Reviews for Little Lark
Hyralc chapter 1 . 1/26/2011
I really liked this and its climax thing. One problem: TOO LONG! This could have been like 3 chapters updated like 1 day after the other. It took me a week to go through this with school and stuff. Ugh.
IVIaedhros chapter 1 . 6/25/2009
As seems to always be the case with you, a wonderfully thoughtful little one-shot that expands the FE universe beyond the little we're told in game. Thanks for the read.
Xirysa chapter 1 . 6/23/2009
Alright. Before I start reviewing this, I'm going to say that I've read this quite a few times already, just because I don't really have a life. Also, my Madelyn and Hassar piece (along with myself) bows its head to you in reverence. This was just amazing.


Alrighty. Done with that. (But I really like the fact that Madelyn was friends with Kent's mother. Yeah.)

[The boy managed a soft "Hello, Mama's friend," before ducking back behind Cordy's skirts.] Cutest shenanigan ever.

And Lundgren and Araphen and Wallace and... Oh, dear. You've characterized them all so well...

I like how Madelyn thinks about married life-especially for that time and setting and such, when women and girls were mostly seen as tools, you know?

And the Sacaen's beliefs about marriage. It's really very interesting-I'm sorry I really can't say more about it, though. I'm lame.

But... Oh my. The parallels between Wallace/Madelyn and Kent/Lyn, but the differences too. Just... Kudos. Kudos of the epic variety.

[The lie slipped easily from her lips. "I love him."] This was intense. I mean, for my own 'fic, I tried to set it up so that they would fall in love gradually (I see I could have worked more on it, though), but... I think that in this case, for them, it was respect and gratitude that eventually turned into genuine love. Or perhaps I'm being odd and that's not what you intended. Oh well. I'm rather notorious for my stupidity. XD

At any rate, this was very, very good, and my heart goes out to Wallace. And your writing is amazing, by the way. Did I mention that?

Anyway, great job, and I'm looking forward to more 'fic in the future!

Caradryan chapter 1 . 6/23/2009
I could only wonder, had this been canonical, how that would have shaped General Wallace. Politics and other things aside, however, I'd like to point this out.

"Hassar responded to her with the same patient gentleness one might use to calm a panicked horse. "Of course we do. My own sister married into the great Djute tribe not a year ago. But - if a woman is not happy with her husband, then her father and her brothers and all the men of her clan will take up arms and bring her back. So you see -" he laughed again "- our men consider it wise to keep their wives in good spirits."

I have to quote this, because it was that impressive to me. You've managed to somehow fuse romantic idealism into Fire Emblem, which is somewhat cynical at times. The lines here reminded me of a certain Arthurian legend, is all.

At the risk of turning into Manna with her essay-length reviews, I'll refrain from commenting on this point further. I just think that particular point was well done

The situation you've presented here is really interesting - it's a developing love between two vastly different cultures. The pacing of the writing was a little too fast for such an event - Lyn's mother running away from Hassar - to be realistic. In fact, it seemed rather miraculous for them to not get into too many fights. The last scene with Wallace was suitably dramatic, and the only thing that was missing was something between here.

"To that, Wallace did not respond.

At last, he bent, picked up his fallen sword, and sheathed it. "Hassar, my friend... forgive me," he said. "I have maligned you unjustly.""

The action there, and a few bits above it was interrupted briefly, dispelling the magical tale for a moment. If only you had something in there - that might have been better. But I digress. It's only a stylistic preference on my part.

Yet, when I was reading it, I couldn't help but to smile. It reminded me of the idealized world of High Fantasy that is Fire Emblem. In this world, things did work out in the end.

The ending was just spot-on. I could almost see the couple riding, feel the wind on their faces - and mine. Kudos to you. You have, for a brief, shining moment, brought Elibe to life with your words.

Rank S- for superb.
Kitten Kisses chapter 1 . 6/21/2009
First of all, I hate you for being so awesome. Second, I love you for posting 'fic! Third, you need to post more 'fic. I'm a greedy bastard, yes. Fourth, I don't have you on Author Alert. But I thought I did! (I will remedy that.)

This story is amazingly long. I mean, wow. But that's a good thing, not bad. Also, I always wonder... do you prefer reviews here or comments on Livejournal? I can obviously leave comments wherever you'd prefer. (Or I could copy/paste and put them in both places!)

Also: [Love plays little role in Madelyn's decision to flee to the plains with a complete stranger.] Wow. I mean, wow. I'm excited to read this, if only because of your summary. (And y'know, a Wallace/Madelyn/Hassar triangle. I firmly believe Wallace liked Madelyn.

["No, right? With an expression like that? Man's clearly got a stick stuck up his you-know-where! Gwahahaha!"] I LOVE YOUR WALLACE.

[The maids snickered again, presumably at the idea that some dirty savage from the plains could be described as a prince.] Aww, that's so sad. But believable!

Also, Madelyn seems to really hate her life...or at least, she seems bored with it.

["My word, Lyn. How can you even move in that thing?"] B'AW, NICKNAMES!

OH MY GOD. Dude.

You didn't.

YOU DIDN'T. Kent's mother is Madelyn's friend? I LOVE THIS. Oh! And I remember now... in that one string of shorts, that Kent's father was an artist... yes. I get it, now! (Sorry, my brain's not working properly, tonight!)

