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HGRHfan35 chapter 18 . 8/3/2009

I'm giving you 5 seconds before I start casting spells at you, you evil woman you...

*points wand*

"Chiroptera Mucosa"

"Petrificus Totalus"

"Wingardium Leviosa"

"Finité Incantatum"

Darn, aren't you lucky I just levitated you over your own bed! :D

What a fantasticly written and emotional draining chapter this was! WOW!

Thanks for the tissue warning because I needed that. I must have looked like a bloody fool. Sitting outside in the sun, crying!

Peter Pettigrew, if I ever caught sight of that Rat...(I'd probably run because I hate rats but my lovely dog loves to hunt them and dig open there hide-outs. *gives me the creepes though*)and I wonder who has created that poison. Severus is my bet but Narcissa ...m...could work as well. It has to be someone who knows her magical abilities and strenghts well enough to incorperate them into his/her poison. It seems it was designed specially for Anwen.

Please promiss me that Ewan will save the day and Anwen and that little Lilyan will get well soon. *begs on painfull knees*

The positive thing of this chapter...Remus & Tonks! *yay, happy dance after I pick myself up of the floor*

She would be so good for him and they would make eachother so happy *blissful sigh*

Sirius...oh gosh...he must feel so alone now without her presence.

Wow, I need some time to re-read it again and cry some more, in private that is.

Hugz and well wishes. C
Diana chapter 17 . 8/1/2009
Hmm. Thus chapter got me to wondering. Who's Evan's godfather? I couldn't find it when I looked back. I hope it's Remus. He's been left out. Awesome story and chapter btw!
HGRHfan35 chapter 17 . 8/1/2009
Oh Mutt,

For me, this was your best chapter of 'Woven' so far!I love it to bits and I smiled all the way trough.

Lot's of Remus' pov in this one *Swoons* and perhaps it's not very nice but his thoughts always make me laugh because his humor is so dry, a bit like mine perhaps. He is so smitten with Tonks but I do so understand his insecureties. He is so afraid of hurting her and not being able to give her what he thinks she needs but there you have it. 'He THINKS she needs', but Tonks is no dummy and she knows what, why and whom she wants just perfect


And he finally asked her out (on my favourite type of date, too) but it's almost as if he thinks that she will tell him goodbye afterwards. Boy, is he in for a surprise or what because that last line she delivered “Oh no, you're not getting out of taking me out that easy. I have waited for far too long for you to ask me out. We are going out, and by the way, I kiss on the first date,”

Almost wet my pants at that one. I do hope that my hunch of something awful happening on that night won't come true.

Harry & Ginny, gosh, they are so adorable together but it'll be quite a few years before he get's the cluess (he's like me in that perspective), are you planning on working in Miss. Chang in this story. My heart screams NO but the head must be rational.

Their teasing of Moony was so sweet but when it backfired it was so much sweeter. LOL

Two little perfect girls born so close in between, they will be like sisters and I think they might be more powerfull than anyone could imagine. Although Perenelle could have seen more of things that Anwen is not telling us about. All but you and your muse that is.

Thank you so much for posting, you made my day with this post after I had this amazing but exhausting search last night.

But I must confide to you that I found 2 tiny mistakes! *gasp*

1) First part of Sirius' pov: “Really, she hasn't turned into a beast yet?” Moony asked me, and I shook my head at her.

HER? Since when is Moony a girl. :D

2)Near the end, Remus pov:“Prongs, Lily is exhausted from helping Anwen. They are going to move Anwen into the room across the hall from Lily, but I think that you need to get her back to bed,” Sirius told him, and James nodded at him. He knocked on the door and he could hear Lily tell him to come in. Sirius stayed with us for a few minutes, but when James came out with Lily, he wanted to get back to his wife.

So you say they are moving Anwen to a room across the hall but Lily comes out with James? *scratches head in confusion*

My darlin', have a good weekend and I'll talk to you soon.
Mythal Rising chapter 17 . 8/1/2009

Yay Tonks and Remus!

HGRHfan35 chapter 16 . 7/30/2009
Wow, my dear Mutt.

What a brilliant chapter this was.

Sirius having a new tattoo was not a surprise but the know I'm a sucker for puppies.

I loved the vision of Ethan in his little Lion suit, made me smile.

Harry's joy at having a sister was so sweet, equally Ginny's reaction to Anwen's anouncement of having a girl as well.

Finally a bit more Remus in the story (you know I'm a Remus lover) and Tonks still trying to get closer but it feels like that the only thing working anymore would be something short of a miracle. Or for something happening to him or Tonks, making him see that even though life is not easy, a life without her in it would be way much worse.

