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Steveaaml chapter 2 . 3/3
Your description of gods and picnics at the start was very Douglas Adams-y. I mean that in a fantastic way. Your narration is funny and clever, and the dialogue is great. I'm looking forward to reading more of this.
VoiceInTheDarkness chapter 6 . 2/9
I know I said the last one would be my last but... I can't help wanting to theorize.
At the beginning the computer said that the recommended course of action for Alicia's body was disposal. Was that not carried out, perhaps because Enlil hadn't OK'ed it? Or was it carried out and Enlil is just tricking Precia? While this somehow seems fitting for Precia-once again she has that sympathetic villain reason, but is doing unsympathetic things, only for it to be revealed that nothing she did would accomplish her goal- I'm not entirely sure she'd fall for that. Wouldn't she have immediately demanded proof of Alicia's safety? Considering that I'm still 37ish-too lazy for math-chapters behind I'm exactly expecting an answer really, just wanted to throw my thoughts out there. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up soon enough and will no longer be theorizing about chapters that have already been written.
VoiceInTheDarkness chapter 5 . 2/9
This will likely be my last review unless I feel something entirely out of character happens, for the very obvious reason of; I'm terrible at reviews. And I'm sure you've noticed that. I'm just going to skip my 'everything is good' report because that's a given at this point.
I thought it was Precia and Alicia at the beginning, but when it came to "the dead woman" I wasn't so sure. The computer had wanted to dispose of Alicia since she was dead after all, so if this woman was dead then maybe she was one of the specimens found in the beginning, and the one that had been disposed of had been... more dead? I wasn't entirely sure but I guessed it would have to do with the plot so I didn't bother bringing it up in any of my previous reviews. However it appears I was right and that it was Precia and Alicia, which just made the plot that much more interesting.
VoiceInTheDarkness chapter 4 . 2/7
The pacing is proving to be a thing of wonder in this story, as it is both fast and deep. All characters are in character, tone remains constant and as I've said before your grammar and spelling well surpasses my own. The story continues to captivate me, and the comedic touches sprinkled through out are perfect for my tastes, and are subtle enough that they contrast with the action.
I was also impressed that you made Fate and Nanoha loose a battle that they needed to loose for there to be a story-I seem to have an incredibly hard time doing that, so when I see it happen it never fails to astonish me.
I will admit that when I read Asura I thought it was a completely different ship from the Arthra, and while I was unfamiliar with it I assumed that it was Chrono's own ship and that I simply didn't know cannon well enough-which wouldn't at all be a stretch considering I sometimes felt like I was out of the loop while I was watching the anime. That being said I haven't felt that way at all in this story so far.
I'd love to continue reading but my eyes are telling me that if I keep trying to read paragraphs on a computer screen they'll just stop working until I start behaving. Once I get that under control though, I will read like there's no tomorrow. I'm jjust going to expect to be shocked with the quality of each chapter, as it not only avoids falling, it also increases amazingly from one chapter to the next. I hope to be in this story for the long run-and long runs are very much appreciated. You are working with a 10 year gap, you could just fill up the whole 10 years if you wanted. I'd be fine with that.
VoiceInTheDarkness chapter 3 . 2/7
I honestly did not expect the story to continue to get better, seriously how the heck are you doing that? The action was phenomenal! It was described well enough that even I-know-absolutely-nothing-about-combat-and-can-rarely-understand-it me can keep pace with.
Everyone has stalled 100% in character, the tone of the story has been consistent, the story just keeps getting better, and every line I read continues to draw me in more and more.
VoiceInTheDarkness chapter 2 . 2/7
I came into this chapter with a Its-probably-going-to-be-worse frame of mind and came out with a Holy-crap-it-actually-got-better one instead.
The comedic undertones were still present, the characters were still very in-character, and your grammar and spelling is still much better than mine is.
We got out first taste of action in this chapter and while it wasn't much, it did hint at things to come. Speaking of things to come, the plot is thickening nicely. Nothing feels the least bit rushed or overly drawn out, and the possible bad guys are very original.
The chapter was still long, which I love but my dyslexia continues to hate on. There was a lot more dialogue this time around though, which was very helpful, my eyes often loose their place when reading on a computer screen.
Your descriptions are more than enough for me to understand what's going on, and what's going on is more than enough to keep me wanting more.
Hopefully the awesomeness will continue, as I certainly do not plan on stopping this story any time soon.
VoiceInTheDarkness chapter 1 . 2/7
If every chapter turns out to be as long as this one I will be occupied for a very long time. If every chapter turns out to be as good as this one, I will be thoroughly enjoying myself. You were right about it being funny, I felt it was in line with the style of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy but that may have just been because I read it recently. You did a great job with keeping everyone in character-poor Yuuno no one listens to him, good thing he has such powerful friends to make them listen- grammar was good (better than mine I can tell you that much) and I don't think I saw any spelling errors either (as a person who is terrible at spelling I was thoroughly impressed) and the plot seems excellent so far. Of course this is just the first chapter and there are 40 to go, but good starts are always a good sign. I hope the rest of the story is just as good, or, if its even possible, better than this chapter.
The Bad Hat Hooligan chapter 44 . 2/3
Heh. Still a lot of chaos going on.

Since we know our main heroes will survive, I can't help but wonder what's going to happen with the Ama, Susu, and Tsuku. I actually have doubts they'll survive truthfully, but we'll see.

