Reviews for 1,001 Nights
Thewaspscankles chapter 16 . 1/26/2015
I absolutely love this! Lines are so witty and clever. I find myself laughing out loud often As embarrased as I should be, I'm not b/c this is so good. I sincerely hope you find yourself with some rare free time to update this. One of the best fanfictions I've read in a long time. Thank you for sharing this with all of us!
Thewaspscankles chapter 49 . 1/1/2013
I read this in one sitting and I really enjoyed it!
Liking your Rachel character, pretty badass. Billy too!
I have so many feels for Pam in this it's ridiculous.
Hope there's more to come soon.
I'm gonna go ahead and reread this whole thing again.
raf-51 chapter 49 . 12/1/2012
I'm loving this story. I'm a huge fan of Pam's and I love AU with her.
Can't wait to read more.
Truebie chapter 49 . 8/24/2012
Well, this was a bit of fresh air! Love it. Love the humor, the special powers, as well as seeing Pam in a relationship. That's just priceless.

Can't wait for the update. :)
Sovereignty3 chapter 49 . 8/18/2012
Oh please write more!
Sovereignty3 chapter 30 . 8/18/2012
space missing 'saidwith'
"It's different because we're not living in a democracy" I saidwith a bitter smile. "We obey the power structure, or we are punished. If we want to "live our own lives", as you say, we only can do it two ways: either we do as we're told and don't cause trouble, or we gain our own power by killing our rivals. In our world, you are either a force to be reckoned with or you don't exist at all."
Sovereignty3 chapter 22 . 8/18/2012
spelling mistake! throuble is meant to be trouble, with out the h. see the below quote (nobody picked up on this? Shame! (not on you of course, with out a beta nobody can be near perfect. If it wasn't for firefox dictionary this would have so many mistakes in it (wrong key being hit, missing the ' in don't's and stuff)) I mean really how many people read this and don't see the mistake ('cause your story is F***ing awsome!))

"I knew it wasn't possible given the throuble it would cause, but she had been an Elvis fan as a girl and I knew she would love it."
murgatroid-98 chapter 49 . 8/9/2012
I don't care what order it's in. I mean Sophie Anne's still marrying Threadgill after she was told that he means to harm her. I can hardly wait to see how you resolve this.
SomebodyWhoCares chapter 49 . 8/9/2012
C.K. Hawke chapter 48 . 7/31/2012
I love the brief glimpse we get of Rachel's insecurities here; it shows another side of her we don't see in every other chapter and let's us get to know her more. It was hilarious when Eric called her; I could just imagine them trying to get the phone and then Pam being blunt as usual. Haha great work, I can't wait for the next chapter(:
murgatroid-98 chapter 48 . 7/31/2012
I think Sookie would have found out about Bill at some point, even if Eric hadn't told her. She might have married him and then found out. What a disaster that would have been. I love how you incorporate elements of the books in with TB. I'll be very surprised is the wedding goes off without a hitch. Though, in the book, Threadgill's treachery became evident after the wedding.
SomebodyWhoCares chapter 48 . 7/30/2012
haha Eric :]
C.K. Hawke chapter 10 . 7/17/2012
I haven't finished reading yet, but I do want to say that I love this. Everyone's in character, the writing is beautiful; it's funny but it's got this twist of plot and things that I adore. Pam and Rachel are really freaking cute, and well, it's amazing and I do hope you complete it. :)
SomebodyWhoCares chapter 47 . 7/13/2012
freakn Viking...gotta love him...
murgatroid-98 chapter 47 . 7/13/2012
Rachel has a temper doesn't she? I almost felt sorry for Pam. Billy seems to have things well in hand, though.
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