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selenewinchester chapter 45 . 11/19/2011
You're back! Almost a year had passed! I know, I know...if I shout too loud I might scare your mojo off! But I really so so happy. Do you know how many persons asked me about you? Hundred... And of course they're waiting for translation... Do you remember? "YO ESTABA ALLÍ LA PRIMERA VEZ" Welcome back! :) :) ;)

good to hear your alive, please update... when you can...
rog457 chapter 46 . 10/11/2011
wow, that was great.

It completely sums up the boys relationship. Sam has always depended on, needed and counted on Dean to be there for him and Dean has done that and more. I'm glad that Sam realizes that he has not always returned that favor.
Deanloves chapter 46 . 10/11/2011
There, i can feel sam's feeling now ...:) how regret he was..., how true for what he's saying. You put write in, in the perfect touch, so i can really what Sam's feeling about Dean. and yes how sad, Sammy, had to has the first thing he remembered about his dad was how grumpy John for having a very bad mood day, and scaring his baby brother.

It wasnt mean John hated Sammy, but sometimes, when you felt desperately failed on something you will feel failed on anything else, and John obviously hated being failed.

Thanks for Dean who was there for Sammy, held him when he was scared, and thanks God, too, Sam remembered that. It was 'something' that sam has to realise for himself that Dean has always with him whenever Sam need it ..., and yes, Sammy felt so awfull for not always be there for Dean whenever Dean need it. Poor Sammy to feel such an horibble feeling ... love you baby ..., and Dean will always love you too, no matter what you do, baby ...MUAH
Cornish Rhapsody chapter 32 . 10/1/2011
I have now got up to chapter 32 - this chapter broke my heart. It was so sweet Dean climbing in Sam's bed and offering the comfort that he needed. Love the brotherly bond!
Deanloves chapter 45 . 9/25/2011
Hey, glad you have post the chapter..., and yes i hav read them...

Ng..., i don't like it coz its mean Sammy will turn him off to be Lucifer vessel, eps. Two Minutes To Midnight ... ! huhuhuhuhuhuu

and, if you let me to say this..., it so much different how sammy's telling than Dean's. Its like, how Dean's telling is really from the heart, really his deep feeling, the true Dean but, Sammy... i don't know..., its like he just saying it, not meant to say, just like repaying what Dean had done to him...

I know its a quite difficult to reveal Sammy deep thought, not as easy as we made Dean..., but really, i still love it ..., you are great !

keep writing :)

Cornish Rhapsody chapter 19 . 9/25/2011
I'm now up to chapter 19 - still loving it! You are doing a fantastic job of showing the close relationship between the brothers. There are many sweet moments and also some very moving ones.
Cornish Rhapsody chapter 9 . 9/25/2011
I've only just found this (have so far got up to chapter 9)-it's amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it. I love weechester growing up moments and yours are especially brilliant. Writing it from Dean's perspective also makes it even more heart-warming.
casammy chapter 45 . 9/25/2011
I have been reading from his beginnings and in several occasions, even I have returned to read everything of return and always it affects me immensly, with the dean's feelings I have cried, really, you transmit very well the whole form in which dean feels for sammy, his world, the reason of his life and me makes happy that now sammy has found the letters of dean, sammy also loves dean more to that in the world, but it happens to nobody that always it has been very overprotected and spoilt by dean who became selfish and it knew that dean never says this one not to him and that always there for him, so it is very good that sam I express quite and that dean also discovers,, I want so badly that dean discovers the letter after everything sooner or later dean always knows everything on sammy, though one never says it. Hug Suoernatural
Nascarfan14 chapter 45 . 9/25/2011
I was so happy when I checked my email and there was a notice for another chapter to this story. I had given up on there being any more chapters added to it. I cannot wait until the next chapter. Thanks for coming back to it!
missmarina95 chapter 44 . 5/23/2010
WOW. Where on earth has this story been! I can't believe I've never read it before. Love it, I absolutely love it! Wonderfully and very poetically written, with a strong, realistic voice. Every chapter is a little story, and it's all so touching and utterly heart-wretching to read. Best of all, it seems realistic, like something that could actually happen. Great job, I am definately a fan! Please update again soon, I need some cheering up after the season five finale. :)
Sangwoo chapter 44 . 5/6/2010

I just want to congratulate you on your great and wonderful story, I'm a big fan of it. The i'm reading in Spanish, since I have some difficulties in its original language. Congratulations again for the great talent you have. Greetings.
dsl116 chapter 44 . 4/25/2010
I just wanted to let you knowhow much I liked your stories. They were very touching. What really hit me was the second to the last chapter when Sam found Dean's letters and cried throughout the entire time. It was very touching. So many details in Dean's memories of Sam growing up. I hope you continue to write. As a word of caution, watch your spelling. Other than that, you've done a great job.
GaelicAngel chapter 44 . 3/23/2010
I really like the turn this is taking and please post soon
selenewinchester chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
Hi! I think your job is wonderful, the chapters are Great!

This is probably my favorite fic, so thanks for writing and I think it must be translated into spanish. It’s so perfect the way you describe Sam and Dean! I speak spanish as my first language, so if you allow that I'd love to become your translator for this fic. What do you think? Can I translate the fic? Obviusly explaining that is your job and that I’m only the translator! Thanks. I'll be waiting for your answer...
Kagollie chapter 44 . 3/14/2010
good to hear your alive lol really sweet chapter! so is the next chapters gonna be all to Dean from Sam now? please update soon.
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