And that greasy git of a Snape, what a *nos fo a hctib*! I hope Lily will brew the WB potion from now on because Remus is such a gentle person and he shouldn't be getting this stuff to deal with as well.

I knew Sirius could not keep the secret of Peter coming after Anwen and Ethan for long and let's just hope they will be ok. Who knows what their little baby girl can do from the womb. If she summons oranges already...:D

But my absolute favourite part of this chapter was the next bit:

*~*“There are days that you are nothing more than an overgrown adolescent,” I told him.

He looked at me proudly. “And the problem with that would be?”

“Come on, I want to report back to Albus, and then I think we should get our son and head home and curl up in front of a fire and stay nice and warm,” I said, wrapping my arms around his mid section. He stopped and pulled me close.

“You know, there's a reason it's called a shag carpet,” he said. I looked up at him and he was waggling his eyebrows at me.

“Like I said, an overgrown adolescent,” I replied and took his hand, pulling him into the hospital wing.*~*

I laughed so hard that I think I'm glad that the neighbour's on holiday.

Good luck with the RL Mutt. Don't let things get you down to much because you know that every cloud has it's silver lining have another reviewer! *YAYAYAYAY*

Hugz, C
Mythal Rising chapter 16 . 7/30/2009
haha, Sirius is so funny. Update soon please!
Mythal Rising chapter 15 . 7/28/2009
Excelent job! I like how you tie canon in with your story, and I think you did a very good job!
HGRHfan35 chapter 15 . 7/28/2009
Hiya Mutt,

Wow, this started as such an up-beat chapter. Sirius teasing Remus about being a teacher (Remus does have the right disposition for it) and himself getting teased about never growing up (what's in a name). Loved how Harry was concerned for Ginny *swon* and his delight and giddyness about the Firebolt.

It turns a bit darker after that. Anwen's insecurities about being able to handle work, children and protecting her loved ones. Sirius' own fears of not being able to protect Ethan from 'the Rat'. Speaking of the Rat, what an original idea to have Crookshanks being able to 'talk' to Sirius. Nice move lady. But at times, I think all parents feel that way. In this day and age, is any place really safe? This world has become so volatile. But that's why we have the HP-verse, to escape the hectic world for a bit (or a lot :D)

Wonder what Harry's reaction will be to Remus' presence at Hogwarts and I'm curious to see in how far Crookshanks will be there for the other kids. I know you won't let anything happen to Ethan or any of the kids. You are a to good a person to do that! RIGHT? At least Ron can't accuse Crookshanks of trying to eat Scabbers anymore. LOL.

Entertain me darlin' and give me more. *please?*

Hugz, C
HGRHfan35 chapter 14 . 7/27/2009
Preggers? I was right? *full blown Happy Dance going on here, despite limited floor space*

And that's why we have a seriously (pun intended) weepie and emotional Anwen in the house.

Love Tonks' remark but then again, I love all of Tonks.

Those Marauder boys really have their work cut out for them. Have to keep the Ladies safe (at least, they THINK they must), re-ward the houses to keep everyone safe and they (including Remus) have to get ladies any weird craving they might have. Like... uhm... huge scoops of any ice cream combined with huge gerkins and a nice salted herring afterwards? Pregnant woman are nuts but entitled to it, although I think they tend to misuse it when they like. LOL

Now we do get a huge deviation from canon because Peter was send to Azkaban instead of living as a Rat with the Weasleys. Is he more evil than he seemed in canon because Azkaban does tend to make you nutters. Will he ever show any remorse about what he did and the big question always remained for me...why? He had great friends but he betrayed them. On that note, Severus Snape, what about him. Will his loyalties still be with Dumbledore & Lily or has Anwen changed his attitude for the worst. He might not feel entitled to any remorse because Lily did not die in this story.

Do look forward to how you will adress all this and how you will do on my favourite, PoA. :D

Hugz, Collinda
Diana chapter 14 . 7/25/2009
I absolutely love both this story and bound! I haven't been able to tear myself away from reading until I finished as much as you have posted! I love all the thoughful gifts given in this series and the creative liberties you took when it comes to thus amazing magical world! I absolutely adore this take on the Harry potter books and seeing as Sirius has always been my favorite character I love reading about how his life could have been! I'm also a huge fan of the various symbols you use! They bring such a sweet and sentimental aspect to this fanfic. Thank you so much for writing such an amazing marauder story! )
HGRHfan35 chapter 13 . 7/23/2009
Wow Mutt, I can understand now why Peter found it hard. I found it hard, too! But I think you caught all the nuances quite well, from both sides.

I think I told you once that the chapter where Anwen get's violated was a very hard one to read due to personal cicumstances. This one was, too, but I'm so far from that girl I used to be that i't get's easier.

