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Guest chapter 58 . 5/24
You didn't update since 03/09, but I'm hoping you update soon. I want to know how the relationship between Michael and Jason evolves. And I want know what happens with Pinhead and the mask thing with gosthface! So, please, update soon D:
rockoraffa chapter 1 . 5/13
I love this story sooo much! Thought I want to know if there be a third season were ghostface and Freedy will slowly become lovers or close to it, but plot twist Pinhad likes ghostface! Hoooo~ DrAaaMaaa~Y(_)Y

But that was what I thought and shit, and they you know they'll still have crazy, random, and somewhat creepy adventure with others slasher characters

But like I said that's what I thought and I don't want to seem like I'm telling you or anything, but keep up the good work you awesome writer. *gives you the thumbs up*
KashiCakes chapter 58 . 5/12
I love this story..Can't wait for the next chapter. 3
BleedingJoyfulInsanity chapter 19 . 5/10
So, Micheal is about to willingly fuck Ghoatface? Is it weird I like to think of all of the Horrors as virgins? Or, at least, Micheal and Jason?
BleedingJoyfulInsanity chapter 17 . 5/10
I love this fic, but I'm disappointed with how lame everyone is.

I mean, Micheal myers is suppossed to have the highest body count of all the Horrors. Jason comes in second.

I'm not too sure about Freddy, but he wouldn't be too far behind, possibly six or so in their range?

And, yet, Micheal is a pussy, who is raped, which I'm still pissed about (Did he top or what?), and Jason seems to be the strongest out of all of them, but, that isn't saying much.

Anyway keep up the good work!
BleedingJoyfulInsanity chapter 15 . 5/8
Okay, I am and was pissed about Micheal being raped by Ghostface, but, thinking about Micheal in that orgy, all those naked chicks all over him is making me smile.

My cute little baby had grown up into a ladies man. If you know what I mean. ;)
BleedingJoyfulInsanity chapter 58 . 5/5
Awwwww! The Jason and Micheal thing is so sweet! I look forward to more chapters! Bring on the fluff; I can handle it!

Thanks so much and please keep up the good work! There is not enough Jasheal (Jason/Micheal) in the world!
Cassie chapter 58 . 4/23
I just re-read all of these chapters and I fell in love with this story again. Please please please update soon! I want to know what happens and if Jason is ever going to forgive Freddy again and other stuff. This story is amazing!
Cassie chapter 58 . 4/12
Please update soon! This is one of my favorite fanfics, and for many others!
Guest chapter 58 . 4/6
I hope you're going to update soon! It has been a month and I want to read more! I love this story
Cassie chapter 58 . 3/14
Omg yes! I loved this chapter soooo much. Jason is finally back and the group is back together again. I can't wait for the next chapter and Jason's and Freddy's discussion about what happened during their comas. Please update soon!
Mr.Kedist12 chapter 58 . 3/12
Mr.K: Oh my god! I just lovveeee this book! I can't ever stop reading it. I due say this is the best book I've ever read in my entire life. Your a good writer :)
Guest chapter 58 . 3/10
This chapter is really great! It's so intense and I love it. I hope you update soon!
TommyH chapter 58 . 3/9
this was a good chapter
Cassie chapter 57 . 3/7
Please update! It has been a while and I'm really interested in this story. It is amazing! Please, please, PLEASE! Thanks for your hard work on doing previous chapters but please don't stop updating when it is this good of a story. This is literally one of my favorites.
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