Reviews for Operation goodbye Bella, hello Edward!
Guest chapter 4 . 8/5/2017
More! It's really good.
Guest chapter 3 . 8/5/2017
Really good, but Edward is never called Eddie in the real thing.
tinkermist99 chapter 4 . 5/1/2017
plz update
sjillich chapter 4 . 7/8/2015
Beatriz Sasse chapter 4 . 2/10/2013
I laughed out loud at Lauren!I hope something really bad and humiliating happens to her...
Clara Sims chapter 4 . 1/5/2013
OMG! This is literally one of the best fanfic stories I've ever read. I was laughing out loud the whole time! Write more soon, I'll be reading it!
alicelover520 chapter 4 . 11/24/2012
gah boy how i hate them and people like them! gah! make bells and alice outshine jessica and lauren! eesh! i hate those two girls! i love your story though! update soon!
LeeLucy chapter 4 . 5/10/2012
please hurry up, to updating and writing more chapters.

please don't let edward cheats on bella with lauren at the party, or ever.


the wishes below you can put them in you story if you like, when your ready to write again i will love to read something like this in it. {I'm not trying to say your story is bad are how to write it beause your a very good writer and i lovvveee the story} I just wish that lauren doesn't win by breaking edward and bell up are, or anyone i if want edward and bella to have a happy ending or get married pleassseee.


(1)I wish that edward put lauren in your place once and for all. telling her that he knows about all her plans, games and lying to break him and bella up and win him over.

(2)I wish that edward make her know that he can't be with someone who lies to get what they want, and making her know that whatever she do is never going to work because he love bella and will never ever cheats on her.

(3)I wish that edward tell laruen that ever if he wasn't with bella he all never ever date a money hungry, gold digger, lying whore like her. and she must get her own life and leave him and bella alone let them be happy because nothing she do will change to way he feeling for bella becuse he love her and plan on marrying bella one day.( something in edward POV. and don't ever think about getting in that way of the wedding my feeling for bella will not chage lauren get out of my house}

( yes I know that to whole (whore) thing is mean but, we all know that's all she see when she look at him, a person who is hot and

have money. slut)
Freakaflies chapter 4 . 2/15/2012
Please update!
lauraloveable chapter 1 . 2/4/2012
I love this story! It is so kool! :D please please please please update! I know you haven't updated in ages but please!
The Rat Lady chapter 4 . 1/31/2012
I LOVE this fic!
Cullen girl 0797 chapter 4 . 1/22/2012
Please continue soon it's really hilarious
Twilighter-RKT chapter 4 . 1/6/2012
OMG i loved this!

please please please update!
Lovely Musical chapter 4 . 12/31/2011
New. Chapter. PLEASE!

Twilette chapter 2 . 12/29/2011
This was Super ! I nearly wet my pants with the lauren poo thing , Keep up the great work !
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