Reviews for Negotiations
Lupe chapter 1 . 7/10/2009
Aw. The hyperlink did'nt work here. Continued from my last review. If you didn't believe me there is a biography on Karel on Gamehiker Wiki, in which may not be official but it is quite truthful.
Lupe chapter 1 . 7/10/2009
I know your fic had nothing to do with FE7. But whatever you people do. Don't even think about writing a KarelxSephiroth crossover fic. I would hate that; I have to stop people from supporting that godawful idea before it's too late. Sephiroth is overrated and is a GameFAQs contest hog. Not to mention he deserves to be punished for all his crimes. Poor Aerith. I don't want Karel to be like him. M'kay?

Comparing Karel with Sephiroth is like comparing Lucario with Mewtwo. Sure, you may argue all you want on how they look alike or have a few similarities; but what you have to know is that they're on different sides. Putting them together would never work. If anything, Karel would try to kill him. I'm currently hunting down any fanfic that has Karel in it. If he's a bad guy in those fics, then I'll not be happy. I support KarelxKrystal, now that idea would work better, not just because both Karel of Fire Emblem and Krystal of Starfox are of the protagonists' side in the games they're in; but also because the KarelxKrystal couple has so much story potential. Krystal would use her telepathic abilities to redeem Karel back to his nice old self, etc, etc.

If Sephiroth, Wolf O' Donnell, or any other badass character or villain comes near Karel in someone's imagination; then I'm going to pull each of their intestines out and cut them into bits while they're still breathing. Karel has nothing in common with any of those characters. Why? Because those characters are antagonists while Karel is a good guy that's an ally to the protagonists in his series. If you have taken research on a game's storyline and characters, you'll see they're not similar to him at all. Even in FE7, Karel was good all along. He has character development, deal with it. He only kills people because he has a messed-up brain which doesn't get purifyed until later in his life. Those who have beaten the game would know that he becomes the Saint of Swords. If you don't believe me here is a wiki biography, in which may not be official but it is quite truthful: /2mphq5