Reviews for 22 Childhood
PrincessVamp chapter 1 . 8/10/2010
Holy God. I have read up through number 21 of your Gen13 stories and am simply floored.

I had never heard of Gen13 until I read your profile and saw that you suggested them to people who loved Firefly. I still wasn't really interested (There's SO MUCH to read I don't have TIME to add another fic obsession) and then I read your Burn Notice/Gen13 fic, since I adore Michael Westen. And I was intrigued. I skimmed your number 1 Gen 13 fic and though it looked interesting, and then opened up Anna the Caterpillar, and was completely blown away. The characters and so complex, and plot is fabulous (I've never read the comics so I don't know how well you follow them but MAN, you must have outline after outline to keep this all straight! You take people I've never heard of and make me care about them or hate them or love them, and you do it within a few paragraphs. It's just amazing. Your characters grow through their experiences and the reader shares in their emotions when they're happy or when their life is threatened-it's crazy. And what else is crazy is how damn fast I'm reading them-I think it's been just a few days and I've got just number 22 left! And I don't want to start it because then where will I be? Obviously you update very quickly but I'm not a patient person. But I will be for your stories. ;)

Whew, what a long review. I don't have any constructive criticism. My only advice to you would be, if you aren't already, try to publish this as a novel. Or write your own story, or anything, because you do fabulous work. You've made a girl who never even heard of Gen 13 a few days ago fall in love with them. Thanks. :)
Whyt Wulf chapter 5 . 7/22/2009
Another member of a non-existent organization? Sweet. An inside man? Even better. Anna as a mob-style enforcer? Hot.