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Mythal Rising chapter 22 . 8/16/2009

I love listening to Sirius' pov. update soon!
HGRHfan35 chapter 22 . 8/16/2009
Hiya Mutt,

Blush gone down yet? Did ya show some moves? ROFLOL

Tonks' remark of letting Charlie feel her boobs was priceless and I had to swallow down my tea before I spitted it all over the keyboard and screen! Hilarious. Then her 'explanation' on dating 'proper and modest' Remus and her subsequent use of 'devices' to have some self-help made me gasp for air! Toys uuh, m, weird thing that I just mentioned that this week and now I feel like saying, in an outragious voice, "I getta get me one of THESE"!

I believe that that the first time that these 2 will make love ... " I feel the earth move under my feet"

The dancing, how incredibly sweet.

Ginny jealous of Eira and I Cho around, yet, but other crushes can come of course. Eira telling Sirius she ain't in to younger men was fun and I thought to myself "Girl, my sister will surely disagree with you". George or Fred could be good for her, Charlie prehaps?

Hope the horny couple had a great night, again. :D

Until next time, take care, Huggz. C

Yeah Yeah, I KNOW! Just wait and see and time will reveal all that is to be known.
JLM chapter 22 . 8/15/2009
Awesome chapter, love the dance...The tango and Sirius, what a combination.
MyGinevra chapter 22 . 8/15/2009
I could have danced all night...

Loverly fluff, and Ginny is so sweet.

Mythal Rising chapter 21 . 8/13/2009

Update soon plz!
HGRHfan35 chapter 21 . 8/13/2009
Mutt, a Shag-a-ton? LMAO! Oh gods woman, where did you get such a word from! Must be experience. :D

I know you find Sirius Shagalicious so giving him his own Shag-a-ton with cooperation from family is priceless. Gosh, sometimes I'd like to be Anwen. LOL

May I give you my highest compliment on how you manage to bend everything so, that you actually work Canon bits into your own storyline. Just brilliantly done. Peter...the Shack...Grumpy (did you know that Grumpy means Severus in Latin?)...the Dementors...Remus changing...the Dementors...the even saved Buckbeak! Hoorah!

Anwen's formal defence against the further regulation of Werewolves was brilliant. I did find it a pity that Umbitch herself was not there because she could have used a good tongue lashing herself. *evil smirk gracing my round but pretty face* But I'll settle for Malfoy and Nott, idiots. They'll be of the hook for at least a year but ... oh well, we'll see.

Year 4 is on it's way with, canonwise, an imposter as Moody. But will Anwen realise this. Will she have her Aura seeing thingy back yet?

Will Harry enter the Tournament, probably. Will Cedric die, hope not.

I saw the update at 4.45 this morning but I had to go to work! Dread! But guess what. It's exactly 12 hours later (16.45) and I'm finally finishing your review.

Hope all is going well in life?

Hugz, C
JLM chapter 21 . 8/12/2009
Every chapter gets better and better
MyGinevra chapter 21 . 8/12/2009
Well, I'm glad that Sirius and Anwen were able to get it on again, but the high point for me was how well you integrated canon into a tale that is significantly different from what JKR wrote. I'm speaking of Sirius' encounter with the dementors and Harry's full-bodied patronus, of course. You worked it in seamlessly. Great job!

Please update soon!

Mythal Rising chapter 20 . 8/10/2009

Update soon please!
MyGinevra chapter 20 . 8/10/2009

What was especially good about this chapter was how you wove together their personal lives and the worsening political situation. I like the pairing of King and Amelia Bones. There is not too much of her in canon, but she is definitely a strong character there, as well as in Woven.

Good job, and I await the next chapter anxiously. Please post soon.

HGRHfan35 chapter 20 . 8/9/2009
Oh my God, what a chapter!

Anwen getting FIRED! What the hell does Fudge thinks he's doing!

Oh, I know damn well what he's doing, he's sucking up and licking Malfoy's heels. Bloody idiot.

