Reviews for A New Destiny
sadbutfab chapter 45 . 4/22
Ohmygoooood when are you gonna updaaaatee?
AnimeGirl45xoxo chapter 45 . 4/4
Ah you are such an amazing author, one of the best stories i have ever read (and thats saying alot with how much i read). Keep up the great work, update soon. Cheers!
HarunoSakuraLover chapter 45 . 1/4
Omg you haven't updated in a year! I'm so sad and crying that I have to wait for the next chapter! Ugh please update!
HarunoSakuraLover chapter 40 . 1/4
NaruxSaku soon please!
HarunoSakuraLover chapter 23 . 1/4
Gah! Choji is adorable!;) who's his crush? Hinata? Ino? Tenten? Temari?
HarunoSakuraLover chapter 5 . 1/4
Kinda dissatisfied that once again like in canon all Sakura did was guard Tazuna, I mean the man clearly said save your sensei so why doesn't that apply to Sakura only? Hmm?
RAM Film Studios chapter 45 . 12/29/2014
This is awesome! Hope you didn't lose inspiration for this story. Hope you update soon!
Guest chapter 45 . 11/4/2014
Hey. I REALLY hope you haven't given up on this story. I really like it. And its something new and fresh in regarding the retelling of team7. And your characterization of haruno-Chan is so. Perfect with the way u made her. If you're stumped or have writers block. I would gladly wait for you to over come it. Be it. 1 year or 5. Just please don't give up this fanfic.
Guest chapter 45 . 8/21/2014
Where are you?! I love this story so much, I hope you continue writing it
caramelmonster2020 chapter 38 . 7/28/2014
That was so romantic and the end of the chapter was funny :)
caramelmonster2020 chapter 23 . 7/28/2014
I'm lovin' it and you ship Sasuke and Sakura, right?
Nameless Lurker chapter 39 . 6/15/2014
Sorry for the previous review, I'm on my stupidphone and it froze while trying to clear the typos and it just posted that incomplete and erroneous review. Anyway...

Is the story of the sun and moon originally from the greek mythology, or any mythology? It was amazinh and I really love it, I fell in love with the story. I was thinking that you wrote it yourself, but then when I reached the part of dividing humans into two, I realized it's possible that it's from a myth, because that's how it went with zeus in greek myth. But if you indeed wrote it yourself I just want you to know that you did a wonderful job in it!
Nameless Lurker chapter 38 . 6/15/2014
Is thr story
dark-wolf-howl chapter 45 . 6/14/2014
Oh wow your story is epic! While I am a bit busted that Sakura hasn't confidedto Team 7 what Kaguya as revealed, I keep my fingers crossed. Live your style and how well you are writing this novel. Please please please update soon?
GoldenPiggy chapter 24 . 4/24/2014
I have logic to say. As I was reading this chapter, Usagi's family has a knack for using clay, Deidara of the Akatsuki not only uses clay, but became a missing-nin from Iwa. My logical guess is that they're somehow related.
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