Reviews for Storm in a Teacup
Saranwyn chapter 2 . 7/23/2013
I don't get the title very well, but I love the story! So sweet. I can't write happy consolations scenes, so I always admire it when others can! :)
NightmareHuntress chapter 2 . 9/25/2011
Awww! This story was to sweet...a lover's tiff and hotmake-up sex...a very yummy recipie. I liked the way you put alot of emotion into this one and the the insecurites that touga felt...amazing!
DragonKnight1775 chapter 2 . 7/13/2011
To be honest I never really liked this pairing but u made it so sweet... I really do like your view Ty for your efforts
yHime chapter 2 . 4/16/2011
that was HAWT.

Honestly, this pairing never really crossed my mind before, but it can easily become one that i love~ who am i kidding, i love them together already! :3 I'm blaming you for this~ not that its a bad thing at all...not at all~

I especially like the fact that its crossXyagari instead of the other way around...just me n my...habits of making specific coupling order in my head. xP

well, just wanna say great jov & thx for sharing! [:
portisHeart chapter 2 . 1/29/2010
those two are just too sweet! Yagari making dinner and a nice table for a start *LOL* what a sight!

well this argument had to come some time anyway - luckily they've made up quickly afterwards, being so darn sweet again.. an ashamed Yagari is fun to watch too. and the way he offers himself on his knees, priceless XD.

i'm really growing fond of this unusual couple
Lenko chapter 1 . 9/24/2009
hey! thank you so much for your review reply! *grins* the fact that you can write such wonderful fics and still reply to reviews is amazing! and i so appreciate it! i took your advice and read Storm in a Teacup!

I was pleasantly surprised! My bias DID come into it a LITTLE bit, haha, when i read the Kaname and Zero sleeping in the same room bit *hides* it was SO cute! and i was wanting them to be nicer to each other! but i know it wouldn't have worked for this fic *sighs* hahaha. But this story was lovely! I think for me Yagari's insecurity is maybe too strong; but everytime i read him as a character i want more out of him, so it was really nice to find a fic that does that *applause*. He said he liked Cross' cooking? was he high or something? haha. Cross is the perfect contrast for Yagari and its really interesting to read them together as a couple, you just wouldn't expect it ( well i wouldn't).

Anyways, i loved it! as i do all your fics! keep writing, you're brilliant at it! Hope you're muses keep you going for a long time to come! Especially KxZ fics! haha *runs and hides again*
Blackened Wing chapter 2 . 8/19/2009
Wow, the discussion between Cross and Yagari here was incredibly moving and so well done, I'm not even sure what to say about it or how to put it into words, but I really enjoyed it and it had me misting up more than once. :) I love the way it was not only a resolution of the things between them, but also indicative of Yagari's widening world view – a change directly brought on by his lover. ;) LOL see, Cross is already changing minds and hearts... *smiles softly* which is especially wonderful in this case because it's the heart he loves most. :)

*puddles utterly* LOVED the lemon! *nosebleeds and drools* it!

*happily content that everything resolved so wonderfully* Hehe well, yup, there you go, you can tell it's true love – Yagari even likes Cross' cooking! XD

This was a sweet, sweet story!
Blackened Wing chapter 1 . 8/19/2009
I like the glimpse of Yagari's thoughts towards what happened with Zero and his family in the beginning of this chapter, as well as the glimpse of how things have been and where they stand now, sets one into the timeline nicely.

Oh dear... um, Touga, Kaien really can't go out tonight... he's got kids now after all, and he has to make sure they don't kill each other when they all get together... *giggles*

I like how Kaname's visit was the catalyst for Cross and Yagari's argument, I could really see that being a point of contention for them, just as it was for Cross and Zero. Really, you have to admire Cross for his strength and the strength of his dreams. I love his thoughts that we see a little later, it shows how much he understands and loves not only Yuki but also Kaname and Zero. They're all of them very lucky to have him. :)

Oh... ouch. Yagari... that was a very not good thing to say about the school... *winces sharply* I understand his feelings, and I can totally see him feeling that way, but damn... *feels so bad for Cross' hurt over that*

But Yagari's a good person *cheers for him going back to apologize*

Aww, I really felt for Cross' struggle – being able to trust Yagari with his life, but not sure he could with Kaname's, or even Zero's. I LOVED Yagari getting to see the three of them sleeping peacefully like that. Yes, a pureblood, a human and a hunter... even if it was only because of sleep that it was peaceful, it's a little glimpse of the possible future... a glimpse of Cross' dream in reality and I love Yagari for seeing that. :) LOL I love that both Kaname and Zero were partway just pretending to be asleep at that point too.

