Reviews for Catalysis
Guest chapter 11 . 7/25
Please do update this fan fiction! I enjoyed reading it immensely.
HeroSeekerFrost chapter 11 . 7/8
Yay! Great story. "Lady Mira likes to deny it but I thinks he really likes Roy," is the "thinks he" in this quote near the end of the second to last section supposed to be 'think she'? Oh! And I loved the story, considering the time it seems you put between updates, I was wondering when I can expect a new chapter? No rush or anything, I just like to be informed. I got a bit carried away reading this and finished it in a day and I can see myself rereading it when you update. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck in writing and life :D.
Shadow Keeper 35 chapter 11 . 6/2
I really like this story. I blasted through all eleven chapters in about two days (because I have no life), and I found the premis to be both intriguing and well executed, a combination that occurs all too rarely, in my opinion. You clearly have put a lot of time and effort into this, and I really appreciate the world building going on here. The character interactions are superb as well. I hope you continue this at some point, as I would really like to see where you go from here.

Also, is it weird that my favorite character is Ed's Gate Fragment? The mental images there are just too good! XD
inuyashamunkey chapter 11 . 5/26
great chapter cant wait til next!
OtaOutau chapter 11 . 5/24
Aaagh it's so good! Definitely one of the best fma stories I've read. I really hope you continue it and update soon
lany-chan chapter 11 . 5/22
The writing style, the plot, the emotion, the characters,... EVERYTHING is freaking perfect! And I'm really curious about how Hohenheim will react when he know about everything. Anyway keep doing your best!
AgnetCoCo chapter 11 . 4/24
Please don't giv up on this story!
Gwntan12 chapter 11 . 4/22
So... Are you going to update again? It's been almost two years, as I've seen after checking the last updated date. Please update this again soon. It's a very intriguing story, and hardly any stories that I've ever read has gone into this particular direction. I really want to know what happens next. So once again, please update soon, before I throw a fit at how unfair the world is since all good stories haven't been updated for an extremely long time.
alqui chapter 11 . 3/24
This was a beautifully written fic, and certainly the longest I have ever read. I really dislike Russell for some reason, maybe because he's stealing Ed's spotlight. RoyEd is one of my most hated ships, but if written well as in this fic it is a small sacrifice to enjoy the other, more enjoyable elements.
dragonlover721 chapter 11 . 12/25/2015
Wow, this story is so well put and well written. Great work so far.
The Puppeteer Master chapter 11 . 12/17/2015
Best fanfiction of fullmetal alchemist.
Morlana chapter 11 . 11/8/2015
Found this story and read through until now. Enjoyed it very much. Can't find too many that has this amount of work put into it. I now you last updated on here in 2014, but I hope you'll continue to do so.
CurlyOz chapter 11 . 11/4/2015
I'm honest to god a lotta bit obsessed with this story, like holy crap it is freaking amazing. I absolutely love how Ed and Al are developing under these very different circumstances and it is so much fun to read a different and yet faithful story of fullmetal alchemist. And the relationships between the characters are absofreakinkutely beautiful. Even Trisha's, because it's so different and well done and amazing. Like, I hate her just a lil bit, but you've done an amazing job making me hate her LOL so I will be super depressed if this series never continues and probably cry a lot bc I'm sure you had even more amazing things planned, but I'll take what I can get and these chapters were amazing!
angiewan601 chapter 8 . 10/3/2015
Oh fuck alphonse what did you write?
angiewan601 chapter 7 . 10/2/2015
Edward's gift to Mustang was on POINT
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