Reviews for Descartes' Error
klmdreams44 chapter 61 . 6/5
It's beautiful and I'm glad you did it this way.
klmdreams44 chapter 60 . 6/5
Gah! The aching, the longing! I'm dying! And I love you!
klmdreams44 chapter 58 . 6/5
So true about male bosses and female employees in tears! My boss walked into work to find me sobbing one morning (I had a very good reason! ) and even though he's married with two daughters his bewilderment while attempting to offer comfort was priceless. D I agree that Nyota is more likely to break over this issue than the destruction of a star ship, in addition to survival there are also clear actions to take in the latter circumstance where as in the former she felt she had hit a dead end.

Thank you for having spent your time to write this story. I'm so enjoying it that I am currently neglecting sleep in favor of chapter after chapter while my husband snores peacefully. D In the past I have disliked the Spock/Nyota pairing (although I've always loved the characters individually) because it's non existent in TOS and it isn't particularly developed in the reboot; however, you make them real and their relationship a beautiful journey that makes sense. Again, thank you.
klmdreams44 chapter 39 . 6/5
I'm in the middle of a course on the philosophy of emotion and I think your portrayal of the difference of emotion in different cultures is brilliant. I especially love that they can feel the physical sensation of the emotion of the other without having the language needed to define the sensation. It almost contradicts the theory that one must have language in order to think (which is something I've never agreed with) (i say almost because links are not a reality for us at this time anyway) although language does shape our thoughts. Anyway, thank you for writing!
klmdreams44 chapter 13 . 6/4
I really enjoy that you are including broad concepts and ideas about learning/education as well as acceptance and the science behind falling in love. D thank you for writing!
WebStar chapter 72 . 6/4
First of all I really, REALLY, enjoyed your story—the characterizations, development of the story lines, all were extremely impressive.

I really appreciated the many OCs you developed in the story: Doris, Patrick, Toshi, Tybok (I fell in love with him!) and Jabari. I loved how you tied various points of the story together, allowing Spock to learn from various persons about how to find satisfaction in his work and a place within a community. I really liked how you tied in Jabari’s thoughts concerning his life and his relationships on his ship to that of Pike’s in the last chapter, basically two completely different people—a pirate and a Starfleet Captain—but both echoing the same advice as to how life on a boat (or ship) could be advantageous to Spock, a new sort of family that can be trusted implicitly regardless of race and/or gender.

Your slow development of the relationship of Nyota and Spock was excellent and I really enjoyed the various differences they had and how they complemented one another.

And while I am no Science whiz, I really enjoyed the various sci-related plots and found that to a certain extent a sci-idiot such as myself was able to follow along. I really hated how every time you looked around somebody was giving credit to Spock for Nyota’s initial discovery and translation of the Romulan subspace message and I loved how Spock at every turn corrected their judgment. I am looking forward to reading the The Vulcan, as well as rest of your stories and I am going to check out your favorite stories too. I always find that when you find a really good fan fiction writer (I found you through NotesFromaClassroom) you should always check out what their favorite stories are and chances are you will get some more great stories and that was the case with your story.

Although I’m nearly six years late to the party, many, many thanks for your hard work!

P.S. In one of you’re a/n’s you mentioned a Kirk/Uhura fic called And the Rest is Rust and Stardust, but I’ve been unable to locate it on fanfic or under your favorite stories. Do you know if the author changed the name of the fic or moved it somewhere else? If you know where and would be willing to PM me with the info, I’d greatly appreciate it. :)
feelinglikecleo chapter 7 . 5/12
Beautiful- I love your version of Spock!
Thefinerthings73 chapter 7 . 4/22
Love this story
tanseynz chapter 72 . 3/28
Absolutely brilliant interpretation of 'before ST '09'. Just loved it.
Rine Wolve chapter 72 . 3/22
"My basal metabolic rate does assure that I am warm" ... "Is that the line you use at bars?" -major LOL!

66'th chapter : Cute sub-plot :) Tyback feels a bit like Chekov (innocent). Of course, I liked it how he embarrassed Spock and Nyota by asking them about a vulcan-human relationship. And I like how... human he feels. And the implication that Vulcans do have their problems and they're not all perfect and they're not all scientists. And I hate those bastards in the Interspecies Council! :)

I liked your story on the whole. The idea of a Romulan captain saving the Earth from an invasion was brilliant. I liked the development of Spock and Nyota's relationship. And I eventually got used to the idea of "dark/black vulcan love" :)
Thank you for your effort. It was appreciated!
Alliecat445 chapter 72 . 3/21
Omg loved it
Rine Wolve chapter 47 . 3/11
Rine Wolve chapter 45 . 3/11
Is this something you made up? It's very interesting. Perhaps it would be the case with dolphins, as well. They are quite extraordinary creatures, as well, and undoubtedly capable of telepathy.
Rine Wolve chapter 44 . 3/11
I like it how everybody just encourages them to go together to various events:) in spite of the fact they are cadet and instructor. Well, when everything blows out in the open, they could point it out that they were... pushed into this.
Rine Wolve chapter 43 . 3/11
I love this little turn of events and I can't wait to see how Spock and Nyota's brother will interract.
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