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ar chapter 10 . 5/21
Please don't tell me he's going to end up inventing the atomic bomb.
That would be terrible for this boy's already fragile guilt complex.
Anyway, can't wait to see how this plays out.
Caffae chapter 11 . 5/2
Please update. I love this story.
ZisAnInsomniac chapter 10 . 4/9
this really got me wonderingi know you have a gift with writing, but as to how you'll make the parental/mentor relationship of Roy and Ed to a romantic one is a surprise i am willing to wait for. thank you so much (again) for sharing this to the world!
ZisAnInsomniac chapter 5 . 4/9
sorry for not reviewing on the last few chapters, but i just can't stop reading! the amount of research that you have done here, and writing it so well is absolutely amazing. again, i cannot stop on saying that this is a gem! i'm lucky to have stumbled here!
ZisAnInsomniac chapter 2 . 4/9
i cannot drop this. definitely one of the best out here that can truly weave a story that is so good that it diverged from the canon. i love how you've started and just blew our minds. thank you for sharing this!
ZisAnInsomniac chapter 1 . 4/9
totally in love with this work.
Nazlican0462 chapter 11 . 3/31
J'adore tous simplement et attend avec impatience le prochain chapitre :)
yummypie193 chapter 11 . 3/12
Holy shit, this story is good. I think we may have different definitions of "soon" though... It's been three years. (That was a not-so-subtle prod to update another chapter.) Thanks so much for writing! :)
grungekitty chapter 10 . 3/2
Well I would've very much appreciated some mention of RoyEd in the description. (Or at the very least, sooner!)
Sadly, I am too invested in the plot to run away like I want to. At least not yet. I may hit my tolerance level and have to abandon ship. (No pun intended) Though there is a chance you could have a sensible plan to circumnavigate the many issues (and personal squicks) in this ship, I hold little hope that I can continue to comfortable read this.

It was a great premise and fantastic writing getting here though.
grungekitty chapter 8 . 3/2
I was wondering why he wasn't going after Mustang's uniquely dark eyes. Though I'm assuming he had intentions of gathering more variations.
Hawkeye and Mustang may both technically have "brown eyes" but Riza's warm cinnamon brown looks nothing like Roy's near perfect obsidian. If someone were "collecting" for ascetic purposes, they'd probably consider both sets as separate treasures.
httpkirby chapter 7 . 1/10
DarkAgea chapter 11 . 12/28/2016
Damn, I've always keep forgetting to review this, no matter how many times I keep reading the whole story. It was one of the worst things I experienced to know that this was the last chapter; I honestly was ready to spend any amount of free time I get reading this amazing, epic fanfiction. I mean it; it's really difficult to find such a well-written, thought-out and heavily researched fic like this. My respect for the two of you keeps increasing with every chapter I read until I think it's going to shoot through the roof.

To be more specific: I love the premise for the whole thing. It's one thing - Trisha comes back to life - but wow, it has one of the greatest ripple effects I've ever seen. The first meeting between Roy and Ed, and the rest of it, went so well that it's difficult not to classify the whole thing as canon. The way everything slowly built up - the eye stealer mystery, the Persian and Xerxes stuff, hell everything! - is done so well and there's hardly a dull moment in the whole story.

If there's one thing I appreciate in fanfiction, it is research. Whenever there are clear signs of a fanfiction having done its research, I feel my respect for it rising beyond measure. And with the amount of research you two have done, I am completely overwhelmed. The notes help explains stuff well to me; half the things Ed and Roy go on about are confusing to me, and the notes help me understand at least a bit better. I'm not lying when I say this fic is as good, or perhaps better, than many published stories that exist.

Sometimes, I find the descriptions as over-the-top, especially of everything Roy and Ed are eating, but it's impossible not to feel as if you're right there with this kind of writing. If this were any other story, it would have a great chance of turning bland, but this is Catalysis and it all fits together well. Mmm, I can just taste everything they're eating...

I love how canon!Ed and your own interpretation melds together well. There are so many moments where Ed acts so much like his canon self (example in this chapter at which I giggled: Small wonder the Bastard was such a bastard, for such things were best learned from masters.) and yet he is quite distinct.

