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ElfIcarii chapter 25 . 7/5
Prepare for a long rambling review of doom. I am half asleep, but cannot leave this until morning, and you know how my thoughts leap on tidbits in your writing and charge down rabbit-trails when I'm tired. So fair warning.

Hmm. The holding-back thing is actually not uncommon. Not always because of parents - growing up, I knew any number of kids who noticed that the kids who excelled at studies, or who admitted to enjoying reading, tended to be frowned upon by their peers, so pretended to be dumber or to 'not care' in order to get respect. For the parents angle, one kid in my class in elementary school had a father who quite literally hated smart people - and the kid was bright. So he hid it by pretending he couldn't read. I doubt most of my classmates of the time know he was pretending even now; I know because my mom was volunteering to help the 'slower' kids with their reading, and she managed to pry him out of that with a book that aligned with his interests. He still hid it, still got poor grades even in HS, but after that he was different - or seemed so to me, anyway. He seemed to have a look like he was just waiting for his chance. I suspect he took off 'for the stars' as soon as he moved out of his parents' house.

Hmm. I swear, in some ways being socially oblivious can be a boon. I didn't notice the other kids' reactions growing up, so didn't stop trying to make friends, and managed as a result to find at least one person in each period of my life who was intrigued by my ideas and fascination with the world. It sounds like Hermione wasn't that lucky. Heh. Caused me other problems later though. Since I couldn't pick up on social context well from those around me, I tried to learn it from the interactions of characters in books (because a lot of them EXPLAIN the thoughts behind the actions/words), and since many of these were fantasy books, my dad thought I was thinking that the books were real because I kept referencing them...and banned me from reading them completely one summer as a last ditch effort before sending me to a shrink (which he never had to because I was able to explain what was really going on eventually. Once I figured out the ban wasn't just because he disapproves of the genre - which he does.) I DO value my few friends every bit as highly as Hermione though, especially since, as an adult, I figured out just how lucky I am to have them.

...Wow. I warned for rambling, and here I've barely started reading the chapter and see how far down the rabbit trail my mind went...I blame your writing of Hermione. You're making her sound too much like me in this chapter. It's hauling up memories.

Of course they don't want to see it. No-one ever does. Very few people are willing to acknowledge seeing such things because if they do they have to acknowledge they should have done something and that makes them feel guilty and cowardly. There are some who don't know the signs, but more who refuse to see them, and some who see them but don't know how to help because of the horror stories of people trying to help a kid in an abusive situation and just making it worse.

I wonder sometimes how many people realize that most of the traits associated with a good leader and 'hero' are usually ones that come from surviving and pulling through abusive or otherwise traumatic circumstances...

I love that you threw in the little details of how their social routine and habits have changed and adapted. It helps complete the picture.

I also love that you stuck with Rowling's tradition of indicative naming schemes for minor character witches and wizards...

I like the realism that there wouldn't be just one sensationalist reporter in the wizarding world.

Multiple thoughts and questions popped up with the time turner. Waiting to end of scene to comment because they might be resolved...

Hermes. Is it a coincidence that they're names for the greek messenger god? Who is also god of thieves etc? I rather doubt it. You don't do coincidence. Your story is far too fun to metagame, all these little hints you drop...And of course since at the moment I am reading the Percy Jackson books (at the insistence of several people who know me), I might be mixing up actual mythology with what is stated there, especially this late/early, so refraining on further speculation on that atm.

Mercury too? Oh my. Definitely no coincidence. Though I suppose they could be code names, relating to their duties.

XD Clearly, SOMEONE was interfering with her life to keep the timeturner in her hands. THe same mysterious nameless someone sticking their fingers and advice in through this whole story, perhaps?

Hmm. I wonder if the magic of the timeturner is in itself addictive, and that is part of the reason for the restrictions...Unfortunately, given that it is Hermione using it, and she is likely to find the learning alone plenty addictive, it's hard to tell.

She's not in Ravenclaw for much the reason Harry's not in Slytherin, I expect.

I like how she always does the distasteful things first and THEN the fun stuff as 'future Hermione'. Good self discipline. A valuable skill.

Easy to doubt your own memory later, when you have nothing to verify it.

Hmm. It seems the timeturner focus is over for now, and one of my questions wasn't answered after all, unless it was mentioned previously in another chapter and I've forgotten, but I don't think that's the case. Is there something in the timeturner magic to prevent aging of the wearer while it's in use? While it wouldn't be as noticeable in someone in their 20's or 30's, Hermione is a teenager. From the sound of it she's done at LEAST several months extra time with all the back-and-forth, possibly a year or two, and that would have her growing up significantly faster than her peers - but no-one's mentioned it. everyone just oblivious, or does the timeturner prevent excess aging due to the longer period of subjective time (making the user effectively immortal, but limited in how far forward in time they can go, up to their death), or was this just something you didn't think about? XD

Just like Hermione, not accepting 'no' for an answer. I wonder what all she'll try to force the ability to remember...

'Unexpected side effects' indeed. Poor Lupin.

Erm. That's...a lot of text. *eyes scroll bar* Hope you don't mind this rambling essay of a review...
ElfIcarii chapter 24 . 5/26
You already got my 'Awww, squee!' reaction to the first section last night XD

I am amused at the paintings XD It sounds like they think of the lives of the students much the way teenagers think of tv shows such as Friends.

Slight problem with the house-elves methods - to have everything ready at the same time, the breads would have had to be started hours before. Unless they are using magic to massively rush rising, kneading, and baking times? In which case I'd find description of how they do so fascinating XD But that's just me.

