Reviews for Tiger's Spring
ReDawn chapter 1 . 9/2
Why is this canceled?
This is one of the best fanfics I've ever seen, please, please continue it.
unnamedguy21 chapter 1 . 7/29
Wait, this is canceled? Damn, man, this was some good stuff. But, you know, you gotta do what you gotta do. Yeah, excuse me, because I'm going to be a nozy cunt and ask, is there any particular reason you stopped writing this, or just general writer's block?
unnamedguy21 chapter 28 . 2/23
Hmm, Sasha... Machine-gunner... Oh! You sly bastard, you, I see what you did there!
Guest chapter 34 . 1/14
Just really good. Love the author. Read the story 3 times!
Guest chapter 15 . 12/3/2016
Now, I have played all the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Games and many of the mods for them. This story has to be the best I have ever read for the series. It has intrigue, mystery, plot and transitions from settings quite well.
Great work, I especially liked the yantar psy helmet recovery scene with the zombies!
Tim C chapter 34 . 10/21/2016
Excellent work and I hope you continue. It inspired me to repurchase the original game I enjoyed years ago, I hope it runs on Windows 10!
Frido chapter 33 . 4/20/2016
It's the best Stalker story I've read, hands down, and I've read quite a share of them. I really hope it's not the end of Tiger's and the others' experiences! Keep the words coming :-D
Rich chapter 33 . 3/6/2016
Really good story, hope you finish it, It'll be a waste if you don't.

I've started playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R again because of this and if or when you post an update I'll probably re-read the whole thing just for the fun of it, so please don't give up on this.
Advertisement chapter 1 . 9/6/2015
An excellent story that gives an interesting perspective on the zone. Very well thought out. I would certainly enjoy reading more of this story, and others by this author.
Ruven aka Lee chapter 33 . 6/12/2015
Nearly six years and still putting out chapters. I do enjoy your writing.
thorrible chapter 1 . 6/5/2015
god i love this story.
Guest chapter 33 . 1/30/2015
Interesting take on blowouts.
Guest chapter 31 . 12/17/2014
The wikia says its spelt Degtyarev and not Degtyarov, but I think its unmistakable with his first name and choice of AK rifle. You somehow involved the main char of Call of Pripyat in this, brilliant! Also loved how Marked One and the series nicest escort missions was also mentioned.

Also I saw that little reference to the fallout New Vegas Service Rifle. Makes me wonder what other references I missed
Guest chapter 1 . 10/13/2014
Loved every chapter, from start to finish, save Tiger' and Olga's 'love scene.' That was the only thing I didn't like. I felt as-if it didn't belong.
Bashing aside, hoping you continue this, as ch.26, if I remember, tells of what's to come.
BoxCannonMan chapter 32 . 8/23/2014
Even though I haven't actually played the STALKER series, this story pretty much show how it looks like. That, and character interactions.

Will still wait for that 403 update...
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