Reviews for Cannonball Angels
AngelJ5 chapter 7 . 9/8/2009
Thanks for your kind words everyone and support through this fun adventure. The story is now complete so keep your eyes open for my next Angels fic. It'll be up soon I promise and yeah, I'll let you know who won the race during that one. Be back soon! AJ5. ;-)
Welshcanuck chapter 7 . 9/7/2009
Well this could prove interesting hehe

Kris probably knows a move or two from her sister. and Kelly is no sludge when it comes to driving.

Nice twist Spider and under cover cop..

Be looking to see who wins the race..

Mojsengojs chapter 7 . 9/7/2009
I just love this story. Really! Good thing Mack and Lenny got what was coming for them! :D

[‘Keep you head down, your fists up and don’t hit any friends or anyone bigger than you.’ Kelly said as she and Kris started after their sisters.

‘Kelly, everyone is bigger than me.’ Kris panicked as they walked in to the bar.] LOL! Poor Kris, always the smallest :D

THe entire barfight was just hilarious, so great! I wish there had been a barfight in the show, lol :D :D

And the ending - sisters vs sisters racing home! I think Kelly and Cate will win - Kelly's an amazing driver ;D But who knows, haha, you probably do

Update update update :D
WelshCanuck chapter 5 . 9/3/2009
Oh i missed this.

Kelly a flirt.. hehehe though any of them could get a guy to bend to their will hehe

The chemistry between Cate and Kris si perfect and nice lil speech from Jill on the experiences of being the older sibling.


Lillybeth1026 chapter 6 . 9/3/2009
Love the banter between the sisters. I like the pratical jokes, I can so see Cate and Jill coming up with doing something to Kris. Can't wait to see how Kris responses, it should be good. I bet I know what episode you picked up the switching trailers from? I like the way you handled that, I can see that as an episode.

Mojsengojs chapter 6 . 9/3/2009
Oh my God, this chapter is just hilarious! It made me laugh so hard, especially the end of it! :D

Switching loads, how awesome! Typical Angel-style! :)

And as I've said before, I just love the CB-talk, and I'm happy you translate parts of it, lo Kris-Cate's pranks on each other, keep them coming! XD

I'm looking forward to the bar fight and the cops, that will be great I'm sure!
Mojsengojs chapter 5 . 8/25/2009
Oh - oh - OH! What a great chapter darling! There's a lot I like here, let's try to sum it up :D

First off - I LOVED the episode "Angels Go Trucking" mostly because Kris' CB lingo. I love listening to it, and I love reading it, lol, and the scenes with it is just great. Keep that up! :D

[‘Yeah well I forgot one little thing.’ Mack said as they walked towards the diner.

‘What’s that?’

‘She scares the hell out of me.’] HAHAH, lol, that really made me laugh out loud, I also think that Mack (and Lenny) has every reason to be scared

[‘You cheated!’ Kris called out causing the music to stop and people to look. ‘Sorry.’ Kris smiled embarrassed looking back at all her new spectators whilst her sister and friends laughed by the side of her. ‘You still cheated.’ Kris said a little quieter.] And that really made me laugh too, I mean, calling out "you cheated" among contestants in a race, that's not the best thing to do I guess, lol :D Kris and Cate are awesome together :D

And then comes the part with Kelly and Cate on the hood of the car. That sounds like something me and my friends always did when I lived in the northern woods of Sweden, we always laid down on the lawn or on the cars and watch the sky. Very common to see stars fall and northern lights, ooh, I miss that. And the silence.. I miss it! I truly find it fascinating that there is people in this world that never seen stars or experiences silence.

[‘Ms Fox this is your early morning wake-up call.’ Kris started to joke as Cate scrambled to her feet.] As I've already said - I LOVE Kris-Cate together. They are fantastic! What a cruel way to be woken up by, ooh!

[‘Good, now I can eat in peace.’ Jill said as she sat next Kelly.

‘Yeah right Jill, like we would have stopped you from eating.’] Lol, Jill and her eating-habits. Guess you've noticed from my fics that I just LOVE Jill's constant talk about food, lol. I love that part about her in the show xD

[‘Where’s Sabrina when you need a little support?’] Jeez! :O I've read all of this and I haven't even noticed there's someone missing! And Sabrina's my favorite (after Kris ofc) :O But I like the way you put that romance into the story. Maybe we'll see Tiffany in the next story? :))

Loong review, but I know I like them long, hopefully you do to Looking forward to the rest! :)
Mojsengojs chapter 3 . 7/28/2009
Yey! Another chapter! And I love it :D

This chapter really made me both laugh, and I want to say "sit on the egde of the chair", but I'm in my bed so that sentance won't really work ;D

Failing breaks, a typical "angel-problem", lol, and that's probably I reason why I really can picture it happening :) I just love the conversation with Cate-Jill-Pete in the car, about the cops, oh I laughed so bad to the part "‘Not at all Pete it’s just that I wasn’t driving. Jill was and she’s a pro driver.’ Cat and Pete both burst out laughing at this, Jill sat in her seat arms crossed pouting." :D:D love it"

And yey, Kelly and Kris is on :D And the last two sentances, haha, perfect! Kelly's face when they tell her about all of this, I can't wait :D Update soon
Lillybeth1026 chapter 2 . 7/25/2009
Love the chapter, especially the conversation about Kelly. I can just see Jill saying - ‘Bull, and you know it. Kelly is the easiest person to talk to. Out of all of you including Kris I always call Kelly when I need someone to talk things through with. She’s always there to listen and advise, no one does it better.’

Sounds just like Kelly and I think you nailed Jill & Kelly's relationship. Can't wait to see how this will finally all come out.
Mojsengojs chapter 1 . 6/18/2009
A big smile spread on my face when I saw this story up! :) And the smile is still there after reading it. Looking forward for the following chapters :)