Mikito moment ( sorry I'm a horrible speller) it was sweet how u ended that chapter it was a emotional one and I thought u ended it great. I can't wait for the gang to get back into action... And see Zidane as a major power house again. I wanna see some crazy again. I have a feeling something big is about to happen... So I can't wait... Thank u for continuing this story it remains a great story and I will read it to the end. Your doing great :)
Your number 1 fan
Atariel Tsukai chapter 112 . 4/16
Awww, Dagger's reaction to the telling of her parents' story was so sweet! I was afraid that she might actually cling to the idea of her mother still possibly being alive, but am glad that Beatrix quickly put an end to that thinking. I really like how the three of them shared this moment!

Oh my goodness - so many feels about Zidane finding out what happened with all of the members of Tantalus! I feel bad for Cinna and Ruby. Sure, they should have told him over him having to hunt them down for answers, but he could have handled it better. Then again, it's Zidane. Also, I really like the way Steiner, of all people, was the one to stop him from going back to the Mist Continent and put him in his place. He made so many good points and I'm glad that it made Zidane see things in a better light. Poor Dagger must have been having a panic attack over the idea of him leaving again!

I was not expecting the heart-to-heart between Zidane and Mikita at all! It was amazing and I loved it so much! I thought it was really sweet how she asked him what it felt like to be in love, since he and Dagger are so clearly in love and she wanted to be able to compare it to the way she felt for Marcus!
Guest chapter 112 . 4/12
Good job again

I think zidanes reaction when he found out was well done

And the scene with zidane and mikoto was very cute

I cant wait for the next chapter
Atariel Tsukai chapter 111 . 4/6
Awww, I love the way Dagger's parents meet! For a moment, I completely forgot that her mother's name was Victoria and thought that Angelique was her, then was super surprised by how rude she ended up being! And then I laughed a little when Conry actually met Victoria and she was a bit annoyed with him for stepping on the girl's doll. It's something that I could definitely see Dagger doing as well! That entire meeting with the little girl was too cute!

I absolutely love Young Cid. He is just too funny. I love that he is excited to meet Victoria and I also like that he gives Conry the advice of telling their parents so they don't keep trying to set him up at the royal balls. I kind of assumed that Victoria would have known who Conry was since the night they met, but think that it was nice of her to not bring it up, since he did not bring it up.

Young Beatrix was precious! I know it's a pretty strange way to describe her, but I'm really glad you included the scene of her helping Victoria getting ready for the wedding turning into Victoria giving her a confidence boost. It reminded me of the way Beatrix acts around Dagger!

Dangit! T.T I had a feeling from the moment Conry and Victoria were playfully arguing about the baby's name that something was going to happen to him to make her want to name the baby Garnet instead of Lilith. Then, when he had to leave because of the first attack, I knew that he was going to be killed! Not fair!

I love the little scene of Beatrix playing Peek-a-boo with Garnet! Too cute! And I can just imagine Steiner being surprised to see her giving that kind of affection towards anyone, even a baby! And yay for promotions and learning about Victoria's past/Garnet's future!

That last part really got me, too! I think it was written really well! I like how Victoria was not expecting to be able to do anything to protect her people, other than to stay behind while Beatrix and Steiner took Garnet far away, in hopes that she might one day be able to make a difference. I also like that Alexander reached out to her, even though she had turned away from Madan Sari and the Eidolons.

Can't wait to read more! I have a feeling that a lot is going to go down real soon!
Guest chapter 111 . 4/3
So I just wanna say I cried at that chapter, when Conry died. Omg their love was so sweet. I like how u made Conry shy and Victoria bold. U can see Garnet in both of them. It made me chuckle when Victoria thought she was gunna name the baby Lilth... But then I sobbed like a baby when she called her Garnet after she was told about his death. I also like how u told the backstory on Stiener and Beatrix rise in the ranks. It just shows how beautifully they have really become family to Garnet and have watched her grow. Very great job as all ways... That was not long at all by the way. You are a wonderful writer and I'm so happy that u gave us a quick update. Please we need another because I gotta find out what Garnet thinks about all this and what has happened to Tantalus? When is Zidane gunna learn about Blank? So many question lol. Thank you so much for writing this story, keep up the great work and happy writing :)... From your number 1 fan
Anon chapter 111 . 3/31
You did a beautiful job, with everything. Man, I'm not a crier, but I was sobbing at the end, ahah, rather embarrassing actually.

I've been with this story since the beginning, and just wanted to tell you that though I've never reviewed before, that your story is my favorite fanfic I've ever read. It's the only one I actually have bookmarked on my computer and that I check back on every few weeks. So thank you, truly, for continuing with it and continuing to update. Your writing (while always amazing) has grown so much, and you dictate emotions and dialogue and character development and the sheer intricacy of this creative plot with beauty and grace.

I wait with baited breath for the next update, and the one after that, and to see where you take this story, as I've been wondering what you had in store for the climax/ending for the longest time now (I'm really excited just for updates in general, ahah, this story is incredible).

So thanks once again for continuing with it, even after all these years. You've been building up Dagger's backstory (with how reluctant Steiner and Beatrix were to tell the story since the beginning) and you not only didn't disappoint, but it highly surpassed any and all expectations. Beautifully told and narrated, and even knowing that it would be a sad story and ending, I found myself crying two times x) Specifically when Conry was revealed to be dead, and the ending. Gorgeous story-telling all around.

Can't wait to hear about how Zidane is broken the news about Blank and the rest of Tantalus's whereabouts, and like I said before, for the next update in general. Though I can't promise that I'll review again, know that I tune in for every chapter you post and love it dearly. Never stop writing, you have a gift.
Atariel Tsukai chapter 110 . 3/26
I really wish that they would tell Zidane about Blank and the others already! I know he'll be upset and want to do something to make things better, but it's better than him having the brief thought that they might be dead!

I seriously love this entire chapter, though! Dagger and Zidane's little outing is so perfect! And it's even greater that it did not include just the two of them. Amarant being roped into helping getting them the rest of the way to the boats was hilarious. He's definitely got a soft side for Zidane, though he'll never admit it! It made me so happy when Zidane told Dagger that she should sing, which ended up drawing Eiko's attention to them as well. And then Zidane was so supportive in Dagger finding out more about her mom from Mog and then he was nosy when it came to the amount of time Eiko and Vivi spent together. I mean, I guess he's got a lot of gossip to catch up on! hahaha

Yay! Dagger is finally beginning to get some answers to her questions about her mother! Mog gave her quite a bit of useful information! I like the idea of her being a painter and Dagger remembering paintings of the coves in Madain Sari!

I can't wait to learn more! Please update soon, especially since you said you have the next four chapters ready! (Not that I should talk, since I haven't updated any of my stories in who knows how long...)
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