I'm still curious about pumpkin juice. I've never actually encountered it,m and seems to me to be one of those things that could be really good or truly awful...and I still have no idea whether it's in the books because it's as common in Britain as apple juice is here, or if it's supposed to be another of those minor details unique to the wizarding world.

I am wondering if the song is related to the Tree of Bonds. Especially as said tree could readily, in your version of this world, be the basis of the house elves' need for a wizard or witch to care for.

Hmm. The lake sounds almost as if it consists of mercury.

*gigglefit* Yep. They're teenagers.

'reduced' to acing their exams...yep, you definitely have a handle on their characters.

I honestly not sure what to make of Zabini. Nott is clearly just the usual sort of arrogant spoiled brat, but we lack information on Zabini. The 'bored expression' indicates he wasn't emotionally involved in what he did to Nott, which might indicate sociopathy or psychopathy, or might indicate that he thinks of Nott as less than human and believes he is only doing what is necessary to keep him reasonably under control. In war, warriors often think of their opponents as inhuman, one way or another - it's how otherwise good people manage to do such terrible things (not referring to simple killing; killing is sometimes purely necessary. I'm referring to the sort of thing that tends to be referred to as 'war crimes'.). So it's POSSIBLE Zabini has dehumanized Death Eaters in his own mind to the point where he truly does not think of this as anything more than a means of control. Especially as you are not prone to one-dimensional characters or easy explanations. It is also possible something similar happened to him at some point and he's 'passing it on', so to speak.

Or he could just be evil and I'm overthinking it.

One wonders what impact this will have on Nott. He will surely change in SOME fashion - such experiences are not ignorable - but he could polarize in so many different directions as a result it's hard to predict. He SEEMS to be trending towards the further-impetus-towards-villainy end, but first reactions often aren't indicative of long-term impact.
ElfIcarii chapter 23 . 5/24
I like how you slipped that 'sometimes matched' in there. I think it's a common assumption in the fandom that they'll always match.

Ok, clearly I am going to be watching for further mentions of the Three. That's the sort of thing that isn't mentioned even in passing unless it has a later tie-in. Yes, I'm metagaming, so to speak - the result of reading this as a break from business writing homework XD a dream? I wonder how the effects will combine, given the current situation...

No-one who has gone through a personality-altering life experience would say Draco is out of character. I have gone through several.

I like Ron starting nighttime ramblings. It adds to his character, and will provide him with knowledge to provide the others with later that they lack - something that has tended to be lacking from Ron's character in the books and most fics.

I would point out that if she truly believed what she was saying, Umbridge would refer to the first war with Voldemort just as 'the war' - there is no need to label it first if there is only one. Just as people didn't call World War 1 'World War 1' or 'the first world war' until WW2 - they just called it 'the war' or 'the world war'. The same applies if she is at all capable of PRETENDING this is what she believes. Unless it is a slip you put in there intentionally, to indicate her true mindset?

As always, very much twitchily waiting for the next chapter!
lesa.blazer chapter 23 . 5/22
Please continue
lesa.blazer chapter 22 . 5/19
Please continue
Nana chapter 3 . 5/10
Good story but could you only do it in
ElfIcarii chapter 22 . 4/19
Poor Sirius. Waiting is never easy, especially when you have a mind prone to negative thought circles.

Hmm. It sounds like you are familiar with how emotional burnout works. Do you know someone who works in such a job?

If I haven't mentioned it before, I LOVE how you turn minor characters and neglected, unlikeable ones into PEOPLE. It really helps bring your work to life, and is a great part of why I like your writing.

Ah...the chapter cuts off in midsentence? I'm guessing that was a glitch in upload...

Get better soon! We want you writing mroe glorious chapters for us to read XD
MayaHikari chapter 22 . 4/19
It seems like this chapter was cut off
Midoriryu chapter 21 . 3/22
Yes, I do imagine that Sirius will be quite chuffed to get that letter from Harry.
slmncpm chapter 20 . 1/14
awwww i want more!
siriuslylovehp chapter 7 . 1/13
I've really enjoyed the story so far and personally love the fact it's cannon relationships when it comes to the golden trio. I don't understand why people hate ginny, I can understand not liking the H/G relationship as it does seem to from no where, but all ginny did was fall in love and have that love recuperated. She was also brave and bold as shown when she cursed the boy in 6th year on the train. And the fact she wouldn't stay behind when her family were fighting.
Just William chapter 19 . 12/22/2014
I take it that this story will never be completed?
whofan94 chapter 17 . 12/21/2014
Hmmmm... The ending of this chapter makes me think that you are a fan of The Who, particularly their album, Tommy.
crazyme03 chapter 21 . 12/7/2014
Simply amazing! I love this story. I hope we see more of Draco. Generally speaking, I'm not very fond of Draco, as a character. However, I'm very interested in seeing how Draco fits in with the others. Thank you for sharing.
Amelia L. Mendal chapter 21 . 7/9/2014
A few things:
1. This story is so thorough, so deep, so well-thought-out, I am absolutely amazed. What a fantastic plot with multiple dynamics and dimensions. You are a creative genius.
2. One of the problems I encountered was a confusion in the timeline. I think it was chapter 19, the one with the twins? You mentioned they were in Hogwarts, with Umbridge as their (god-awful) Defense professor. Then you mentioned Hermione and Ginny (with help from Sirius and Remus) were planning a belated birthday party for Harry before the other students returned to the castle for school. If Umbridge is their teacher and they received detention, wouldnt the rest of the students already be back? I guess I'm just a bit confused on what the date is. That's been a rough dynamic to wrap my head around, and I hope I'm just being dense.
3. I will definitely agree to beta for you, M-rated material included. I'll PM you back and we can hash out the details :)

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