Reviews for Descartes' Error
feelinglikecleo chapter 7 . 5/12
Beautiful- I love your version of Spock!
Thefinerthings73 chapter 7 . 4/22
Love this story
tanseynz chapter 72 . 3/28
Absolutely brilliant interpretation of 'before ST '09'. Just loved it.
Rine Wolve chapter 72 . 3/22
"My basal metabolic rate does assure that I am warm" ... "Is that the line you use at bars?" -major LOL!

66'th chapter : Cute sub-plot :) Tyback feels a bit like Chekov (innocent). Of course, I liked it how he embarrassed Spock and Nyota by asking them about a vulcan-human relationship. And I like how... human he feels. And the implication that Vulcans do have their problems and they're not all perfect and they're not all scientists. And I hate those bastards in the Interspecies Council! :)

I liked your story on the whole. The idea of a Romulan captain saving the Earth from an invasion was brilliant. I liked the development of Spock and Nyota's relationship. And I eventually got used to the idea of "dark/black vulcan love" :)
Thank you for your effort. It was appreciated!
Alliecat445 chapter 72 . 3/21
Omg loved it
Rine Wolve chapter 47 . 3/11
Rine Wolve chapter 45 . 3/11
Is this something you made up? It's very interesting. Perhaps it would be the case with dolphins, as well. They are quite extraordinary creatures, as well, and undoubtedly capable of telepathy.
Rine Wolve chapter 44 . 3/11
I like it how everybody just encourages them to go together to various events:) in spite of the fact they are cadet and instructor. Well, when everything blows out in the open, they could point it out that they were... pushed into this.
Rine Wolve chapter 43 . 3/11
I love this little turn of events and I can't wait to see how Spock and Nyota's brother will interract.
Rine Wolve chapter 39 . 3/11
All the allusions to their bedroom activities are just so funny.. especially the one where he doesn't bite :))
Rine Wolve chapter 36 . 3/10
I must confess parts of this were a bit scary. I know there is the mention of deep rooted emotions in Vulcans, throughout the star trek series and movies... but I just don't see him as an s-m. I would just think he could get rough, but not THAT rough.
I like the role of the possessive pronouns :)
Rine Wolve chapter 34 . 3/10
Well, I certainly had trouble following this chapter... after the last three :)) You write Nyota and Spock's interaction with each other ever so sweetly (because it's very real), that it's got me a bit dreamy.
And I don't understand why you keep calling it bad science? You are quite skilled in technical details of the academic life.
Rine Wolve chapter 32 . 3/10
I couldn't stop reading this story. Although it's painfully slow, it got me curious.
This chapter was pretty awkward, in a way that reality often is. So it was good awkward.
Rine Wolve chapter 19 . 3/10
Ok ;) I love Toshi and O'Hara :)
Rine Wolve chapter 18 . 3/10
I love it how he calls her "his cadet". And I appreciated the phrase: "there was nothing quite like blasphemy over lunch" :))) LOL.
And this builds up very well.
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