Reviews for You make it better
Suicidal Muffin-chan chapter 1 . 9/2/2009

I love Laven! IT IS MY CURRENT THIRD-FAVORITE PAIRING TO SHIP! And one of the few pairings where I refuse to allow anyone else to be paired with either of the two. (The others being Leon/Cloud and Sebastian/Ciel from Kuroshitsuji.) xD

ANYWAY. THE REAL REVIEW. It really was cute! And your descriptions are so much more poetic than mine! o:

But, y'know, coming from someone who's been doing this for going on five years... xD My only complaint was, hm, how do I say this...? The flow? I feel like that's not any help. I mean. Hmm. I suppose it's like some of the paragraph jumps just don't seem related at all? I dunno. It just seems off. Which may have happened if, say, you wrote this in snippets, like I do sometimes. Y'know, just something to work on~ (Oh, also, there were a couple grammar/punctuation mistakes I spotted, but that's not really that important. ; )

But yeah. Great ideas, great metaphors/similes/imagery! :D