[snacking on roasted potatoes] OF COURSE. It's totally canon, now.

[though everyone knew the people of the plains were grubby and ragged and ate their meat raw. And with their hands.] I snickered a little, as this reminds me of what Farina said to Karla in their supports.

[Uncle Lundgren had never liked her much. He hadn't liked her mother much either] Very, very interesting. In my novelization, Lundgren indeed liked Madelyn's mother. Heehee!

And aww, Eagler...a "young knight". I can picture it, haha!

[Cordy's features were lined with a weariness that seemed terribly out of place on a face that, in Madelyn's memories, was always so bright, so vivacious. Her dress was fraying, the weave plain and coarse, a far cry from the clothes she had worn the previous night] The poor woman. You know, I was wondering if she hadn't worn her absolutely finest to that bonfire. You know, jewelry and all. If she eloped, she probably didn't really keep much with her.

["I suppose he must have gotten lost!"] Haha, Wallace!

Aww, so Kent's father is going to paint the portrait that Kent later sees in the castle...right now. B'aw!

Anyway, this is so sad, but...really...I don't know. Serene, I guess. Cordy and Brandon's shabby house... That Madelyn sees the stark difference between her hands and those of her friend... Oh, and that she'd likely be no better at folding laundry than little Kent, haha. Nice touches, all of them.

[Chancellor Reissman likewise lectured her for at least an hour. ] I think it's actually "Reissmann", now that I think about it. But anyway, I always thought he was kind of a jerk, in his own way. (I might be biased because of Lyn's supports with Eliwood, though.)

["But of course! It is my duty!"] Seems that Madelyn suffers the same "duty" problem that Lyn does around Kent, hahaha. Though of course you know it's not all duty either way...

[It was not an unhappy future.] This line One of the most powerful lines I've ever seen. I really love that Madelyn sees her a good, comfortable thing. Marrying Araphen isn't something she thinks is horrible. It's not something...that scares her. She knows- or thinks she knows- that her future will be, perhaps not happy, but...rather...good. Yes, good. Caelin becoming more prosperous is wonderful, and the fact that Hausen's been worried about overtaxing the people? Also good! So Madelyn's very sharp-witted and knows what's going on. She's quite the attentive woman, isn't she?

And then, in the end, she still dreams of tiny wings beating over a golden field of song. I love that line, by the way. Beautiful!

["On the plains, if her father arranges a good husband for her, a woman considers herself blessed for his wise guidance."] Ah, nice touch. :D I wonder if Hassar would have married Lyn off, had he lived.

[Madelyn bowed her head. He was right, of course. If she only told her father of her doubts, he would surely call off the wedding immediately, no matter that he would become the laughingstock of all the land, no matter that he would lose all credibility among the other lords for the rest of his life, no matter that he would make a dire enemy of the second most powerful canton of Lycia.] I like this. A lot. Well, it's different than how I imagine Lord Hausen, but imagine how hurt he would be that his daughter would run away...when he is actually a kindhearted, loving man.

[She dreamed of a mountain cat, large, glaring, forbidding. It bared its teeth at her, eyes glowing in the darkness, but when she woke the image had left her entirely but for a lingering sense of unease.] Hm, it's like a reference to Kent's dreams in Days of Waiting, right?

[Except when it came to her.] Okay, so I have tears in my eyes, now. Damn you, Hitomi! I do love you, though. And how true that is...

[The lie slipped easily from her lips.] Aww...

[He said, still not looking at her, "I promised I'd find you. No matter where you disappeared to. I thought about what you said. About everything. About my duty, about why I -"] Yeah, you made me cry. Like, I'm on the verge of crying, here. Wow. I'm so impressed!

["Idiot!" she replied. "It's too late. Even if I were to return now... your duty no longer lies with me. It has never lain with me."] This is sad. This is...very sad. I mean, seriously. That she said that to him... How true is it? Very! His true loyalty and duty is to Hausen, not to Madelyn. I do hope that Lyn never does this to Kent, but I do see how it could easily happen. (ie: tell him that his duty is not to her, but to Hausen.)

[Hassar smiled and touched her cheek fondly. "Oh, maddi, maddi. A little bird should not be caged. I simply unlatched the door. If she then desires to fly free, then nothing will stop her. Besides," he added, "I think I have obtained something far more valuable for my troubles."] Beautiful.

The whole damn thing was amazing. I love it. That Madelyn loved Wallace, and lied to him... Ah, it's so sad. But that in the end, she still finds happiness with Hassar? I like it. I like it a lot. It's such a unique spin on Madelyn's departure of Caelin. I do wish I'd have thought of something so good!

Thank you very much for writing and posting this. I'll comment more on your notes in WarIsKind, okay?


Subtle Insanity chapter 1 . 6/21/2009
This. Was. Amazing.

The canon characters (Wallace, Madelyn, Hassar, Eagler, Reissmann, Hausen, Marquess Araphen, Lundgren) were remarkably believable, and your originals blended in amazingly.

The plot was silky-smooth, and the progression lost absolutely nothing in transition.

I, as a proofreader, saw no spelling or grammar mistakes whatsoever, and your variation of details was mesmerizing.

They had passed the border safely; Bulgar lay three days to the east.

When dawn broke, they rode north.

Those lines were my absolute favorite part of the entire one-shot.

A delightful read, indeed.