Reviews for Out of Time, Out of Place
Regin chapter 2 . 2/18/2010
I Like, I Lust, I Love!Please Update Soon!
SeanKR chapter 2 . 7/18/2009
Excellent chapter, Glad to see Bruce, or Brane Taylor as it is now I guess get his fortune back. One mistake most people make about Batman, is they forget he is not only the worlds Greatest detective, but One of the Shrewdest businessmen in the world, no matter the time. And the fact it only took him a month to get a feel for New Gotham was dead on. I think this new Royal Flush gang is in for a Surprise when the Dark Night shows up. And it looks like he has an new possible Ally in a certain Gotham SPD Lieutenant. Woe to any unwary wrongdoer of the 31st century who underestimates The Batman! Although you may want to have him give his costume and gear a 31st century updating. Looking forward to your Future Updates.
SeanKR chapter 1 . 7/8/2009
Fantastic story You Have got Batman Down Pat. Love the Storyline as well 115 Year old Batman put into a younger Body and sent into the Future to either work with or Help the Legion. Fantastic. Their are only a Handfull of beings in The DCU that have the Power or scientific knowhow to pull this off. I am sitting on pins and needles to find out who it or they are that is responsible for this. Looking forward to your future updates.

Seam Reed
neosildrake chapter 1 . 6/23/2009
Don't let negative critic pull you down. This is actually a really good start to the story and the characters are portrayed rather realistic.

I'm really curious who would pull a young-again Batman into the 31th century. And I'm also curious how the rest of the new JL will react, especially those who haven't met him ever before (and Angle-Man). I mean, if you go with the cartoon-version, he was/is one of the original founders of the JL. (You know the whole no superpowers and still kick ass stuff is what I like best about Batman.)

I'm no expert about Justice League or the various Batman-universes, however, I always like to read an interesting Batman-story, and this one has my interest.

I like Batmans/Bruce Waynes character as shown in the B:TAS, Justice League and Batman Beyond and from your desciption you go with that version.

I hope you update soon. And you don't need to write chapters that long. Split them up and update more often might be the better choice. chapter 1 . 6/19/2009
Ho-ly shi... err... cow!

very good start! 1 little, tiny, thing,


you should have divided this in 3 parts...


keep it up!



anonymous chapter 1 . 6/19/2009
This is idiotic. You live down to your name.