Reviews for Death's Redemption
Hazins chapter 1 . 12/28/2010
Really nice story! I really liked the ending, it was alot more meaningful than just "OMG IT'S YOU!*hug*".

I like how the weapons mean something throughout the story, as well as how the story is split up into different parts.

Ever thought of writing a sequel? It could show Ariaadne's and Zeruuah's friendship afterwards, and what they chose to do with their lives.
Weiila chapter 1 . 11/17/2009
Look, look, I finally get around to writing a review! Bad Weiila, bad.

Anyway, I really liked the underlying theme with weapons and what they meant. It was a neat red line throughout the story. Also how you started at one point in time, then went to the past and worked your way to the original point and beyond. It could have been confusing, but you pulled it off just fine.

The ending was also well done, subdued recognition instead of a melodramatic "Oh my god it's YOU." Much more powerful and somber.

Generally I don't like a series of short scenes, but for the way you told the story it was necessary and it worked.
Chaude the Defender chapter 1 . 6/24/2009
I find it to be a good story plot, through the experiences of a Death Knight, struggling to find purpose in an undead life, and finding a means of redemption to the misguided direction a DK was forced to do against what the person's feelings would've been when he/she was still alive. I can see potential for this story to be expanded further. I'm also curious to see how Ariaadne is going to react to Zeruuah as a DK.

This is a well developed short story, grammatically-speaking. There's not really anything I could give constructive criticism on, but personal opinions on identifying inner thought on the main character. With my short stories, I use "(text)" to denote the character is thinking out loud in inner thought to him/herself, while use italics for the character to receive inner thoughts from an external source. Again, this is a personal opinion, and by no means do you have to follow this, for this is my style. At the least, knowing some differences in writing styles may help improve narrative skills. I hope this was helpful. Keep up the good work :).