Until the next chapter.
Catasros chapter 44 . 1/25
Now, I have no doubt mind that this'll be resolved beautifully, any imbalance in power has been managed great so far. That said, I can't wait to see haw you intend to resolve the fact that you've turned Ea from the Fate- franchise into a normal sword rather than a drill-sword and named it after It's master. And kept Enuma Elish. This'll be one hell of a ride for sure...
Sailor Pandabear chapter 44 . 1/20
RBomber chapter 44 . 1/20
Well, not much happy... but quite a lot of funny.

So... where's Vita? I kinda hoped she got scruffed with Loki, just because I enjoy seeing her smug face got battered by an angry 8 years old girl. With a big hammer. But then again, you need a lot of power or just enough focused power to deal with Thor...

So, keep up the good work!
Saint Nick 711 chapter 44 . 1/18
Woohoo update!
So the Enlil is finally showing off what she can do and wow, you obviously don't become the Twilight Queen by collecting bottlecaps.
Also. authoritarian personalism? I saw what you did there.
I just knew something would happen that would shake things up and rearrange the match-ups.
Ever since Ammaterasu mentioned it I've been eager to see how Susa and Tsuku fight when their together, and now it looks like i'll get my chance.
With Shamal and Zafira off to find an opponent that can't turn them into sock puppets, Vita being god knows where, and our 3 Aces running for their lives, the match-ups for this round 2 are still up in the air.
And last but not least I frigged called it with Yuuno and Chrono not being out of the game. Although I wasn't expecting Thor to pop up. Can't wait to see if they pass on there search to someone who's free, or if someone shows up to help them fight, and finding out the what the deal is with the information stealing (but I'm pretty sure it's a bomb) thing.
Great story, keep up the good work!
DezoPenguin chapter 44 . 1/17
Ohhhh, YES!

You may have detected a certain level of enthusiasm in that exclamation. If you did, then you were correct, because this is by far the best chapter this story has seen since about Chapter 31 or so. Whichever one was when it was revealed Enlil was jacking Alicia's body. Reading it, I was excited, I was thrilled, I was amused, I was all the stuff that got me into reading and enjoying the story in the first place way back in the days when I was an active member of this fandom and ViVid had the potential to be a fun and interesting story and life was all sunshine and cupcakes.

So let's be specific:

The worst part of the story was actually the opening segment with Enlil, because of the "and here's a new and incredibly more powerful enemy, coming right on the heels of the previous chapter's new and incredibly more powerful enemies!" trope. However, she's been hanging around the story since the very beginning and it's entirely possible that she's the final boss, either in being Yggdrasil's ultimate weapon or if Yggdrasil gets destroyed, in her running loose in a cackling fire of decaying madness as the bonds of mind control are loosed to be replaced by the complete savagery of a destroyed intellect (since, y'know, the self-control parts and the logic and whatnot got beaten down to make room for the mind control). Also, her attacks came across as suitably mind-blowing and powerful and nothing Hayate, Fate, or Nanoha did actually managed to do more that momentarily inconvenience her.

(This, if I may digress, is the one problem that the story risks having right now, in that the narration established that full-power Loki, Odin, and Thor are significantly above full-power Ammy, Susa, and Tsuku, who are in turn significantly above the Bureau mages, but if their power levels actually live up to those conditions everybody we care about will soon be a stain on the pavement and I'm pretty sure that's not where the story is going. Rule of Cool, of course, carries its own weight to balance that, but at the same time it can only work so far. What's actually pretty remarkable, and falling into the category of Good Writing, is that thus far you've avoided having any trouble with this problem, and indeed in this chapter you had multiple chances to fall into the trap and avoided them all. Yay!)

And, well, it only gets better from there.

Enlil's Nihilism Maelstrom basically broke the narrative structure. In my review of chapter 43, I was complaining about the generic set-up of the various divisions of the cast into neat little packages for their own individual battles, and here you smash that narrative structure into pieces. Susa gets swept right out of his own battle (and geez, what about Vita? Meep!) and into Tsuku's. Ammy's continues to operate on its own, but by doing so it's diverging from the narrative pattern of the other two. Things happen that are unique and different from the lockstep set of generic shonen manga tropes that the narrative had set itself up as!

And it's all interspersed with scenes back in the fleet. Of intelligence work going on. Of loose ends being wrapped of. Of Lindy Having A Plan, because *of course* Lindy has a Plan and it will be awesome, or at least productive. And because, not coincidentally, having these scenes intercut with the battle scenes helps the battle scenes themself from becoming just one set of giant blasts and magic explosions blending into one another. Plus, it's fun and exciting to see people like Amy and Lindy not only being successful, but being smart!

Beyond that...I don't know if it's true or not, but you seem to have had a lot more fun in this chapter. The humorous quips and asides are excellent, and I just had to stop and read a few of the lines out loud to my wife (Susa's familiarity with blunt trauma being the best of the best, though the eleven paragraphs crossing the scene break and ending with "people really hate your family" was really good as well), something that I've only been motivated to do with your Eric Margrave stories recently. Hayate is priceless as well. Of course she'd be the one to remember that there is such a thing as "up"! (See, Fate? She CAN think of plans!)

So basically, I loved this chapter, on the one hand for itself and on the other hand because it really represents a sharp turn upwards in the overall quality of the story after about...well, a year or two, honestly...of overall fatigue. This is classic Moczo at the top of your game, and seeing it again in "Infinity" just warms my heart.
Resisting the Borg chapter 44 . 1/17
Well, that was... ACTION. Wow, that was fun.

I actually have a few questions about the plot, but they range into spoilery territory, and I'm sure everyone's asking them, so never mind.
MangamanZX chapter 44 . 1/17
And that was a great chapter :)

Enlil seems more badass than her generals... Loki finally got hit with something significant

And Ammy made sure that Odin remembered he trained her
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