What you wrote, though, about the feeling of letting down your family and the dissapointment you 'think' you see in their eyes...that was spot on. I know that my Dad found it very hard that I was so jumpy and that he could not just take my arm or touch me from behind unexspectetly without me reacting quite violently, I was jumpin' all over the place. He would say "It's oké, I'm your Daddy" and I could see the hurt in his eyes *damn woman, you made me cry remembering* but I just couldn't help myself.

On a happier and funnier note, I did gave a client an elbow in the stomach once! I was unpacking in the shop and he came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder. I started so badly that I gave him the elbow :D. He was quite scared of me but we still get along.

This was about 7 years after the assult and now it's been over 20 years (yes, I'm that old) but it took me 4 years to find help in the first place.

Wow, what a chapter and I'm curious to see if you will show anything of the conversation between Ginny & Harry and his reaction. He could be the turn around point for her.

Hugz, C
HGRHfan35 chapter 12 . 7/20/2009
Awh Amy, That was a lovely chapter.

A house full of family can be quite the challenge but thank goodness, they've got plenty of space! Love how you intergrate muggle and wizarding life into one.

Well well, Anwen got the 'go ahead' by her Healer and of they went...she probably gave him her special tongue treatment! But the thing that really made me laugh my ass of was your next statement.

*~*Anyway, the Healer told me yesterday that I shouldn't be able to get pregnant again until I'm no longer breast feeding Ethan.*~*

My niece was told the same thing but she got pregnant again within 2 months after the birth of her daughter. LOL. Would be a blast if it happened to Anwen & Sirius. He could then boast about his 'Super Powered Swimmers' and thump his chest. My brother in law did that when he got my sis pregnant when the docters said that it should be months (was on the pil for a long time) and he got her preggers within 2 weeks!

Ginny, Poor Ginny. I feel like crying when I read about her predicament. She's so scared of what Tom will do to her or her friends (Harry)/family. JKR never told but I always had the feeling that he violated her more than we could imagine.

The chamber incident is closing in now and I'm excited to see how you will describe it.

Hugz, C

ps: Hope to get something nice in your mailbox by the end of the day.
Jess1900 chapter 12 . 7/19/2009
Love the story! :)
HGRHfan35 chapter 11 . 7/18/2009
Oh Mutt, this was amazingly beautiful and it brought a tear to my eyes.

Writing this from Sirius' vantage point was a very good and clever thing to do. Most writers would have written it from Anwen's p.o.v. but reading about labour pains...nah...not for me. Once 2 of my aunts described child birth to me and they said it felt like pushing a small watermelon or a rugby ball out of your 'you know what'. I was 23 and decided right there and then that, if they ever found a way, my 'hubby' would get to give childbirth and certainly NOT me! LOL

The way you described it all was just wonderful and you've done yourself proud. Your male friends & hubby sure were a great help in creating this chapter.

Tonks is really starting to fit in a bit, isn't she. REMUS, DO something. Open your eyes and realise that this girl is the one for you. She won't care about your furry little problem and she will make your life a better place to be. You can get something I'm still waiting for. MOVE MISTER WOLF!

So Ginny ditched the Dairy and of course Harry would be the one to find it. Now what, because it'll probably be like canon and Ginny will end up in the chamber once more and Everyone will beat theirselves up over it, especially Anwen, and Harry a bit, too.

Thanks for posting it today, I've waited for it and now I'm gonna take a long walk with my dog before it's starts pouring rain, again.
HGRHfan35 chapter 10 . 7/14/2009
Awh, Mutt, that was such a sweet chapter with seeking names for the baby. Seems you really put some research into that one.

Anwen's frustration at not being able to do some things anymore...How the heck will they manage when the last weeks arrive and the chance of not being able to have sex arrive...*grins evily* Surprised James' patronus didn't blush, finding them in bed! LOL

Harry, the parseltongue, yep it had to happen somehow and I hope the outcome will be good without hurting Ginny to much. Speaking of Ginny...glad that Sirius & Anwen are taking her away from school and hopefully leave that damned diary, that means that Harry would find if she takes it along to canada, maybe Anwen will catch her writing in it and probably see the dark magic hanging around it.

Everything I mentioned is probably to predictable so something entirely else will happen alltogether. :D

You'll be asleep when I type this but I hope you had a wonderfull time at the cinema and with the bunch of 'gigglies' you had in your house for the sleepover. Hope you'll look better than Ghastly Ginny after this night.

I'm gonna keep myself reall busy today but I'll be waiting for your movie review. Even if it's only gonna be a reall loud SQUUE!

Happy Days to all & Hugz

ps: did you get MY lj updates?
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