:) :)
WhimsicalShmoo chapter 2 . 8/7/2009
Absolutely beautiful work! Thanks for posting :3 Love it!
BlackVelvetEyes chapter 2 . 7/21/2009
Wow! Great writing! I'm more of a long story reader, like TOHOM, but this was a lovely little fic! :]]
Paradoxismminant chapter 2 . 7/18/2009
I feel all warm and fluffy inside now /_/
Paradoxismminant chapter 1 . 7/18/2009

I've never read a Cross-Yagari before...

By the way, this is offtopic, but I was thinking: what'll Yuki and Zero's kids think about their father getting together with their uncle?
Elbee chapter 2 . 6/25/2009
Aw ! You make me so truly happy with this swet chapter! D

Yay I loved it from the start! _

Aw Yagari completely drunk. (Did you really think drinking was going to make you feel any better, Touga?) well I must admit it was sure kind of sweet to see him in that vulnerable state p Aw and Cross, always so kind (although he was also upset of course), helping him like that and all. *feels the desperate urge to hug Cross*

Aha so when Yagari woke up he feared Cross would have left? (Come on! Kaien's not like that ). 0 I felt bad for poor Yagari... Cross sure knows how to be scary too. I was like: No please, Cross, don't be too angry! Yagari didn't mean what he said earlier! (yeah sometimes I'm a hopeless fangirl who talks to herself XD) . But really, your writing is so wonderful! ( I almost forgot that it was a fanfiction before remembering it wasn't actually real, you know. D )

OMG! and the apologize part was so wonderfully sweet! ) And so... difficult for both of them too. When Kaien asked Touga why he should apologize for being honest, I feared he was mad at him and that he wouldn't forgive Yagari D , but... after hearing what Touga told him, how could he still refuse to?

Aw Kaien, did you really believed Yagari thought you were an idiot? He loves you, dammit! And you're not a fool, you're just... er... yourself... erm, well, let's say you're 'special' in your own way XD! (XD I love Cross, sometimes he can be so fun D in that way Yagari and Cross are a perfect couple since they complete each other so well : Cross so exuberant, and Yagari so serious )

Ah Yagari confessing his feelings to Kaien was extremely endearing *sighs dreamily*. And when Touga said : "I only hope that you still have a little room in your heart" it was so darn beautiful! D

Gosh and the lemon part was just as awesome as the rest D I'm not sure why, but I always thought that in this pairing, Cross should be the one topping (although I don't mind at all if he's not, it's just that I prefer...), so, I was really glad that you wrote this scene that way YenGirl! D

Haha and it seems like Yagari is quite a demanding partner and impatient at that! *giggles*

Hmm, and yes, sure, having Yûki and Zero with him at home give some parental duties to Cross... so he can't be all the time at Touga's or with him... but well, if Zero and Yûki are already able to stay by themselves, don't hurry too much to go back home Cross (lol I'm sure Yagari enjoys being with you so don't leave too fast D ).

Haha I was just wondering what kind of a face Zero would make if he found out that the Chairman and his former master were a couple... Huh lol that would be so funny XD. But if someday Cross and Yagari wanted to tell the truth to Zero... well they had better be extremely careful or Zero would die from a heart attack right away (well even though we know how strong Zero is, that sure would be a tiny bit too much for him *laughs nervously* )

Hm, so in a nutshell, I LOVED this little fanfiction of yours D (but I think you already guessed that lol). Your writing is awesome! You are unquestionably one of the best authors of this fandom -well, that was obvious ;) -).

