Reviews for Wolverines, Wendigos and Winchesters
LaMB-COW chapter 86 . 6/10
I have a suspicion... a very strong one. Is... is Jess pregnant?! Idk, just the way she reacted to Sam... saying she wished it were a no, and then the way she phrased her statement "I think... I'm" but then Sam cut her off and it seemed like she changed her mind on what to say. Not sure if I'm right but then again she also does seem overly concerned with the issue and that makes me think that maybe there's another reason. Maybe it's because she is concerned for her kid because she's HAVING A KID. HIS KID.
Anywho! Loving it!
LaMB-COW chapter 79 . 6/10
Wow, I like Libby's family. And the whole ghost situation is cute. Bonding time! XD Love it! Dean and Colonel hunting those coyote's together was kind of hilarious.
Keep up the great work!
LaMB-COW chapter 74 . 6/10
*facepalm* Not that I'm routing for them, but that guy working for the YED is a freaking iriot! HE SHOULD LISTEN TO THE FREAKING PERSON GIVING HIM INFORMATION! GAH! Okay. Done now. I guess stupidity will keep our crew alive, which is always nice. Our guys are much smarter anyway :D
Love it!
LaMB-COW chapter 65 . 6/9
No, Bobby! I saw it coming, but not even that could prepare me! Dx
Will we see more of Sammy and his powers soon? And will he learn about Dean's powers at all? I'm really excited for that... so much so that I keep gettibg distracted from reading the current stuff. It's all good, but I miss the Samster. Tear.
Okay, lol. I'm done.
Love it!
LaMB-COW chapter 62 . 6/9
Didn't want to be a doctor my a$$... I mean, maybe he just thought it was stupid because he didn't need anything to heal. TO HEAL. SAMMEH. YOU'RE UH HEALEH. I am having trouble contaibibg my excitement! I mean Sammy not only has a power, but has known about it his whole life and has used it on Dean who-knows-how-many times! Wow! THIS IS SO FREAKING EXCITING! At least he probably won't react badly about Dean's power. Hell, he'll probably admit to having a power too! Maybe... idk, Sammy always seemed lretty secretive to me...
Anywho! Love it! Yay! We finally see the Sammy powers in action! How will Dean react to a healed lung? Will he feel different? Dun dun dun!
Also... what IS with the panic attacks?! Is there more to Sam than just the healing, maybe? Does he also sense or feel the physical pains of others to some degree? *le curious*
*le about to read more*
*le bye now*
LaMB-COW chapter 58 . 6/9
Dun dun dunnnn! With Bobby's dad going all "Did you just..." I feel like he's a hunter. Idk why. Or maybe he's had a run in with things supernatural, idk. Point in case, is Bobby's dad relevant? Woah, it just seems like there's a possibility there and it fascinating. Haha.
Okay, idk what else to say. Oh! I'm excited for new years! I think it's great; both Sam and Dean's gf's were like "No, boy, you gotta do this on your own!"
Oh, question! (Speculation?) A few chapters ago when we saw Christmas with Sammy, Jess' little brother came in (Frank, I believe?) And he said he was home, and just the way it came across, I thought omg, is he a mutant?! Because wouldn't that just be cool? Idk, I'll just keep reading.
Anywho, great writing!
DFTBA & Always Keep Fighting!
LaMB-COW chapter 24 . 6/7
Ooooooh the YED! I really like where you're going with this storyline :D! Azazel! Also, the thing with Sammy in the middle... the doctor was disapointed when he didn't show any outward abilities because his "bloodwork was so promising" does that mean Sammy has a dormant (or not so dormant) mutant gene too? Exciting!
Love it!
LaMB-COW chapter 19 . 6/7
Woah, Dean's turning out to be real X-Men material, ain't he? I've never read any SPN crossovers before, but I love X-Men and this is just amazing! 3 I don't have enough words... Dean's powers are fascinating; I can't get enough! The way he can manipulate even Xavier is awesome! The whole Logan immunity has me thinking though... Dean has said that Logan reminds him of Sammy, that hanging with him is almost like being with his brother again. ALMOST. So, what does that mean for Sam? Does it mean anything? Or would that just be me- reading too much into something not really there? I don't know... but I'm gonna stick around; read some more; find out! :D
Great story!
LaMB-COW chapter 14 . 6/6
Hmmmmmm... fascinating! I take it John is a mutant then, too? The whole stunt he pulled there? Did he really kill Dean and bring him back to life with his emotions (or something)? Also! Do we ever see any Sam? Not that it's not great, but I miss the little bug ):
Hahaa, okay, so Dean and Wolverine's friendship cracks me up! And the way you have Dean teaching and just the brilliant characterization of everyone in this story? Mwah! *kisses fingers like a faux french chef* Magnifico!
Love it!
BlueRose116 chapter 119 . 5/27
I absolutely, positively love this story! I hope you do a sequel. That would be so cool. Any way happy writing!
BlueRose116 chapter 66 . 5/22
I love this. I absolutely love this!
silmarlfan1 chapter 119 . 5/21
is there a small sequel out there? I loved this story! most likely the longest fic I have ever read, but still good.
BlueRose116 chapter 119 . 5/20
Could I borrow your Dean from this story? I'm planning on writing a story about a crossover between three series, X-Men being one of them, and I just can't see this story happening without him. I am gonna change his powers a bit, but other than that I'm keeping him the same. When I read your story (which is awesome, by the way) I realized I couldn't write my story without him. I just wanted to let you know. I love your other stories too by the way. Hope you're not mad at me. Bye.
StealthyMagicUser87 chapter 119 . 5/15
I didn't want this story to end! It was so amazing, I didn't want to put it down. This is the first time I've never felt bogged down by a super long story. 119 chapters didn't seem to long... It didn't seem long enough. Excellent work!
Elora Donovan chapter 1 . 4/23
I must say. Not all Fan Fiction is well written. This is only the second story I've found that I truly loved. I think the best thing about this is that it didn't start off AU. That made it so much better to read the discovery of powers and such. I find it hard to jump into AU stories that start off different. I hope one day there will be a sequel, I'd hang on to every word.
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