It's hard not to fall in love with the story, as well as the many amazing moments - Ed proposing to Roy because he wants the library, the constant pervert thing with Roy, and so much else I could rant on about it.

One amazing thing I copy-pasted onto my Notepad file for quotes was the scene where Edward is completely tearing down the transmutation circle that won't work. Every dialogue he gives at that point only makes me crack up harder:

[~ standing for italics]
-"You don't even ~know~ where to look? Dear ~god~, how pathetic ~are~ you?"
-"It should be far beyond an amateur's scope of ~error~. Even an ~amateur~ shouldn't make a mistake as glaring as this."
-"For those of you who haven't, I wish to know which rock you've squished your brains under for the past century and why. For those of you who ~have~, I will assume that ~all of you ~have been in some sort of freak accident and similarly acquired severe amnesia."
- ... And far more but I'll stop here before I flood the page with quotes. Also worthy of mention is Edward's line about Roy's soul - "He might believe in it, but his possession of one is debatable." Ouch, Ed.

The dialogue flows so naturally that I feel jealous of how it all ties together. There's such difference between the characters’ dialogues. And all the amusing barbs and burns are highly appreciated, especially all of Ed's. And the Gate's. I love the Gate and its comparison to a cat; it honestly makes the Gate more of a character. I loved the part the Gate's reveal came up; Roy going completely shocked and Edward thinking himself unworthy of affection - I was so close to 'aww'ing at that scene.

Honestly, sometimes I'm surprised at how much of a manipulator Roy is. It made sense when you said you based him on the image of a perfect courtier, but it's still shocking. Like in the chapter from Roy's POV, I couldn't believe how Roy had planned everything up. It's a bit creepy, and makes me feel Roy has the greatest mind ever in Amestris for all his thoughts and scheming. Are you going to apply canon events by any chance (like Maes' death, the chimera arc with Tucker, Father)? Or will the story be more focused on the mystery of Xerxes?

BTW, just a very small thing I noticed now. Alchemy is misspelled once as 'alchemiy', and 'warmth earth' came up once (was that by chance meant to be 'warm earth'?). I know it's tough to spot minor mistakes in such a large work, but just thought I'd mention that.

Everything going on with Trisha is heart-breaking but believable. For some reason, I'm wishing more angst on Edward by more interaction with Trisha. Just to mention randomly: The moment where Edward broke down and Roy's shocked is just sweet. Like the library scene, this just made me want to go 'aww'.

I think I've covered everything by now (and wrote far more than necessary), but it's more than likely I've missed mentioning something I loved in this (yeah, that scene where Edward talks about the miracles of pregnancy and Gracia is like 'that's exactly what Roy said.'). So, overall, I simply fell in love with this. Like really really hard. I don't think any FMA fanfic could hold a candle to Catalysis' brilliance. It's just amazing.

I'm waiting to see how you two are going to make the parental relation between Roy and Ed to evolve into something romantic (I have to admit I like Parental more, but things are portrayed so well in this that I believe the romance will not be OOC) and how this is all going to turn out. The wait is killing me - I logically know it has not been abandoned (I hope it's not abandoned) but could there be faster updates? I'm willing to sacrifice the length of each chapter for more frequent updates, if only because when I keep stumbling upon this story, I pray to see a new update and when it's not there I just feel down.

CherepMikhailov chapter 11 . 12/12/2016
I will bad get and bother you for New chapters. I saw your last update date. Please don't drop this fic! Life is harsh, but I believe in you
aurorareality chapter 11 . 11/26/2016
If this is discontinued, I will cry.
It's too good. I will not be able to read another fullmetal alchemist fanfiction without thinking about this one. I mean, it's hard to find such a well written and thought provoking fanfiction on this site. I mean, the character development! Not to mention the questions I have- what's the price for Ed having the gate in his head? Will Ed's secret be discovered and who will it be discovered by?
I love the originality, and please never stop writing!
NatheRiver chapter 11 . 10/8/2016
lovely work , I would like to read a new chapter ! , hope you can get your inspiration back :)
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