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charm13insomnia chapter 12 . 7/4
great fic great chapter looking forwards to the next
Emmy chapter 12 . 5/27
Well damn! I don't know how I missed so many updates but, I'm so happy! And also sorry I've some how managed to get so far behind!
But! All caught up now! And, to repeat, well damn!
This story is so much fun! I think you are doing an amazing job of juggling how Cloud would feel about his past/future alongside with happy he is becoming!
I can't wait for more Sephy/Cloudy!
And I'm sure you get the "I usually don't like OCs" line all the time, but...I usually don't much care for OCs but yours are well thought out, developed and you have made me care for them.
I can't wait to see how everything falls into place!
Thank you for the fantastic read!
I can't wait for the next chapter!
Much love,
BorderlineInsanity chapter 12 . 5/21
I have no words. Once again, I've been enthralled. I was literally laying down and happen to see there was a chapter... and then spent the next hour or so reading instead of sleeping... *worth it*. So, first off... I picked out the independence day quotes immediately. (Yaaaaaaas) I giggled out loud. Second - D'AAWWWW Cloudy telling Sephiroth all the things he needed to hear. *squeal* it's so cute and fuzzy, I think I'm gonna cough of a hairball. (But I love it) .

As usuall, I await the next buts with enthusiasm. Passing out now... sent fun quotes in PM... sleeeeeeep.
Astrido chapter 12 . 5/20
Fantastic chapter. Has clouds followed the clone from jenova cells? I thought going back to the past means he doesn't have it.

And shinra fighting for peace is ridiculous since they were invading wutain and starting the war in the first place. And I think Sephiroth knows that. As a general he can't have not known.

Why is it that alcohol is always used in a way similar to drinking water or coffee? In this case whiskey with your dinner... seriously?

Anyway, great introspective writing. Good luck for the next one.
Seijasway chapter 12 . 5/20
I love this fic. I can't seem to get enough. You put so much Attention and derail into it. Normally I don't care much for OCs but I've come to love yours and root for all of team fenrir and not just cloud. Keep it up! I'm really looking forward to the next chapter
Nirome chapter 12 . 5/19
It's so amazing to find a really great story which is still getting updated. Also, I would like to commend you on creating Cloud who is not such an anxious self-destructive as in many other stories. Your plot and the people's behaviours just make sense and is not so straightforward which is brilliant, cause I cannot predict what's comming and you are a tremendous TEASE! When are they gonna kiss finally? Looking forward to new chapters. And thanks for writing and sharing your talent with us
Guest chapter 12 . 5/18
Yasss! Somehow I'm always stoked to see how my extra "references" I can guess correctly before I get to the notes at the end hahaha. Bless your little cotton socks for them!
bloodshound chapter 12 . 5/18
It figures all of Cid's family would be hard arse, bamf cowboys. Don't survive in a town like tire's was unless you are. Sort of like the frontier. Essentially, carry a gun/ equivalent and know how to use it or don't live there. They're pretty hard core as is. With Soldier training an enhancement on top, that kids going to be a juggernaut.

It's nice to see the human side of seph and zack, even if it's only fighting to exhaustion. Don't think any of them are going to forget the Rocket town folk any time soon. Tough as nails but still mostly good people with just the right amount of crazy. Best sort of people to have at your back.

I think 'just keep swimming' has become the new catch phrase for nearly everyone. XD

Lol. That's a typically Yuffie attitude. The past is changing, which means the future will change and no one's going to remember a damn thing. w00t. lets go raiding. XD
I guess Yuffie hasn't been around the catalyst/ trigger figures enough for things to really kick in memory wise, yeah?

(saw GotG two with my family last week. Groot is indeed adorable and the movie was a lot of fun. the boys should definitely watch it.)

Oh, oh Cloudie, definitely an NQB (Not Quite Bright) moment. Alcohol impaired thinking or not, you just don't go chasing a lone hostile into unknown territory without back up, especially drunk, with only cadet training (officially) and a small sword in your hands. You just don't . Curiosity, cats etc. etc.

What's the bets they don't let him out of their sight again unless it's with the General or Zack. :P

How good would a soldiers control be, especially if they were run into the ground exhausted the way seph and Zack are. I think Seph's being a bit to hard on himself. Despite Shinra's best efforts he's still mostly human.

ON a side note, will this Cloud have issues with Mako? Can't remember if that was Fanon or Canon but i know that has cropped up a lot in ff stories.

So many words that Seph has desperately needed to hear, but no one has ever bothered to say. It's a bit like thanking your minister really, or the local lolly pop lady. You just don't think of it, but there are times that person really needed to hear those words.
It's amazing what a combination of alcohol, shock and blood loss can shake loose. :P

What's the typical recovery time for soldiers after ru ning themselves into the ground like that?

(In a side note I think I've found Wet and Wild Cloud's new theme song. Flesh by Simon Curtis. Seriously. go look up the lyrics. most of them seem to be written with Cloud and the boys in mind. The son itself isn't bad either. )

Kudos on churning out another fully loaded chappie, despite game distractions. (May this one have a better ending than the last Mass Effect game I saw. Really, only changing the colour of the way the universe exploded at the end of the game depending on what you did, was pretty pathetic.) Very much looks forward to the next chappie.
pimpim666 chapter 12 . 5/18
Loved the chapter! Good workBut, Sephiroth said its illegal for them to be together. Is it like work illegal? Like the General can't date people in his army or in a much lower rank? Or like age stuff? They arent many years apart and yeah in our world a 15 year old and 20... something (i forget Sephy's age lol) its illegal. But if i remember in crisis core Aerith was like 15 if not younger when she was seeing Zack. Of course their relationship isnt showed much in the game but i was wondering if you were gonna make it that way and have them date a later in the story? Just wondering by what Sephy meant by illegal is all lol This is probably my fave chapter so far lots of comfort it was really cute! I can't wait for what you have prepared for us next chapter:)
Guest chapter 12 . 5/17
Thank you for updating. This chapter was very nice, its adorable how sephiroth cares for his future partner. I love their togetherness, and I can't wait for them to become a thing. Great job on this chapter, i love it!
SleepyPuppy chapter 12 . 5/17
this is a cute chapter, thanks for upl look forward to the next ch
Mali Steelwing chapter 7 . 5/16
The gangbangs are hot as hell! I'd prefer to see something like a safe word, but probably a bunch of drunk, horny 15-year-olds don't care or know so much about that. Write on! I love getting the notification in my inbox of updates!
Unwanted Hero chapter 11 . 5/3
OMG! You have no idea how happy I was to just stumble across this story and saw that it had been updated FOUR times since I last read it. You really made my day twice now. I really enjoyed everything that is happening so far, and I can't wait to see how everything turns out. I really hope Cloud's dream at the end comes true. I literally need it now. XD
BorderlineInsanity chapter 11 . 5/2
I never doubt you using the things I get stuck in your head! I love my easter eggs. Hehehe I cackled out loud when I read that tho. As usual, wonderfully writen, captivating and I love the bits o back story. The gears are churning! I see plot ish things happening between the lines! *excitement *
pimpim666 chapter 1 . 5/1
loved the chapter keep up the good work! I can't wait for Zack and Aeris to meet! Also can't wait for the whole how is cloud going to stop nebelhiem from happing and if he'll wake Vincent up a little earlier this time than how it was in the game. I do like how you're taking you're time with Sephy and Cloud. Some other people like rushing that but I feel you are doing a good job, I'm impatient lol but I do like the teasing;)
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