Reviews for Scream For Me
Cassie chapter 58 . 3/14
Omg yes! I loved this chapter soooo much. Jason is finally back and the group is back together again. I can't wait for the next chapter and Jason's and Freddy's discussion about what happened during their comas. Please update soon!
Mr.Kedist12 chapter 58 . 3/12
Mr.K: Oh my god! I just lovveeee this book! I can't ever stop reading it. I due say this is the best book I've ever read in my entire life. Your a good writer :)
Guest chapter 58 . 3/10
This chapter is really great! It's so intense and I love it. I hope you update soon!
TommyH chapter 58 . 3/9
this was a good chapter
Cassie chapter 57 . 3/7
Please update! It has been a while and I'm really interested in this story. It is amazing! Please, please, PLEASE! Thanks for your hard work on doing previous chapters but please don't stop updating when it is this good of a story. This is literally one of my favorites.
Guest chapter 57 . 2/16
Oh, please, update soon! I hope Jason wakes up soon and I wonder how Freddy and him would act after that. This story is fantastic!
Cassie chapter 57 . 2/13
Please update soon, and I like your new picture.
Samir Robinson chapter 41 . 2/10
Fuck you u retared atheist racist, burn in hell
Samir Robinson chapter 11 . 2/6
Good chapter but I think it would've been better if u made it like the actual comic, where Jason X won.
Samir Robinson chapter 1 . 2/6
Are u atheist
RockoRaffa chapter 57 . 2/3! It's soo good and I'm just dying for more! God! I love the shit that all of the characters go throw and how funny moments they have.
TommyH chapter 57 . 2/1
Good chapter and can't wait for jason to wake up
Cassie chapter 57 . 2/1
Yes yes yes! Finally an update. I'm so happy i didn't give up on checking for an update. I love this chapter and I'm so happy freddy is awake. I can't wait for the next chapter./):):):)
Guest chapter 56 . 1/28
This is the greatest thing I've seen in my life. Normally, I don't read fics with more than 10 chapters but I'm glad I read this.
I love how the characters and the feelings between them evolve. I couldn't stop reading this until now.
I hope you update soon, please, I want to know how it continues!
Guest chapter 56 . 1/20
This is probably the best fanfic I ever read.
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