Thank goodness Amelia realizes what a little gem Anwen is, with or without her magic and together they'll achieve many great things.

Now that Anwen will start in the legal departement, perhaps she can do something for Hagrid & Buckbeak? And how about sending the centaurs on Umbridge a bit early for the stuff with the Werewolf legislation. Oh but about slapping that Umbitch with some legal stuff of her own. Bit of 'dirt' digging could bring up certain ... stuff? m? Her love for strange bedroom activities perhaps? You never know what's under all those pink frilly outfits. And what about her weird fascination with her lovely Cornelius!

Oh gosh no, I'm thinking way to many weird things here.

In this chapter nothing more on Peter and I do wonder what will happen with that situation and if he gets caught or not.

Anwen and her mother..I'm sure you got that stuff out of RL because it's my Mum all over again. But I couldn't do without her either. Although baking lion shaped cakes is not her thing. :D

See you are allready doing some groundwork for the 4th year here...VERY NICE gift indeed! LOL. And the big question of far will you deviate from canon concerning the Tri-Wiz Tournament. Will Cedric die or shall you let him live, thus enforcing his relationship with Cho and so she and Harry will never happen *looks up at you with a glimmer of hope in eyes*

So, did you enjoy playing the pirate? Arww matey, did ya make 'm walk tha plank? LOL

Looking forward to more soon and of course the reaction of everyone else on Anwen's job change.

Thanks for putting in the bit about Tonks smashing up Remus' office in her anger...and here he was, thinking he was the beast in this relationship. :D

Now get that surprise party ready for Anwen and please tell me that nothing will happen to Anwen's mom and the kids because metioning Peter at the end did NOT put my mind at ease at ALL.

Huggz, C
MyGinevra chapter 19 . 8/6/2009
Once again I am overwhelmed with the love that you have put into this tale. And it's not just the love that Sirius and Anwen have for each other and their children, it's also the love between them and their friends. It's such a special circle of friends, too, because they are the characters from canon that are on the periphery or even missing from Harry's life, that give him an underlying support that he often doesn't realize is there. In your stories we know that they are all there for each other, and that is a comfort and strength.

MyGinevra chapter 18 . 8/6/2009
This is a scary, sad, and beautiful chapter. The hardest part was hearing Sirius talk to Anwen while she is in her coma. But it's also the most beautiful part. There is so much love here, it breaks my heart to read it. Thanks for writing such a wonderful story.

HGRHfan35 chapter 19 . 8/5/2009
Oh wow Mutt, that was really lovely!

No treaths with the 'Bat Bogey Hex' this time around.

You made me so happy with my Tonks/Remus time in this chapter and finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

You even mentioned me in your AN! *blushes through the sun tan*

Thanks for the tissue warning because I would have looked like a blubbering fool out there. Sitting on my swing sobbin' away because Sirius is loosing his faculties over not 'feeling' Anwen. *snif* Broke my heart, almost that is. Told the neighbour I had a bit of a cold and my eyes were a bit watery.

Oh gods, she left so fast...she probably thinks I've got the HogMexFlu! LOL

Now to the suspicious stuff...why, in heavens name, would Peter attack Ron? Mistakenly took the wrong bed...nah...don't think so but why else would he do that.

Who was the potion engineer for the poison that Anwen ingested. My bet is still on Snape (just saw Sense & Sensebility again and Alan is so adorable in that movie *sigh*) but your remark about trust would strongly suggest it was Narcissa after all.


Well, it's time for bed because it will be over 33 celcius tomorrow so I have to get up early to walk dog and do gardens etc etc.

You made my day by updating on the last day of my holiday so I can sleep peacefully...dreaming of Remus & Tonks and Sirius in his leather jacket and bare c...uh uh ... hands of dearie...those are MY dreams, get your own. ROFLOL.

Hugz & cuddles, C

ps: are you gonna post banners on ffnet as well?
Mythal Rising chapter 18 . 8/3/2009
update soon!
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