Oh and I read your other fic TOHOM ! Love it too! I should really review one day ) -argh sorry if I don't... I'm so busy right know, working all the time for my exams ( , furthermore I always fell kind of ashamed leaving my reviews written in such English to amazing author like you ;) (haha sometimes I fear so much not being understandable, and there are so much I want to say I feel like I can't properly do it XD)- hmm I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one actually, but well, I try! -lol, since it seems like I can't shut my mouth XD... -

Hm anyway, keep it up, please D Reading good fanfictions such as yours is always a truly delightful moment ;)

See you another time )

VaneCaos chapter 2 . 6/25/2009
... and that's how two rough ex-hunters ended crying... by Yen's hands... where have I read similar scenes before? *muses with a wide grin with all the teary-eyed Yen's VK characters marching claiming for their pride*

Hey, I must be working, but, wth, it was too tempting to read! I have an strange confession to make to you, and please don't understand it bad: I loved much more the "making up part" than the lemon. This doesn't means that the lemon was not hot; it was, specially with Yagari on his knees *shakes head at him seeing that like an offering* and Cross going all.. hard with him.

But it touched me much more deeply that conversation at the table, with Cross looking so steady, so remote... and Yagari feeling so, so lost and so at the edge of losing him. I uttered an "oh" (put a lot of "o") when Cross felt onto his knees, and Yagari confessing that he thinks Kaien a hero because he would never have the guts (I would have used a stronger word here) to do the things he do. That's a huge truth: it's easier to destroy, to hate, than to build, to fight for a different future when noboby wants to believe in you. Yeah, Cross has evolved much more as a person than Yagari, which is still living the easy path of letting himself be lead by hate.

See why I loved so much the confession part?

And this sentence: "... shory..." Yagari mumbled. "’m shory..." . OK, Yagari-teddy-bear, I swear I was fighting an urge to hug him. Lovely (even drunk). And Yagari likes Cross cooking because it's made with love *giggles* Our dear hunter was lucky nobody was recording all this chapter with a camera because his tough façade would be ruined! One could think he's a softie inside *winks*

Ah, the fandom needs more yagari and Cross, definetely! Thanks for this, dear, you sated my inner fangirl for a while!
VaneCaos chapter 1 . 6/25/2009
Ah! *lots of "a" that FF will cut* I love angst, always, but it's always more touching between these two, maybe because they're grown up adults and the fights hurt more deeply than between 2 teenagers. *loses herself in inner YxC fangirl*

You know, I've neer thought about what could be the insourmountable obstacle between Yagari and Cross, but you hit it: Kaname. Of course. A pureblood, the incarnation of vampirism, like the one who transformed that woman who took off Yagari's eye... and Zero's human life *pats Yen on the shoulder for the good thought*

And, of course too, Yagari would feel, well, put aside, with Cross with so many charges, like he doesn't have any more room in his life to him. Loved the fact that the rude hunter has even cooked and the fact that his hope for a romantic dinner crashed with just a name: Kaname.

And Cross trying to keep Yagari away from the pureblood just because he doesn't wants Touga to feel uncomfortable, not because he wouldn't love to have his lover with them at home. Well, yagari's reaction was only to be expected, but girl, those words hurt. A lot. "stupid, hopeless, nonsensical and naive". Wow. Take that, Kaien, it feels like a lance right at the heart.

Um, it hurt, yes, but I have a feeling that, after having blurted it out, their relation will be stronger if they can at least talk about how they feel about vampires, coexistance and all that. Silence is like a lie between two lovers.

I just loved the scene of the three children sleeping peacefully, specially the two poor and suffering boys. Of curse they were not asleep, Kaien, what do you think? *rolls eyes* It's more touching when do you fit the fic in Hold Me universe, because you know how Yuuki and Zero will end, and, maybe, how could Kaname and Zero end after that... *winks at you*

Thank God that Yagari understood seeing that. I don't know the sentence in english, but in spanish we say that one picture is worth more than one thousand words. *kicks Yagari* He always turns to alcohol when he's overwhelmed by some emotional problem, showing that he's weaker than Cross, despite his rough manners.

Of course it's Cross at your door, you stupid man. Who else could come to see if you're OK after you had thrown his dreams at his face?

LoveLoveLoveLoveLove yagari and cross *kisses them and then kisses Yen for writing about them, which I find difficult to find* I've read chapter 2 in a hurry, so I will try to review when I have the time to read it properly, but for now I can say that I loved it thay you don't wrote only the lemon but a consistent scene, deepening their relation, their fears and their worries. Let's fav the story before I forget to do it (as always, damnit)!
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