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The Bad Hat Hooligan chapter 45 . 2h
Man. It's been a while, but it's good to have you back, and things continue to be crazy.

I'm assuming this will end with all the guardians and Enil dead (no way they're still alive in canon after all), but we'll get a good show before then. It's a testament to the writing that despite knowing the heroes survive, I don't know how they survive. Cause it feels like they have no chance of winning.

It's gonna be close.
Guest chapter 45 . 8/28
Yay! An update! Here's hoping Yuuno pulls through and gets to be just as amazing as everybody else!
Karrin Blue chapter 44 . 8/24
I cannot /believe/ I didn't notice the Prisma Illya shoutout the first time I read this. A gravity effect named Authoritarian Personalism... Should I expect Apneic Beauty to show up later?
Gullwhacker chapter 45 . 8/19
Everything's building to a head with this chapter - the anticipation is definitely high with this. Great overall, though for me the highlight was Susanoo and Tsukiyomi versus Loki. Particularly, how they complement each other in great ways - Tsukiyomi overthinking, Susanoo underthinking, and that's a bad day for the illusionist.

And then the moment where Loki says what she really thought of the trio, and they stop holding back anything at all.

Vita's grand entrance was fun, Odin is frankly terrifying, and the Fate-Nanoha-Hayate ultimate combination was fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing how this all concludes!
Breezyfeather chapter 45 . 8/17
Oooooh, can't wait for the next! Please update soon! :D :D :D
Sailor Pandabear chapter 45 . 8/13
good chapter. Lots of action.
DezoPenguin chapter 45 . 8/13
Before getting to the actual meat of the review, I will address the elephant in the room, which is that your real-life update schedule is doing ugly things to the perceived pacing of this story. Basically, this chapter functions as an extension of the previous one: it's a continuation of the fights that began then (once the previously allotted matchups had been scattered about) and ends with the discovery of a large paradigm shift in the conflict. Unfortunately, it came out seven months after what could be described as the "first half" of the chapter. So, somebody who picks up Infinity for the first time today will not notice any pacing problems or issues, but somebody who's been reading the story on a chapter-by-chapter basis will probably note that the fight with Enlil and the older combat units has been going on for something rapidly approaching two years now.

In other words: this chapter really felt like it was largely filler until I got to the end and stopped to think about things in preparation for writing a review and realized that no, the pacing of the chapter itself isn't off, it's just all my own real-time perceptions messing with things.

So, enough about that.

As noted, this chapter continues where we left off from Chapter 44, and from a story flow standpoint it's really more "Part 2" of that chapter as it just extends those fight scenes and brings several of them to paradigm-changing conclusions (by which I mean that coming into next chapter, what's going on in these various encounters will be different). And of course, there's the big finish which slaps a new challenge on the whole thing.

Perhaps logically, Susa and Tsuku make the most progress in their fight; each of them individually is more powerful than any of the canon characters and there's two of them together. Moreover, they're up against the enemy unit which seems to have the least direct fighting power. So it looks like Loki's going to get smoked next chapter. Odin altering the environment against Ammy, Signum, and Arf is an interesting move: he seems to be operating under the idea that he has time to burn. Maybe he does. Vita's lovely here, though I don't think she and Chrono stand much of a chance against Thor unless Chrono can come up with some kind of clever idea whereby Vita's smashing power can be properly directed. (One notes, incidentally, that Chrono's mage rank at the time of A's is the same as Vita's at the time of StrikerS, being AAA-plus. That's before he gets Durandal. The kid's really not as squishy as he's sometimes made out to be.)

The writing itself remains entertaining, with Chrono, Yuuno, Rein, and the aforementioned Vita being the best sources of humor to break up the blasting and smashing, and the actual engagements remain evocative in terms of language. With each battle having shifted into a new paradigm, as it were, I rather expect several of the engagements to end next time out before things come down to Enlil, Yggdrasil, and the bomb. Will the enemies be defeated and the bomb conveniently clean up Al-Sethis? Or will things take a more complicated twist? Hopefully, it won't take another seven months to learn the answers!
Dramon Creator chapter 45 . 8/13
This story is Brilliant. Every victory, no matter how small, our heroes achieve feel like pure win. The hilarious thoughts, and deep feelings every character experiences, is breathtaking. Anytime there's a fight scene, I'm put on the edge of my seat, both by the mind blowing tactics and by the scope of the sheer destruction each battle employs. And most of all, I love the beautiful chemistry between the characters, the aspect of Infinity that hooked me in for the entire ride. Thank you Moczo, for taking me on this amazing journey, I can't wait to see how it ends!
kinigget chapter 45 . 8/12
Words cannot express how happy I am to see this update
0aka chapter 45 . 8/12
Thanks for updating!
It's been a while and I thought maybe you abandoned it but it's a relief that it's back, I cant wait for more
Resisting the Borg chapter 45 . 8/12
Well, time for another month or seven of agonizing waiting. I keep getting worried that you're going to just forget about this fic.
polarpwnage chapter 32 . 5/31
Why are these stories always filled with villains at the worst timing, couldn't you have made the rebirth of Al Sethis a success and the empire coming back rather than just another typical villain with the result being everything going back to the status quo and the baddies locked up/ or dead following the same overused formula over and over? Meh just another typical fic despite my hopes for it
kinigget chapter 39 . 3/25 just never ends does it? There's always a bigger fish
kinigget chapter 37 . 3/25
You keep complaining about having to top yourself, and then you *keep doing it*
kinigget chapter 33 . 3/25
And this is where it gets *fun*
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