Reviews for Harry Potter and the Sorting Hat's Gift
TheFloristFriar chapter 5 . 9/22
Rat bastards. Oh my god those rat bastards
Corneliusduke chapter 18 . 8/31
The "Underworld" movies, because they become Lycans (animagus form), & not governed by the full moon. Plus they don't look the same and are not the same as what is normally classed as a werewolf, not matter how JKR has written it. William in "Underworld/series" was a full werewolf (but not able to change back full moon or not), but Lucius (not Malfoy), became the first Lycan, and changed how werewolves/Lycans are thought of. (Lucius from Underworld 1 & 3).
Ariadne Venegas chapter 16 . 8/28
She saw lenses before! In Mirtle
Poprocketman20 chapter 1 . 8/24
Well man i love itall ready! Great job!
Iceleaf13 chapter 3 . 6/23
How do I read about the wand? Pottermore doesn't have mistletoe.
vampdreams chapter 22 . 5/15
Great work
Well balanced
Loved it
tylermech66 chapter 22 . 2/25
not the bloody comet! Damn random stability loss In the empire I've been building for 300 years, I've run out of adm points, stability is trembling at 0, rebellion is barely suppressed as I wait for a ruler with something better than 1 administrative skill, and what happens?
tylermech66 chapter 10 . 2/25
crap, you went for the soft magic system!
tylermech66 chapter 9 . 2/25
that is, until the fire nation attacked...
tylermech66 chapter 6 . 2/25
hrm, i'm going to guess that the souls fragment either split into both harry and mark, or just harry, even though mark was the one with the scar. and that the sorting hat tore the knowledge from the shard and stuffed in in Harry's brain.
tylermech66 chapter 3 . 2/25
hrm, 9 and 3 quarts...meaning magical world? welsh green dragon is the symbol of wales, so perhaps a symbol for the magical world?

now, what the heck does the mistletoe mean... love? the beloved symbol of the magical world? or maybe figurehead works better, icon?
painful-lullabies chapter 1 . 2/24
This is already beautiful, and I'm only on the first chapter!
Demigodpotter1231 chapter 1 . 2/23
Love your story! Honestly, it's one of the best hp fics I have read in a can post this story on other websites, such as wattpad, too.
Madkatt chapter 11 . 2/20
I still love this series. I think I review it every 6 months or so in hopes that it might inspire you to write more and to let you know people still read(or in my case - reread)it. I think its very sad that you seem to have lost interest in this series. Its so different from other fics of this type. The plot is wonderful and prophecies are amazing and I so desperately want to know what happens next. I will continue to hope that you will one day (hopefully soon) find your inspiration and continue to write this magnificent series. :)
noxenrom chapter 5 . 2/11
Cant read this shit. Your comments have got more plot tan te Story
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