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Zireael07 chapter 41 . 9/21/2016
What language did you use for Auld Thari? Also I love how Xzar guessed the Bhaalspawn's origins...
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 13 . 5/13/2016
Well, that's definitely new. I believe this might be the first fic trying its hand at a "Gorion lives!" approach. First one I read, at least. Funny thing is, it makes a lot of sense, given the sort of friends he has, that someone could be bothered to pay for a resurrection spell, while Sarevok didn't exactly paid him enough attention to take any measure to prevent it.

So, what now? This has the potential to turn the plot on its head. Somehow, having him reuniting with his daughter and follow the party seems... out of place. For now, at least. One thing is certain, things have gotten very interesting now.
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 11 . 5/11/2016
Well, that happened. That's a strange relationship, for sure (and at this point not even surprised alcohol is involved, though now, I have to wonder : Aegis was drunk, that's a given, but what about Xzar?), but strangely enough... it works? Somehow? Anyway, let's see how this go from here.

Addendum : I did not originally want to comment n each and every chapter, but the first few each had a little something I wanted to speak about (and feared to forget if I waited), and then I fell into an habit. I'd try to make more infrequent reviews, but then again, perhaps the very next chapter will make me change my mind...
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 10 . 5/10/2016
One of these days, one of those many assassins is going to realize that his job could be a lot easier if he just wait for Aegis to pass out after inhaling far more alcohol than recommanded.

However, seems like Xzar is on to something. At the very least, he talked like someone who already knows the answer, but is just fishing for confirmation. Why he knows anything, however, is a bit unclear. So far, his portrayal is certainly interesting ; trying to reconcile his genuine madness with the fact that the guy actually has an excellent wisdom (and intelligence, but that one was to be expected) score is a challenge, but so far, you seem to have found the right mix.
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 9 . 5/10/2016
Now wait a minute! A boisterous ranger which favour melee, with an eye-eating cute critter, who tends to fly off the handle and enters berserker rage, which can be automatically set off when certain arcane casters are in danger?

Aegis, Minsc just called. Something about "copyright infringement". Well, okay, he did not, but only because he doesn't know what it means.

Also, we got an understated, but textbook example of why stealing useful tools (as opposed to useless shiny baubles) from other party members is a terrible idea. If someone had died because Imoen couldn't find her wand, there would have been hell to pay. Unless if it was Montaron who got crushed, in which case, that would have been karma.
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 8 . 5/10/2016
So, Imoen is a living magic item detector. That could come in handy!

Especially given the fact that not five minutes in, and already this makeshift team seems shaky at best. The Harpers/Zhents combo is always a recipe for disaster, but it also seems Jaheira and Aegis are already at odds. This can't end well.
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 7 . 5/10/2016
Maybe, if Sarevok waits long enough, Aegis' liver will do his work for him. Perhaps not in a world with clerics able to cast Cure Disease, though (wonder if there are things it cannot cure?). Also, it seems she's decided to aggressively pursue Xzar's friendship, personal boundaries be damned. Huh. It's almost cute. Weird.

When did Imoen became the responsible one? Although since her way to deal with potential assassins is to go ask them to their faces if they are, perhaps I'm being generous with the word "responsible". Jaheira is in for a lot of headaches, I feel.
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 6 . 5/10/2016
"I like this story, and believe I shall continue with it until it begins to bore me"

Apparently, it took a while. ;)

Anyway, apparently, Montaron found competition. Jury's still out on his opinion on that (right now, he doesn't look too happy, but then again, surly is his default mode). And Tarnesh botches his attempt, as per tradition (it's funny, I think fanfiction almost made the guy famous, or something, thanks to his status of "first real opponent with scenaristic relevance for the group")

And yup, Aegis definitely has a drinking problem.
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 5 . 5/10/2016
You know, the first thing I wondered when they entrusted Montaron to set up his watch alone was "are we sure that's a good idea?". It nearly turned out to be a catastrophic one. A good thing that Xzar decided he wanted a meatshield (a rather sensible precaution, if his record against sleeping bags doesn't improve in the near future).

Also, random Elminster is random.
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 4 . 5/10/2016
Enters the dynamic duo. And in a surprising reversal of situations, they're the ones in need of rescue. Seeing Xzar trying to play the "helpless, lost and confused traveller" card is certainly something to be seen (well, he is confused, all right). Not sure about Montaron conforming to halfling racial stereotypes toward food, though.

Aside from that, I agree with your author note : healing spells should totally be necromancy (really not sure why it became conjuration).

Small remark : that's a strange spelling for Nashkel you got there.
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 3 . 5/10/2016
You know you've hit some hard times when the thief is leading the ranger through the forest, like at the beginning of this chapter.

Also, I'm beginning to wonder if Aegis has a drinking problem. I mean, drunk twice in three chapters! And apparently, she's the silly kind of drunk, so it's not so bad. Though what's up with that barbarian rage? That's not a ranger thing, that's a Minsc thing! Oh well, questions for later.

Imoen is taking it all in stride... apparently. In a sense, it's almost worrying to see her so calm about the whole day. Where are psychologists when you might need one, I wonder?
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 2 . 5/10/2016
It seems this story is going to be quite flashback-heavy, but so far, it works well. It probably also explain why Gorion got a character tag, despite being dead not two chapters in. So far, the two sisters seem like a solid duo, with good and distinct characterization ; having Winthrop as a pov character was a surprise, but definitely an interesting one. Heck, he even gained a first name in the deal!

Anyway, the plot is now properly started, and I'm guessing a duo of Zhent agents are due to appear very soon.
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 1 . 5/10/2016
Well, after seeing this story mentioned by a couple of authors I read, decided it was time for me to see what this is all about. While it is hard to make a call after only one chapter (and most stories need a few updates to hit their stride), it is an intriguing introduction ; the cat flashback is perfectly disturbing, yet apparently, Gorion's parenting efforts paid off, if Aegis small feline army is any indication.

I'm probably not the first to wonder at what a Charname x Xzar might look like (I'm sure there might be stranger pairings that one might imagine, but not that much stranger!), so, I confess I'm curious, now. Very well, one chapter down, 149 to go!
Moonstalker Sunstone chapter 1 . 9/17/2015
By the way...I do have to remark that your story is 6 times longer than my PhD thesis... That's long!
Moonstalker Sunstone chapter 50 . 9/6/2015
Also the bit about Monty's mum kicking him out (and with less at that)...and the sandwiches, was a touching.
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